Why men are paid more — gender wage gap issue persists

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Why men are paid more, by Bettina Arndt, was one of the then rare articles in which a journalist dared to debunk the sacred feminist myth of the gender wage gap. The gender wage gap issue is a staple of redfem propaganda, and the feminist-influenced and -dominated press regularly shrieks about it.  None of that is new, and it persists.  It is new that there are now (in 2006) increasingly more often objective journalists like Bettina Arndt who get a chance to set the record straight.

Herald Sun (Melbourne)
16 October 2006

Why men are paid more
By Bettina Arndt

Bettina Arndt writes: EVERY few years the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases data about the gender wage gap.

And every time the Labor Party announces the sky is falling in.

The fact that men earn more than women is presented as proof that the country is going backward under Howard.

The white picket fence is rising up to capture us all.

Everyone who participates in this farce knows full well that these wage-gap statistics are meaningless.

So, what if the average woman in Australia earns $300 less per week than the average man.

That statistic fails to take in account the hours worked. In fact, the average Australian Joe Blow works almost twice as many hours as the average Jenny Blow, according to data HILDA, the Household Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia survey….(Full text re-published Sep. 02, 2009, at news.com.au)

More information on the ostensibly discriminatory wage gap

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