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Survivor hyperbole – increasingly popular survivor fad

Survivor hyperbole – Survivors of [insert victimhood category] – is an ever more popular survivor fad.  What is it with the growing popularity of the fad that drives ever more people to assert that they are survivors of something or other? If merely being alive is classified as survival, does that make a mundane life heroic? An old saw goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and another one, “Adversity makes people tough,” or “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Nothing is perfect. Not even things that kill do kill everyone, but what about things that are not obviously, extremely rarely or not even logically fatal? Is someone … Continue reading

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On the outcomes of fatherlessness in families

In relation to fatherlessness in families, some years ago I told someone who was doing the intake interviews of prisoners at the Edmonton Maximum Security Prison that it would be a good idea to check for the extent of fatherlessness in families of the prisoners he was interviewing. He told me a few weeks later that he had replaced one of the questions on the intake questionnaire (asking “Did your mother have gout?” — consider that just about none of the prisoners who were asked that question would have a clue what gout is, and that the purpose of that question was to help determine whether the prisoner’s mother was … Continue reading

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Fatherhood is dying out

Fatherhood is dying out Peter Hitchens, a journalist writing for the Daily Mail, one of the major dailies in the U.K., posted an excellent article at his blog: 16 June 2013 3:39 PM So Much for ‘Father’s Day’ – in a Country Where Fatherhood is Dying Out By the end of his or her childhood, a British boy or girl is much more likely to have a TV set in the bedroom than a father at home….(Continue reading) I posted the following comment to Peter Hitchens’ blog, this morning. As of now, a few hour later, it is still in moderation.  Is it perhaps not politically correct, or perhaps inconvenient? … Continue reading

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Daily Mail published article on fatherlessness

Daily Mail published article on fatherlessness Conspiracy of silence on value of marriage: Politicians frightened to admit fathers are vital, says top family lawyer Supporting marriage has become a ‘no go area’ for our politicians says Baroness Deech. She says an absence of fathers is ‘harming’ the next generation of children. Politicians are ‘too afraid’ of offending cohabiting partners or single parents. By Steve Doughty Daily Mail PUBLISHED: 18:28 GMT, 15 February 2013 | UPDATED: 02:20 GMT, 16 February 2013 (More) From the indicated article: We live in a world where we are encouraged to take care of our own and our children’s health: we are constantly admonished to take exercise, eat … Continue reading

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Re: Fatherlessness

Hello Pete, re: Fatherlessness My comments are between the lines of your message. You wrote: Greetings, I looked all over your website and I see that your organization is based in Canada, however I still have a couple questions. Why do you use the words fatherless and fatherlessness when talking about disadvantaged children? The reason why you don’t find the expression “disadvantaged children” at our website instead of the terms “fatherless children” and “fatherlessness” is because children who grow up with their fathers having been expunged from their lives do grow up fatherless while their fathers are still alive.  That then causes the consequence that those children are disadvantaged; with fatherlessness … Continue reading

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Fatherlessness and same-sex parenting

Fatherlessness and same-sex parenting »Satinover told me that there is a myriad of evidence which makes it, as he put it, “crystal clear that the absence of a father in a child’s life is one of the most pathogenic features you could conceive of.  For the last 35 years [that is, since 1973 — F4L] there have been hundreds and hundreds of studies examining the long-term impact on children of being raised without fathers.  That’s because fatherlessness has become a phenomenon not primarily due to the gay movement, but due to the impact of heterosexual divorce and other forms of heterosexual misbehavior.”« OneNews.com 2008 06 17 Marcia Segelstein – OneNewsNow … Continue reading

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Father custody: outcomes in children of divorce

Hello Tom (I presume), Your inquiry, re: Father custody – outcomes in children of divorce Thanks for your phone call.  I am not commenting here in a specifically constructive manner, as far as the topic of interest to you, father custody — outcomes in children of divorce,  is concerned. All I am doing here is to copy-and-paste a few of many relevant references listed or otherwise shown at http://fathersforlife.org. To be more specific would require many hours, even days of work. Sorry, but I cannot do that for you. I only have the time to point you into the general direction for the right information. (However, I am giving you a few … Continue reading

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The divorce industry and fatherlessness

To many people the term divorce industry means absolutely nothing. It does, however, mean something to two minor sectors of the population.  One of them is currently in a position of power to control social evolution. Activists and advocates for pro-family rights and pro-fathers-rights consider the terms divorce industry and fatherlessness to be strongly related. They feel that fatherlessness is tearing apart the fabric of our once-functioning society. They have reason to believe that the divorce industry causes fatherlessness, that is: the removal and the consequences of that removal of fathers from the lives of those fathers’ children. For feminists in non-governmental organizations and in government (whether elected or simply … Continue reading

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Fatherlessness, in the best interest of the child

Fatherlessness, in the best interest of the child is the topic of a web page containing a number of links that required correcting. The file name of one of the web pages containing that discussion had been changed some time ago. That web page seems to be an important read for anyone who believes that case-law can be used to reverse the evolution of case-law pertaining to the changing nature of the legal right to paternity that took place during the past 200 years or so. If you think that today’s fathers have a right to their children, that “in the best interest of the child” children have rights to … Continue reading

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Women, children, disrespect

Update 2018 12 09: Added links to related articles Update 2018 01 26: Added link to video of apprehension of Australian boy who threw rocks at passing vehicles — Where is the father? Women, children, disrespect – Three articles on women, children, fatherlessness and disrespect — From broken relationships to disrespect, social chaos and criminality. Disrespect, a consequence of fatherlessness? Today I came across three articles that comprise a continuous story of a progression from broken relationships to disrespect, social chaos and criminality, caused by selfishness, lack of respect for fathers and by fatherlessness. The Observer, 11 February 2007 Is multi-dadding the future of parenting? By Lucy Cavendish Lucy Cavendish … Continue reading

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