UN Rejects Secretary-General Report on Violence Against Women

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By David R. Usher

Hot off the presses: On Wednesday, the United Nations decided to “note”, but not to “acknowledge” the dangerous Secretary-General’s report on Violence Against Women assembled under the corrupt administration of Kofi Annan. This means that the report will probably not be acted upon.

It appears this took place because of tremendous pressure placed on the United Nations by RADAR and its hundreds of affiliates and co-signatories.

This is a major gain for reformers working diligently to replace senselessly-destructive feminist social frameworks with truly beneficial pro-family solutions. It is also a step forward in achieving a major goal: ending terrorism by world feminists. Radical feminism has been a focal point of the bitter major cultural disagreement between Muslims and the West in recent years.

America must now adopt moderate approaches to gender with respect to social power, law, divorce, and family policy if it wishes to reduce stark cultural tensions that have culminated in radical Muslim attacks on the West. Feminist policies must be ended. Marriage must be restored as the social norm, for this is the only arrangement assuring equal social rights and power sharing between men and women.

This event now points directly to the outrageousness of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which was strongly supported by past Democrat and Republican-dominated congresses and presidents.

America is now officially out of step with the world. The new Congress must now substantially revise VAWA. Given the fact there is little worth keeping in VAWA, it would be wiser to redact VAWA entirely and replace it with useful policies recognizing the true etiology of domestic conflict and targeted towards providing preventive and interventive treatment for the benefit of spouses who request assistance dealing with an abusive partner.
David R. Usher is Senior Policy Analyst for the True Equality Network, and President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition

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