Paternity fraud frequently profitable

Paternity fraud frequently profitable, that is, falsely alleging that a given man fathered a specific child and thereby using that child as a source of income. More than 300,000 DNA tests to determine paternity are performed annually by the American Association of Blood Banks. The tests prove that 30% of the wrongfully fingered fathers are not the biological fathers of children they are alleged to have caused to be conceived. However, feminist jurisprudence ensures that the falsely alleged fathers pay almost without fail for children that are not theirs.

The Association of American Blood Banks found that in one year, out of more than 300,000 DNA tests for paternity, the men who were fingered as the fathers were not the biological fathers in about 30 percent of the cases. Doesn’t it make you wonder what the percentages will be if DNA testing for paternity is mandatory at the birth of every child?

The Association of American Blood Banks reports that for 310,490 DNA tests made for paternity in 2001, “of the cases reported 90,227 were reported as exclusions or a rate of 29.06% exclusions [i.e.: paternity was proven to be falsely alleged].” (Source: Annual Report Summary for Testing in 2001, prepared by the Parentage Testing Program Unit, October 2002, Association of American Blood Banks, Table 2 — PDF file, 129kB) [The data from the AABB also show an annual increase in the proportion of falsely alleged paternity of about one percentage point each year. Does that mean that increasingly women lie more often or cheat more often, or both? –WHS]

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