Bull-Buster video on violent women

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From another blog, Antimisandry, this is an important piece of news.  The video identified, although depressing, provides important information that must not be missed.

Bull Buster Video

By phunket at 03/11/2006 – 20:00

Have any of you guys managed to get hold of the free Bull Busters video going around? It’s called Violent Women and it is very powerful.

It is doing the rounds on the street. The other day I was asked if I had seen it. When I said no, a guy ran home and made me a copy and brought it back to me. It is very powerful. It has the words, “Watch me. Copy me. Pass me on” written in felt tip pen on the CD. I have done just that. Anyone who would like a copy should mail me at address@removed.com I will send it on. If you are outside of the UK you have to send me postage and packaging costs (sorry).

The video shows women beating men, each other and children and makes the point that we have been brainwashed to accept female violence as part of the attempt to feminise men. It says that there has been a media conspiracy to keep the evidence from the people.

It’s excellent and very strong.

[Note 2018 08 18: phunket had identified links to the video.  Those links are now broken.  This link for the Bull-Buster video works. —Walter]

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