“Communist Oriented Policing” is an accurate take-off on and definition of the objective of installing community-oriented policing for the re-engineering of society.  It identifies that and how American police forces are being used for the implementation of the agenda for the planned destruction of the family and of social order.

The visitors to Fathers for Life and the subscribers to the mailing list of Fathers for Life interested in the issues described in the article know it.  The issues presented, from an American perspective, by Detective Phil Worts, apply to virtually identical extents in all nations in the “free” West.


By Detective Phil Worts

June 1, 2001

The consensus (dialectic) process

There is a myth that communism is dead and that the cold war is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is that few people today understand what communism really is and just where the cold war battle lines are actually drawn. Crack open a dictionary and look up the term “Dialectical Materialism.” You should find something like this:

“A philosophy founded by Karl Marx” which forms the basis of Communist doctrine: it combines the materialistic idea of matter over mind with the Hegelian dialectic in which opposing forces are constantly being reunited at a higher level.” –Webster Dictionary

But that definition might beg the question, “What is the Hegelian dialectic?” For modern man, the answer to that question is epic. The Hegelian dialectic has profoundly impacted the world in which you live.

What is communism?

The Dialectic:
Fomenting the Revolution

The concept of the dialectic has been around for a long time….
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