My Dad at Christmas

My Dad at Christmas is a poem composed by Peter “F”. Please enjoy, sharing the best Christmas present that I ever got. —Sam Butt
December 5, 2006

My Dad at Christmas

The teacher said to write to Santa, but no more than three pages.
The lads got going, making lists that seemed to take ages!!
Daniel wants Lego, and Jack asked for a brand new bike,
Adam wants a Ferrari, – that guy jeez what’s he like!

Deano wants a skateboard; Luke wants games for his PS2.
Sean’s letter is a disaster, – that boy hasn’t got a clue!
Santa will sure be broke with such a list of things to bring,
But he can’t really help me. I want for just one thing.

I love my Mom for she is the best, and I could never have another,
She’s always there no matter what, for me and my brother.
Little Ben and me live with Mom, the judge he made it be.
So, at Christmas time in our house, it’ll be gifts for just us three.

I also love my Dad so much, though he lives with us no more.
Sometimes he shows up at my school or at the pitch, to watch me score.
Other times we go for Big Macs or a film, if it’s not too late,
But its back to Mom by the evening, he drops us at the gate.

Mom and Dad don’t get on, why not, they never say.
They went to court to sorts things out, but things got worse that day.
Dad packed his bags and wept goodbye, it shook me to the core.
“He’s not coming back”, says my Mom, “Not a foot inside that door”.

I miss my Dad. I miss him lots, I think of him alone.
I want to see him Christmas Day, not just on the phone.
On Christmas Day I want to see my Dad, and wish him Christmas cheer.
I want to see Gran and Granddad for the very first time this year.

Dear Santa please help make it better, to you I plead and pray,
Make Mom and Dad stop fighting, for just a single day,
On Christmas Day, I don’t want no toys or anything else to play.
I just want to see my Dad, on a very special day….

….Things are now sorted. It wasn’t Santa that helped me.
I’m going to see my Dad at Christmas, so a special day it’ll be.
The bestest present ever! — is not beneath the tree.
I’ll see my Dad at Christmas, thanks to Sam at
1890 55 44 33 • 091 752355


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2 Responses to My Dad at Christmas

  1. I’m sorry to read this message so late. I hope that you were able to find a quality way of enjoying Christmas without your most loved family member – your son.

    In the future, and advice to many others who may feel the same way in the future. You can’t change the moment, and as much as we miss them and have a desire to be with them, it is in their best interest for us to move on into a healthy way of spending the holiday.

    If you can’t be with them now, you need to remain healthy until the day comes that you can. Self destructive ways of living are not healthy for you or your children.

    So, what puts a smile on your childrens fame more than anything at Christmas? What ever it is, find a way to do it for others. Example – How about playing Santa at the local Hospital to the kids who are not at home for Christmas. How about volunteering at a shelter to hand out Christmas Dinners. How about going to a home for foster children or an orphanage and spend a day with kids in need.

    How about spending your days building something special for your child that you can save for them for another day. Something that only you would know is special to them – that only you could shared with them. Save it for the next time you see them, and tell them you worked on it Christmas day, pretending you were with them making it together. Take notes of what you had to do, so they can see the thought that was put into their special gift.

    I’m sure you can think of your own in your own line of giving. But do give, if you were the child, what would you wish on your parent – make sure you have made your child’s dreams come true for what they would want for you, and never tell them how depressed you were – you need to help them get through this day of loss, you are their father, their rock that they will always need in their life.

    Joel Johnston

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