Jerry Lien, Life’s Thin Line

This morning we went to one of our friend’s funeral services, Jerry Lien, a biker, a poet (he never studied poetry, but his poetry was appreciated by many in this area), a divorced father who never lost touch with his children, a man who loved his children and whose children loved him back in return until the day he died.

Nevertheless, Jerry drank, more than was good for his health. Two weeks ago he still looked healthy, but then his liver gave out, his kidneys shut down, and within a few days he died, 68 years old. He began drinking after his divorce, after his livelihood became food for the ravenous legal industry. He was a good man and certainly deserved the love his children had for him.

Far too many divorced men go down that road, some of them come to the end a lot sooner. That is one of the things we’ve got to work on to change for the better.

Here is Jerry’s last poem:

Life’s Thin Line

Before you whine and start to complain
The thin line I will try to explain,
There’s a thin line between sickness or health
There’s a thin line between between poverty or wealth,
There’s a thin line between happiness or stress
There’s a thin line between failure or success,
There’s a thin line between contentment or strife
There’s a thin line between death or life,
There’s a thin line between useless or worth
There’s a thin line between heaven and earth,
Then there is the thin line
That you must never cross
For it will be the most severe
And your greatest loss,
For when you cross this line
For you it will be too late
For it is the very thin line
That separates love and respect from Hate!!!!

Jerry Lien († Oct. 1, 2006) © 2006
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