Fathers who kill their children

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Too bad, but this piece of anti-male propaganda about fathers who kill their children, published in The [UK] Observer is all too common, however, it is easily debunked.

Focus: Murder in the family
Sunday November 5, 2006
The Observer

In the week when one father murdered his four children, and another was jailed for life, Lorna Martin investigates the motives and twisted minds of the men Americans call ‘family annihilators’. Are they driven by hatred, revenge or mad, possessive love?
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Unfortunately, when it comes to murder, things are not any easier to assess or predict or to project from a single week’s worth of data than it is to state with certainty that a week of mild winter weather is a harbinger of centuries of global warming.

Without spending too much time on a piece of anti-male propaganda like “Fathers who kill their children” that the Observer bestowed on its readership, let me go back to a generic piece of debunking that I did once before in similar circumstances. After all, the truth is the truth and never changes, while propaganda changes with the directions of political winds.

Check: Predominantly women, not men, kill children (2002 06 15)

According to Jeff White, writing for the Report Newsmagazine, men are brutes who ‘always specialized in killing older children.’ However, it is women, not men, who kill more children in families, by far. More…

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