Transforming the World by Subverting the Church

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Transforming the world by subverting the church involves moving from the concept of ‘man, the crown of creation’ (made in the image of God) to free-for-all concepts such as ‘re-imagining God in the image of woman’ or ‘anything can be God or a multitude of them’ as long as they reflect what they need to fit.

It’s been a long month. Between battling a heck of a cold I had to do a good amount of long overdue housecleaning at Fathers for Life. (For some of the results of that see: , , and — 2018 08 19: the first two addresses are no longer active)

It is nice to be able to get back at trying to clear up the mounting backlog of mail.  Here is one of the things I found this morning:

Transforming the World by Subverting the Church

The Social Gospel of the early 20th century shifted the focus of many church leaders from God’s unchanging Truth to the world’s pliable ideals. Socialist seminary professors, pragmatic pastors, and deluded idealists validated their visions with hand-picked Bible verses that “fit” their social message. “Offensive” words like sin and redemption were redefined, contextualized or ignored. No need for the cross, since all people were considered essentially good…..
by Berit Kjos

What Berit Kjos describes makes perfect sense, in a perverse way. If universal moral standards don’t work universally, because some people can’t or won’t live up to them, then let’s wipe out those standards. After all, if some people can’t or won’t live up to and by those standards, then something must be wrong with those standards; so, let’s move the goal posts, right?

That way we’ll find neither excellence nor satisfaction nor salvation, although we will find mediocrity, underachievement, social chaos and worse.

It is amazing that those objectives were deliberately imposed on and implemented in the developed nations to cause their systematic deconstruction, but that was and still is the plan; and it is being made to work.

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