Australian government aids abets and actively participates in child kidnapping

Australian government aids abets and actively participates in child kidnapping

From the Hansard of the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia, 2006 08 24:  Two Australian children, who had been kidnapped by their mother to Switzerland, were found, institutionalized for a year, and then returned to Australia to be reunited with Russell Wood, their Australian father. 

Incredibly, however, the Australian Department of Community Development (read “Department of Family and Community Destruction”) then got the assistance of a family-court judge to have the children ordered returned to their kidnapper in Switzerland.

“[After the kidnapped children had been found and secured in Switzerland]…the Swiss judge who personally escorted the children to the aeroplane expected that the children would be returned to their father after a short while. However, it soon became clear that the [Australian] Department for Community Development did not agree with the court and would not support the return of the children to their father. The department did not develop a reunification plan for the family, and nor did it develop a schedule for handover to the father, who has been allowed only four hours a week of strictly supervised access since April 2005, although more recently a more liberal overnight contact arrangement has been calculated.

In the first week of July, amendments were made to the federal Family Law Act. Those amendments were made just days after the family court judgment in this case. Amazingly, just days before the amended federal law came into effect, Justice Penny of the Family Court of Western Australia ordered that the children be returned to their mother [the kidnapper] in Switzerland. It seems that decision was made on that date quite deliberately to ensure that Mr Wood could not benefit from the new shared parenting, or father-friendly, components of the amended Family Law Act. Although there are a number of serious concerns about the court’s decision, I am focusing today on the department’s role in this matter….”

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