Woman faces prison after setting boyfriends penis on fire

The news item, ‘Woman faces prison after setting boyfriends penis on fire’, will most likely not (and did not) gain fame or infamy, because it is an instance of feminist anti-male bias in reporting by the media. The newspaper coverage that this story deserves barely exists, even though the article in question states:

Canadian Press

Sept. 12, 2006 07:37 PM MONTREAL – Sentencing arguments will begin in November for a woman who followed in the footsteps of Lorena Bobbitt, the Virginia woman who gained infamy in 1993 for slicing off her husband’s penis.

Andree Rene’s weapon of choice was fondue fuel. ….

It seems very doubtful that Andree Rene will gain infamy to the same extent that Lorena Bobbitt did.

She is out on bail.

More than five years after she committed her crime, and a year after having been found guilty of aggravated assault (why was she not charged with attempted murder?), she is still waiting to be sentenced.

She is in essence free and most likely will remain free even if sentenced.

Most of all, given the little bit of news coverage the case got, Andree Rene will most certainly not gain the extent of infamy reached by Lorena Bobbitt.  We are all lucky to even have heard of the case and will quite likely be even luckier to hear anything else about it.

That is censorship, feminist censorship!

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