The dictatorship and dialectic of feminism

By Nancy Levant
September 26, 2006

The dictatorship and dialectic of feminism — I am sick to death and horrified by dictatorship in the United States of America. It has infiltrated every single social system in this nation. Education, religion, transportation, business/goods and services, science/technology/communications, economics, human health, politics – you name it – dictatorship is alive on the homeland and crushing the people.

Every one of these systems is eliminating our voices, our opinions, our choices, and our physical ability to thrive and succeed. And to add unconscionable insult to injury, gender control is in full swing. Men are losing their rights to work, to react, to opinion, to Constitutional duty, to bear arms, to fatherhood, and to control what money and resources they have….(Full Story)

It is obvious.  Feminism does not speak for all women.  Yet, the dictatorship and dialectic of feminism is all-pervasive.  It is safe to say that feminism speaks only for a minority of women, for those who make a living off the social devastation that feminism brought into the world.  The USA is not the only country affected by feminism.  Although it is presently one of the most-severely affected ones, many other developed nations and increasingly so the developing and under-developed nations are becoming affected.

For more information on the dictatorship and dialectic of feminism and how it is made to work towards the creation of the New World Order refer to the links in the Table of Contents for Feminism, at Fathers for Life.

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2 Responses to The dictatorship and dialectic of feminism

  1. Walt


    Yes, dr_rythm, that is what I find, too, but not with everyone I speak with. I find that a small but growing number of people is aware of the issues. Far fewer people do anything to get things changed for the better. Almost all figure that it is enough to vote in the general elections and to do nothing in between.

    While they wait from one election to the next, the social engineers never rest and are hard at work to implement things that the masses want nothing to do with. The most frustrating aspect of that is that it is our tax dollars that enable the social engineers to destroy everything within a generation that it took centuries to build.

    Of course, the more of local political power is being transferred to centralized government, the easier it becomes for the social engineers to implement vast changes that affect us all.

    As Nancy Levant said in her article, it is a totalitarian dictatorship driven by an insane ideology. Unfortunately, it affects us globally, and there is not a single contemporary society that we can point to for an objective comparison. The rot is everywhere.


  2. dr_rythm


    The problem seems to be that few people realise what is happening and whenever I make an attempt to inform anyone of the left wing agenda behind the breakdown of the traditional family, they usually adopt an expression of vacant disbelief or wry amusement, more appropriate for the village idiot who is warning of an imminent alien invasion from Mars. Or maybe the film “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is a more appropriate analogy because once indoctrinated into the feminist theory it is impossible to communicate with these robots as they go through their daily routine of family destruction.

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