Indian Family Court: Pay or be arrested

Concerning Indian Family Court (pay or be arrested and incarcerated), the situation described by Indian men’s rights activist Subu Subramaniam in the shared comment and being discussed in the discussion thread at the source is bad for men, but it needs to be put into perspective.

Indian Family Court — Pay or be arrested and incarcerated: An example

Indian Family Court — Pay or be arrested and incarcerated

Subu Subramaniam continues with his description of the case:

High Court of Karnataka

Daily Orders of the Case Number: MFA ____/20__ for the date of order __/__/2017

Honble Justice _____________________


Order in MFA ____/20__

It is stated by the learned counsel for the appellant that, arrest warrant has been issued in the execution of the Decree of the Family Court. Learned counsel for the respondent does not dispute the said position.

Hence, put up on 11.10.2017.

By ad interim order, it is directed that, there shall be stay against the execution of the warrant already issued by the Family Court on condition that the appellant deposits the amount of Rs.1,50,000/- (Rupees one lakh fifty thousand only) with the Family Court on or before 27.9.2017 and further deposits Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only) on or before 27.10.2017.

Both the amounts shall be deposited before the Family Court.

On the amount so deposited, the respondent shall be at liberty to withdraw the same.

Matter shall be considered for further amount to be deposited or not on the next date of hearing.
Note: To see the discussion following that introduction, follow this link to the posting at Subu Subramaniam’s FB Status.

To put that into perspective, the amount of a total of Rs.250,000 to be paid to an Indian Family Court is far in excess of what vastly most Indian men earn in a given year.  The amount equates only to about US$3,850, but India’s GDP per capita is only US$1,700, compared to that in the US of US$57,500.  If a US Family Court judge were to demand an equally severe payment by an American man whose wife left him and sued for divorce, the amount of money demanded would be about US$130,000.

Extremely few men would be able to put up that kind of money to avoid being thrown into jail.  That would be years before the first court hearing of the divorce application takes place, and possibly 20 years or more before the final decision is made by a judge.  That is how long it can take in the Indian court system before a divorce case is closed.

I recommend that anyone interested in or concerned about incarceration rates in his country bookmarks the links identified in the comment I posted at Subu Subramaniam’s FB status, as follows.

India — Incarceration Statistics

(Note: The following comment shows statistics that reflect incarcerations due to all causes, without singling out specific causes for incarceration, such as due to decisions by an Indian Family Court.)

Under the best of circumstances, whether one instance of inequitable justice may or may not be substantiated by credible evidence does not matter much.

One case cannot be anything other than the source of single data points. No valid conclusions can be drawn from single data points as to how prevalent such a case is, whether the circumstances it reflects deviate from the norm and by how much, or whether such a case is evidence of a trend that proves that such circumstances are becoming better or worse over time.

Nevertheless, you are responding to the one case by alleging that the incarceration rate of Indian men is increasing. You present no evidence that it is increasing or by how much.

To be able to make such allegations credible, so as to make the general public, especially the media, take note of an allegedly intolerable situation becoming quickly or even only gradually worse over time, far better information than just instances of individual cases is required.

Indian men’s rights activists [and men’s rights activists everywhere] need to become informed on incarceration statistics.

After I read your introductory comment in this discussion thread, I checked the Internet, using this character string: India incarceration rate trend

A cursory perusal of the information available there (it is presented very well) shows, for instance (for the year 2015):

1.) India’s incarceration rate is 33 per 100,000 population. That is high and increasing. It was 26 per 100,000 population in the year 2000.
2.) About two-thirds (67.2%) of those who are incarcerated in India are waiting for a trial.
3.) The sex ratio of prisoners is 22.3 men for every incarcerated woman.

That shows that India’s incarceration rate is one of the lowest in the world, in 213th place out of 222 entries.

On the other hand, with respect to its number of prisoners (419,623), India ranks 5th in the world, after

1.) United States of America (2,145,100)
2.) China (1,649,804)
3.) Brazil (657,680)
4.) Russian Federation (615,257)

Indian Family Court — A role in the population control holocaust?

As atrociously Draconian or capricious the order by the Indian Family Court to pay Rs.250,000 before the man’s case is even heard by the Indian Family Court may be, I cannot help but feel that Indian Family Court judges are conspiring to make marriage in India unattractive, even feared.  Why?  Why not?!  It would be a very effective means for population control, far more acceptable in the eyes of the world than was the forced sterilization of tens of millions of India’s poor.  More… Scroll down at that page to:

Since the time of Malthus, India has always been a prime target in the eyes of would-be population controllers…. 

What would be a better means to bring about effective population control than to make people afraid of becoming married, by punishing them for getting married?  Getting married can be the fast road to jail, and for increasing numbers of Indian men it is exactly that.  That should and will keep the teeming masses from breeding, won’t it?

Indian Family Court as an effective means of population control….What could possibly go wrong?  The end justifies the means, in a country whose poor have only a single social safety net to rely on for survival, when they are sick, out of work or old and decrepit: their children.  It is somewhat drastic, to cure a hangnail through amputating the whole arm.  To bring about population control (a reduction is more like it) by similarly drastic means, through having the Indian Family Court instilling the fear of jail, is surely a recipe for disaster.

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Notable weather events often catastrophic, 2010 years

Whenever the all-pervasive climate-alarmism hysteria gets on my nerves, I browse through the appended chronologies (especially the one by James Marusek), to learn about historical weather events, so as to get my bearings. Do a find-in-page in that for a few key items to put things into perspective: such as hailstones, Nile, Constantinople, plague, storm, drought, rain, flood, harvest, snow, frozen over, mother, etc., etc….

Weather events may be bad but their consequences can be mitigated

We live in good times and, objectively, don’t have much to complain about – why the urge to return to “the good, old days”?  That the old days were good is largely a figment of our imagination or, rather, a fiction by those who for many reasons wish us to believe that things were much better then.  Yet, as far as the consequences of adverse weather events on humans go, those were more often far more deadly even just a century ago, before SUVs, modern telecommunication, modern agricultural practices, and modern forms of energy uses other than through human or animal muscles for most of history, than they are now, and that is even though the size of the world population increased about six-fold in that span of time.  In terms of fatalities due to extreme weather events, that is a an extraordinary reduction in the deadliness of weather events by about 98 percent, by a factor of about 50.

Global Death and Death Rates Due to Extreme Weather Events, 1900–2010

Global Death and Death Rates Due to Extreme Weather Events, 1900–2010 [Ref. 1]

We have something to celebrate: human ingenuity, the human drive that served well to make our lives enormously better now than they were in the good, old days, when humanity had trouble clinging to its precarious existence, always in danger of being eradicated, but succeeding in making humanity not only prevail but thrive, luxuriate and even wallow in its successes.

Bad weather events can be deadly without bringing human ingenuity to bear

It seems that the intensity with which many people yearn to return to when things were done through muscle power borders often on the fanatical,  oblivious to that, when wishing things were again like they were then, they wish that lives would again be short and brutish.  Let’s see what that was like:

»536 A.D. In Northumberland England, the River Tweed overflowed. People and cattle drowned. (47, 72, 92)
In the years 536 and 537 A.D., there was a persistent dry mist on the Mediterranean Sea. This caused rotten cold summers and snowy cold winters. [Suggesting a good-sized volcanic eruption —WHS] (171)

537 A.D. A dearth struck Scotland and Wales. (57, 72, 91)
In 537 A.D. during the period between 26 April and 24 May, a severe drought struck many regions of China. This drought was accompanied by a frost and caused a famine. Regions affected were: (153)
— Shansi (now Shanxi province) in northern China at Taiyuan, Hsin, Hsi, Chin-ch’êng, Lin-fên, and Chi.
— Shensi (now Shaanxi province) in central China at Sian.
— Kansu (now Gansu province) in northwest China at T’ien-shui.
— Honan (now Henan province) in central China at Shan.

410 A.D. In Rome, Italy, there was a famine followed by a plague. (57, 72, 91)
Under the Emperor Honorius (who reigned from 395 to 414), so great was the scarcity and dearth of victuals in Rome, Italy, that in the open marketplace, this voice was heard – set a price on man’s flesh. St. Jerome alluding to this plague, says: the rage of the starved with hunger broke forth into abominable excess, so as people mutually devoured the members of each other. Nay, even the tender mother spared not the flesh of her sucking child, but received him again into her bowels whom she had brought forth a little before. (72)
538 A.D. The land of Italy lay uncultivated last year, hence a great famine. Such as dwelt in the region of Emilia in northern Italy left their seats and goods, and went into the region of Picenum in east-central Italy and even there no less than 50,000 died of famine. Then the starved throwing off all humanity killed and ate one another. Delicate mothers eat their tender babes. Two women killed 17 men and ate them. A woman in Milan in northern Italy ate her dead son. People kneeling down on their knees and hands to eat grass and herbs, fell down with weakness and died. Nor was there any to bury them. Others eat dogs, mice, cats and the vilest animals. The Tuscans [from Tuscany in north-central Italy] were also starved, but bread made of earthnuts was a help to them. Far greater still were the numbers of starved beyond the Ionian borders. When they had nothing to eat, they became extenuated and pale, their flesh withered away and became black. The disease spread as among great herds of cattle. Their bile was redundant, there was no juice left in their bodies. Their skin was hardened, and became dried like leather, and clave to the bones. Their livid color became black. Men looked like charcoal wood, their countenance was senseless and stern. They died everywhere, partly from hunger and partly from too great satiety. Having been burnt up within, after the natural heat was extinguished. For having been starved, if they had any opportunity to feed freely, being not able to digest their food, they died so much sooner. The famine was so great in the region of Liguria in the coastal region of northwestern Italy that many mothers ate their own dearest children. The west coast region of Campania in southern Italy also suffered. Nor did Picenum’s being a seacoast save it. In the following year, 539, the grain sprang up by themselves, without the labor of farmers and oxen. They shook in the wind because there was no one left to reap them. (72)

In 538 in Italy there was a great famine. (57, 72, 91)…. « [Ref. 2]

When was the last time you experienced what was common-place in the good, old days?  Who would be silly enough to want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?


1.) ‘Wealth and Safety: The Amazing Decline in Deaths from Extreme Weather in an Era of Global Warming, 1900–2010’, (2010) Reason Foundation, By Indur M. Goklany, Project Director: Julian Morris; Executive Summary, p. 6

2.) An expansive  chronology (1,411 pages , including references to citations of sources of the accounts of events listed, and searches take a while, about 30 seconds):
‘A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events’ (2010),  7th Edition,
by James A. Marusek, ranging from 1 A.D. to 1901 A.D.

3.) A more concise chronology: ‘A Chronology of Notable Weather Events’ (2011), by Douglas V. Hoyt, ranging from 243 A.D. to 2009 A.D.

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James Damore opposes Google corporate PC

Will James Damore’s protest against Google’s corporate program to impose political correctness have as much impact on the fortunes of feminism and political correctness as did the witch hunt that targeted Tim Hunt? Will the impact last as long as did the reverberations of the troubles encountered by Tim Hunt?

It is not a question of the glass being half-full or half-empty. It is – more realistically – that, to a man dying of thirst, a drop of water in an empty bucket may seem as if it will save his life, while, more objectively, the man better try to find more water, as one or two drops will not save him, while even a slow drip of it may be enough, as long as it will produce millions of drops.

It is not that what James Damore did and does is without value. From a realistic perspective it is of as much value as the attention is that was garnered by Tim Hunt’s plight, and that is very little.  One swallow does not make a summer, and ripples of adverse public reactions in opposition to a couple of witch hunts directed against specific men will not cause a reversal of the fortunes of feminism, gender “equality” or political correctness.

James Damore's Opposition against the agenda for oppression through "diversity"

Opposition against the agenda for oppression through “diversity”

We are well on the way to becoming immersed in a sea of political correctness and will, weighted down by the chains of feminist totalitarianism, quite likely drown in it.  Let’s keep in mind that,

A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom.  The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.

—Milton and Rose Friedman,
Free to Choose: A Personal Statement

Last, but not least, keep in mind that Google’s corporate agenda for imposing equality of outcomes is not limited by the boundaries of its corporate structure.  Google’s impact on all of humanity is real and massively far-reaching.  It manifests itself through wide-spread and escalating censorship, through constraining what is being made visible and accessible through Google Search and many other tools provided by Google for public use.

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Woman’s work is never done – man’s work ignored

A woman’s work is never done.

The feminists love that adage. They are also the reason why it was truncated from »A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman’s work is never done.«  The feminists are responsible for making the first part of that adage vanish by rigorously following this instruction and imposing it on everyone:

A man’s work is… ignored.

Why is that part of the adage being ignored?  Men are obligated to work.  If they don’t work, they better be sick, invalids or dead, otherwise they would be bums.  The feminist argument goes that, while men who don’t work (for women) are bums, women are now equal and have the privilege to work, if they want to, and to have their work being regarded as being of equal value to that done by men.

It is alright for women to be equal to men and to be even more equal, but we cannot have it that women must stick to the sort of obligation that men are being burdened with.  Therefore many men are opting out from the onerous obligations they labour under.  They demand that they be equal to women, with the same rights and privileges, and why not?  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, even when it comes to equality of the sexes.   Some may not like that, but vastly more perceive things to be that way.

The perceptions of the majority count.  That is the primary attribute of mob rule.  Another one is that established cultural values and standards by which value judgments were made need to be replaced by perceptions.  That removes much order from society, and the absence of all order is chaos, but, ultimately, we will all be equal as well as being equally unhappy.

As stated above, things were not always that way, and this collection of articles presents a few perceptions of what they were like, why we had reasons to be dissatisfied with the way things were, and why it came about that now we all are becoming equally unhappy.

Perceptions of a woman's work then and social evolution that brought us to where we are now

Perceptions of social conditions then and social evolution that brought us to where we are now

See how that works?  While women slaved away in their warm homes, we don’t wish to mention that very few of of them came even close to experiencing men’s part of the deal, aside from the fact that the complaint doesn’t waste a thought on that men had to do the slugging and the dying.

Still some of the authors of the opinions appear to be rationalizing that the unhappiness of many is a necessary price to pay for the happiness of a few, people who are quite willing to share the general unhappiness that prevails.  They perceive that the condition of society was far worse than it is now, especially with respect to the status of women that Marx and Engels (the communist apostles of the 19th century whose blueprints for socialist social engineering we now apply with a vengeance) found so much lacking in value, primarily because it was extensively built on virtue.

Marx and Engels wanted to bring the productivity of women into the workforce and have them liberated from slaving for their families.  In that fashion, women’s productivity can be taxed and applied to the creation of the greatness of the socialist state.  That was to be achieved through ‘free love’, a concept that is today called ‘sexual freedom’.  There you are.  More…

One cannot argue that the implementation of the goals promoted by Marx and Engels were not met. They must be dancing in their graves, except for that, although women’s work is now being taxed, a woman’s work is never done and many women are now doing it alone, by themselves, and even though men’s work was being taxed all along, only more so now, a man’s work is never done either, but we don’t talk much about that.  The consequences of that are reflected in this:

Comparison of search results
  Entries in search return list for search phrase (in quotes)
Search Engine A woman’s work is never done A man’s work is never done
Bing 778 208
DuckDuckGo 102 35
Google 359 246
Norton 115 79

Note: Although some search engines claim larger numbers of results, the numbers shown in the table reflect what is contained in the search-return list produced for the individual searches.  Click on a number if you wish to repeat a given search, to see what the list of search results looks like.

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Google search bias quantified, constitutes censorship

Last updated 2017 09 22, to show updated Google Analytics data and to reflect those in the subsequent Observations.

The article identified here indicates that a substantial bias by Google Search exists and is obvious and measurable. The bias is in essence censorship of conservative websites (making information that they present difficult to find or causing links to such information on conservative websites to be effectively absent from search-return lists) versus ranking items that fit the liberal agenda to be high and at the top of search-return lists.

An analysis of the prevalence of Google Search bias

An analysis of the prevalence of Google Search bias

The article analyzes that issue, but the analysis is a bit shallow. Some examples are indicated in the article, but those are in essence anecdotal evidence, although some efforts were made to make the study sample somewhat representative, to compensate for the sample not having been randomly selected.

The article is not necessarily easy to comprehend even for someone who makes it through the first sentence and understands what it means:

“The percentage of domain traffic, referred by Google Search, net of brand searches (PGSTN), tends to be in or around the range 25%-30% for a broad class of web domains.”

That is a mouthful, somewhat correct but not very enlightening. Rephrased, this definition of PGSTN puts it more into the context in which it is being used:

»PGSTN, a term used extensively by Google Analytics. It appears to stand for: The Percentage of all traffic directed to a website or domain (URL for a website or for a specific web page) that originates from Google Search Traffic, Not including views or visits that may have resulted from directing traffic to specific instances of brand names.«

I spent more than 20 hours of searching for an authentic definition of PGSTN and failed to find one. In the absence of an authentic, official, definition by Google, I feel that it is fairly safe to assume that PGSTN is an abbreviation of these terms: Percentage… Google Search Traffic, Not…

Absent a better definition from Google, that is what I use by which to remember the meaning of PGSTN.

The indicated article identifies that PGSTN for websites is “in or around the range 25%-30% for a broad class of web domains.” That is the range of the portion of Google-Search-related traffic out of the total of all non-ad/or-brand-name-related web traffic directed to a domain or URL.

That percentage is important for any web ranking service (Alexa – now owned by Amazon – is one service that ranks websites), while search engines rank individual web pages and their URLs based on how frequently they are being accessed through search engines. It appears that web ranking services rely on search engine statistics, and that Google Search results play an important role in giving them the data from search-engine-originated traffic with which to do the ranking.

Google Search Bias (PGSTN) - essentially an attempt to censor conservative and libertarian sources of information

Google Search Bias (PGSTN) – essentially an attempt to censor conservative and libertarian sources of information

Observations: There is no correlation between actual traffic counts of daily views (metered by WordPress) and the portion of the traffic that represents daily views directed to through Google searches (PGSTN, metered by Google Analytics).  If anything, whenever the PGSTN experiences a rising trend, something is at work to depress the increase in traffic, so as to bring it closer to zero.

For a two-months interval (from about 2017 07 15 to 2017 09 10) Google Analytics data showed, contrary to reality, that website traffic was zero or close to zero.  On 2017 09 10, I published this blog posting, upon which, for whatever reason, Google Analytics traffic data resumed showing a PGSTN of close to 10 percent, although that is still an insignificant and unrepresentative portion of actual website traffic.
(Note, the chart will be updated now and then, to reflect what Google is up to, how “accurate” its traffic data measurements are over time, and whether there is ever a time that makes it worthwhile spending the effort of using Google Analytics for examining website traffic characteristics.  Obviously, as of now, Google Analytics does not inspire any confidence at all.)

My website ( and blog ( can be called conservative, although some opinions hold that the website and blog present a libertarian perspective. They are obviously not liked very much by Google, as the PGSTN for the domain was five percent or less for the last few weeks of all search-engine-directed traffic (the two-moths interval from 2017 07 15 to 2017 09 09), with the website and the blog effectively being blacklisted by Google. That will of course not be much of a problem: the less of the traffic comes through Google Search, the more of it comes through links or other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, the search engine I preferably use.

Mind you, the Google Search bias will be a problem if a website-ranking service relies solely or primarily on traffic data based on Google-Search traffic information obtained from either Google search-engine crawlers or from search-engine crawlers that collect traffic data collected by Google for a given website, blog or any other domain.

Other than that, I see no good reason anyone should rely on either Google Search for finding objective sources of information, as Google Search parameters and algorithms appear designed to prevent anyone from finding such objective sources.  Moreover, there is no good reason anyone should bother analyzing the characteristics of traffic to his website using an analysis tool such as Google Analytics, when that tool obviously provides results that reflect very distorted and unrealistic information on as little as 5 percent or even none of the traffic directed to a given website of interest.

At any rate, the essay by Leo Goldstein states: “Google is very good at its job.  Sites and domains that are less popular with the visitors tend to be less likely to receive traffic from Google, and vice versa.”  I agree.

It seems that a feedback effect is at work, when Google does its best to ensure that it keeps visitors away from websites it deems people must be kept away from.  The good thing about that is that the fewer visitors come to a website through Google searches, the less harm Google can do to influence the traffic and ranking of a given website, except for ranking by services that rely on Google traffic data for websites.

It remains to be seen what the impact will be on Google’s business prospects in the long run, on account of Google doing serious harm to the extent of trust people put into Google.

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Martin Bormann Memorandum: Securing Germany’s Future

Securing the future of the German people

Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler’s secretary, speculated in his Jan. 29, 1944 memorandum, “How many children would have been born in this war if it had been possible to give our front-line soldiers any leaves at all or more frequently?”  He did not go into very much detail on the extent of the demographic calamity that World War II had imposed on Germany, but he most certainly did not underestimate the problem of the lack of births.

Bormann had it right: Demographics of death of the German people, death by war

Not so much a “population pyramid” but a snapshot of a population ravaged by wars

It is not possible today to determine which of the concerns in his memorandum are truly those expressed by Adolf Hitler and which are Bormann’s own.  It is nevertheless fascinating to see how many of the details Bormann perceived for solving Germany’s looming demographic calamity became standard fare for fiscal and family legislation in many nations throughout the world.  That is not so to solve demographic crises in any nation but simply for governments to partake of what seem to be the main ingredients of the pro-women provisions as well as the means for having men pay more taxes, by which the governments increase their revenues, exactly as envisioned by Bormann.

(On the situation of Germany in January 1944:
– It had been a year since the strategic defeat of the Hitler armies in Stalingrad. The Soviet armies had liberated almost the entire former Soviet Union territory.
– It had been half a year since the capitulation of the Hitler Army in North Africa.
– It had been half a year since the landing of the US troops in Sicily. Meanwhile, the whole of Italy had been liberated.
In his nightly talks, Hitler sees the “catastrophic situation”. The “secretary of the Führer “, Martin Bormann, formulated on 29th January 1944 as a Führer decree, what Hitler had devised in consequence. WB)
[Found at ]

Führer Headquarters, January 29, 1944

Subject: Securing the future of the German people.

1.) In the night of 27/28. In January, the Führer talked with us about the problem of our national future. From this and previous conversations and deliberations, the following is to be put on record:

Our national situation will be catastrophic after this war, because our people are now experiencing the second major bloodletting in 30 years. We will certainly win the war militarily, but we will lose it through population losses if we do not come to a decisive restructuring in all the previous perceptions and the resulting attitude.

The bloody loss is not something unique, but it will have consequences year after year into the distant future:

A single example:

How many children would have been born in this war if it had been possible to give our front-line soldiers any leaves at all or leaves more frequently?

The terrible political consequences of a war can be seen in the Thirty Years’ War. At the beginning of the war, the German people numbered more than 18 million, and by the end barely 3.5 million.[*] The consequences of these bloody losses are still not regained and compensated, for we lost the world-domination to which, at the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War, the German people seemed predestined. The disruption of our states lasted until 1870, that of our populace largely until 1933; the denominational disruption is not alleviated today. [* The German-language original contains a typographical error that indicates “31/2 million”. Correctly, that must be 3.5 million. — WHS]

(2) Earlier already I emphatically pointed to several instances of the situation that results after the end of this war: We must keep in mind the population map of Europe and Asia of 1850, 1870, and 1900 and 1945: The Asian peoples multiply at a much faster pace than the Nordic peoples, which partially do not increase their populations at all anymore. If these circumstances were to remain, it would not benefit our Nordic peoples if we were to win this war, for in a hundred years at the most they would be crushed by the mighty masses of the Asian people. Already the present struggle is becoming infinitely difficult for us through the ever-new masses of fighters that the Russian is capable of bringing to bear.

(3) After this war, as the Führer emphasized, we will have 3 to 4 million women who lost or cannot get husbands. The resulting birth dearth would be unbearable for our people: how many divisions — emphasized the Führer — would we be lacking in 20 to 45 or more years!

4.) The future — the life of a people is the more secure, the more numerous the births of this people.

The consideration by some parents, that they should have to keep their number of children limited, to secure the future of the children born, is therefore fundamentally wrong: the opposite is correct! Given sufficient insight, therefore, all women who have a child should place great value on the fact that not only they themselves, but all other women, will bear as many children as possible, because the future of these children is the more secure the greater their number. That is a very sober calculation.

5.) Now, the women who are or are not or will not be married to a man after this world war cannot get their children from the Holy Spirit, but only from the German men still remaining. Increased reproduction of the individual man is, of course, desirable from the point of view of national well-being only by a portion of these men. The decent, characterful, physically and mentally healthy men are to reproduce themselves more intensively, not the physically and spiritually bent ones.

6.) If the dead of the past world war and this new war were not to have been lost in vain, we must secure victory by all means. Any woman whose husband or brother or father or other relative fell in one of these struggles must wish that! That is, every woman must wish that as much as possible every healthy woman who is able to do so secures the future of our people and thus of all its grandchildren to have as many children as possible after the end of the war.

(7) In this manifold delicate area, state orders alone are of no avail. Here only a very serious conviction borne by the movement can lead to the necessary insight. The concern is too grave for corny jokes and bad jests; this is really about securing the future of our people.

8.) Then, too, after this war we can not command that women and girls shall have children. The utmost sensitive — here the much too often-related superlative is appropriate — elucidation is necessary.

9.) It can i. e, not be carried out by men, who are all too easily seen as being personally interested, as beneficiaries. Only older men may talk about the theme, and above all, our women’s organizations must provide the necessary education.

10.) It is necessary to convince not only the women who no longer have or are unable to obtain husbands of these necessities, but before all other things, it is necessary to educate the elders, the mothers and fathers, who grew up in quite different perspectives of the past.

11.) Even more necessary is the enlightenment of the married women, who often became respectability-fanatics only after their weddings.

12.) If we consider what is necessary to bring this question, so vital to our people, to a successful solution, we must clarify the situation in a particular case. Firstly, many women will — lack of logic is simply congenial to women — affirm the correctness in general, in a particular case relating to personal circumstances fanatically reject it.

13.) The public, i.e. general enlightenment can for obvious reasons only begin after the war. One reason for this is that we can not today appeal to the women whose men are likely to fall, and we can not begin our education, too, with regard to our soldiers; This would require us to familiarize our men, who are now soldiers, with these thoughts, for it will not be desirable for every soldier to have his wife or bride conceive children by another man after his death.

14.) Instead, we must now be clear about the steps that can be taken during the war, and about the others to be initiated immediately after the war.

15.) Already now we must abrogate all the undesired impediments to our goal: in particular, it is especially important to direct poets and writers of our time. New novels, novellas, and plays that describe dramatics of matrimony — adultery, are no longer to be allowed, no more than are any poetry, writings, or movie scripts that treat the extramarital child as inferior, illegitimate.
(The word “illegitimate”, as I have emphasized a long time ago, must be completely eradicated. The prefix “un” generally means something to be rejected.

Examples: [The following list contains literal, rather than linguistically correct translations. —WHS]

marital : unmarital [illegitimate]
peace : unpeace [discord]
honor : unhonor [dishonor]
free : unfree
sympathetic : unsympathetic
appetizing : unappetizing
comely : uncomely [grisly]
benefit : unbenefit [calamity]
fortune : unfortune [misfortune]
belief : unbelief)

In other words, we must already now reject everything that presents this problem wholly or in part in a manner harmful to the future of our people. Neither on the stage nor in the whole literature can we any longer present conflicts between “legitimate wife” and “illegitimate rival”.

On the contrary, we must skilfully and unobtrusively point out, that for example — as the genealogical research showed — many of the family tree of famous scholars, artists, statesmen, businessmen, and soldiers show the birth of foreign children. In other words, how many famous men who were the greatest servants of our people would not have been born if their mother or ancestor had not given birth to their child.

16.) Now, the aversion to extramarital children undoubtedly has a reason, which we also — more correctly, especially we, must acknowledge.

We also do not wish our sister or daughters to carelessly get children from anyone man, that is, even to have them now from one and then from another. We must therefore wish that the women of our people, who can not marry after the war in the accustomed manner, join a man who truly suits them and to conceive children with him.

If I am careful in the breeding of animals, that only compatible animals are coupled, then I have to respect the rules applicable to all mammals in humans too: if I want children who have a balanced character and not a conflicted one, then I must put forth that only people who really fit together conceive children with each other.

In other words, we can not wish for a woman — and be it by way of so-called parthenogenesis — to get children from anyone man; on the contrary, only those who are really fond of heart to one another, because they fit together, should beget children.

17. Conclusion: We must wish that the women who no longer have or find a husband after this war should enter into a marriage-like relationship with one man, out of which spring as many children as possible.

The fact that not all such circumstances will last a lifetime does not speak against it, but is natural; many marriages are also divorced after a longer or shorter period. For the rest. Moreover, I am even convinced that two people who are connected in friendship, but who do not see each other very often, are more likely to stay connected more easily for life than others; especially when children of love and friendship reinforce this bond.

18.) I had already pointed out above that every defamation of [volklich – demographically ? no definition could be found —WHS] desired conditions must be prohibited. Whoever insults a woman who has children without a husband (in the present sense) must be severely punished. Anyone — that will concern many a clergyman — who speaks against the propagation of [demographic] necessities, is also to be severely punished.

19.) In many cases, the resistance of married women will be due to material considerations: for their sake, the wife, in the interest of her own children, does not want to share her husband’s income or estate with another woman and her children.

That is understandable! But because the people and the state want to secure their future, they must secure by all means, therefore by the necessary material means, the best possible increase in the number of births; therefore, the state must accordingly provide adequate funding.

(20) If it were not do that, the most important capital would be irretrievably lost; the fertility of many millions of women.

21.) Very many women and girls would like to have children, many children at that, if they knew exactly that they would be truly provided for their whole life. They do not want to have children, and then, one day, because the father of these children dies, is impoverished or abandons them, become unprovided for with their children and dependent on the mercy and charity of some welfare institutions.

22.) It is clear that women who are employed and who have children must be appropriately higher remunerated, and that these women should also be assigned living accommodations corresponding to the head count of their family.

23.) After the war, I would like to create such housing in the sunny corner for the female employees of the Party Chancellery who have children.

24.) The number of residential schools (grade schools — boarding schools, junior high school boarding schools with pre-school, senior high school boarding schools with pre-school) is to be hugely increased, so that all women who can for any reasons not, either partially or in whole, raise their children, can let them be raised without difficulty at the residential schools. That applies to both boys and girls.

These residential schools are also necessary because the best and most able men are in their youth quite wilds and can hardly be controlled by mothers alone.

25.) However, these women should not be allowed to wait until their children are of school age before they move to residential schools, but according to the Führer’s order, the NSV [National Socialist People’s Welfare], as emphasized previously, shall create the best maternity homes and furthermore the best children’s homes in which children from toddlers to school age will be raised. The education in these nurseries must be far better than it can be in the general care of the family. This is the great future task of the NSV!

26.) For the sake of the future of our people, we must have a mother-cult, and there must be no difference between women who are married in the present manner and women who have children by a man to whom they are connected in friendship! All these mothers are to be honored equally.
(Of course, this does not apply to those antisocial elements who do not even know who the fathers of their children might be.)

27.) When two people go to the civil registry office, to have their intended civil union officially certified and legitimized there, the main reason for that is the following:

(a) the marital community, together with the offspring, shall be placed under the protection of the State and its means of power and its Civil Code and its Criminal Code,

b) The two partners now know that one is committed to the other and that one can not run away from the other without consequences.

c) Ideal security: extramarital sex is frowned upon according to mendacious bourgeois opinions. On the other hand, marital sex is without ado deemed to be honorable!

(d) Material security: A man who is divorced must provide for his wife unless she is guilty.

28). These statements show which inhibitions we must eliminate and which suppositions we must create to achieve the necessary increase in the number of births

(1) We must also create for the mothers who are not married in the old manner by official civil ceremony a very similar comprehensive ideal as well as material security. This includes among other things: in any case, the children have to get the father’s name without difficulty.

(2) Further: Upon special request, men shall be able to enter into a fixed marriage relationship, not only with one woman, but with another, in which the woman would then easily obtain the name, the children the father’s name.

3.) That a man is sued for the payment of maintenance fees (alimony) must be a rarity; a man who acts without compelling reason must be outright defamed, because his behavior is generally regarded as disgraceful.

Obviously, in such a case, there must be paid, without any difficulty and — as long as this is necessary — adequate government support. It must be completely impossible that a mother with a child is ever in need. Every mother with a child who without fault falls into material or ideal distress must be sure of the special welfare of the community.

4.) As I mentioned earlier, it is necessary that we abolish and forbid the present relationship terms, which have a more or less disreputable sound. On the contrary, W[e] must find good, friendly names. We must, too, consider how the relationship a woman has with a man with whom she may be married in the accustomed manner will be designated, we have to consider how the children that come out of such friendship-relationships are to be designated, etc.

The more fortuitous we will be in the discovery of names, the more easily we will remove the existing inhibitions.

These inhibitions must, however, be removed, for otherwise all the sacrifices of the preceding world war and of this war were in vain, because our people must fall victim to the next storms. In twenty or thirty or forty or fifty years, we will have the divisions, which we need absolutely, if our people should not perish.

5.) After this war the childless marriages and the bachelors must be taxed far sharper than before. The hitherto taxation of the bachelors has to be a child’s play against the taxes with which they are to be burdened in the future.

The revenues from these bachelor’s taxes must serve the support of the mothers who have children, that is, to materially support our efforts to promote offspring.

I would ask you to consider the whole problem in depth and afterwards to submit your opinion.

Signed M. Bormann ”


Translated from the German-language text found at  —WHS

[Original source: Memorandum by Martin Bormann, 1944 January 29, Papers of Oron J. Hale, MSS 12800-a, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, VA;
reprinted in »The Secretary: Martin Bormann, the man who ruled Hitler. Stuttgart«, by Jochen von Lang;1977, pp. 478-82.]

This permits to compare Germany’s total fertility rate to those of other countries in the world.

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IVF same-sex conception less eggs

The success rate for pregnancies conceived by IVF is quite low, compared to that for those conceived naturally. Some deformations, e. g.: of the genito/urinary tract, are far more common with IVF. Chromosomal aberrations, for example, are 7.7 times more common for IVF babies carried to term than they are with babies conceived naturally.

IVF produces same-sex mice

Motherless babies — Do we need or want them?

The IVF procedure outlined in the Telegraph article even lauds the possibility of self-cloning without eggs, which, in view of the costs of IVF procedures that will eventually be developed to that end, will without a doubt create much good will with potential gay couples who have sufficient means to be able to pay for them.

Nature puts logical constraints on unnatural means of conception.  It does not necessarily forbid them, but it makes them impossible or at least less viable.  In other words, they are — either immediately or in the longer term — evolutionary dead-ends.  Not so with medical research that makes the unnatural natural, normal or even desirable — usually in the pursuit of perhaps knowledge but most certainly profit.

What is the success rate for creating a viable baby without a human egg? It must be less than the IVF success rate for producing viable babies. In 2008, the success rate seemed to have leveled off at around 27 percent. Did it improve at all since then, and will the success rate for egg-less, same-sex conception be better? Common sense suggests otherwise.

The research has not yet progressed to make an estimate possible, not even for the mouse stage of the experimentation, even though the Telegraph article states, “In the study, 30 mouse pups were born with a success rate of 24 per cent,” and then continues to assert that, “This compares with a 1 per cent to 2 per cent success rate for offspring created by the Dolly the Sheep method of cloning by transferring DNA to donated eggs,” which is a bad comparison. The proper conclusion should have been that same-sex-cloning in mice, starting without an egg, is three percent less successful at the embryo stage than heterosexual IVF in humans when using egg and sperm.

It appears that, at least officially, no attempts were made yet to establish the viability of human embryos created without human eggs. That may be a good thing, as the tests that have so far produced 30 viable mouse pubs permit absolutely no conclusions as to the success rate with viable human babies. It appears that none of the mouse pubs were examined for all of the deficiencies that may occur when hoping that IVF will produce normal humans. IVF is not as proficient with that as is conception by natural means. It stands to reason that considerably more deficiencies will occur when cloning of the same-sex sort is used instead of normal, heterosexual conception.

Naturally, those issues and many others are usually not addressed in articles such as that in the Telegraph, as they might then trigger some reservations instead of amazement, praise, and the willingness to fork over vast sums of money for research in the field of IVF, the aim of which is, of course, ultimately, to create work and profit for the sector of the medical industry involved with performing IVF procedures. Those are a lucrative business with enormous earning potential, not to mention the higher rate of birth defects that will ultimately need to be treated, if corrections prove to be impossible and need further medical research, skills and procedures.

Ostensibly, the principle that guides all of that is, “First do no harm.” Sorry, but it is not apparent how the objective of doing no harm prevents profit motives that drive the harm being done. How can anyone claim that, for example, the tendency of producing vastly more chromosomal aberrations and other abnormalities, when bringing about conception using IVF procedures (let alone that the same-sex cloning has not even examined that in any depth), is doing no harm? Creating a vastly greater amount of business for the health industry, deliberately, not only causes harm, is driven by the harm-causing search for profit.

Still, it makes one wonder. At what success rate will anyone draw the line and decide: “No more of this!” With IVF babies, there is a more personal human factor:

»…If you are a woman wanting to become a mother after natural methods did not make you pregnant, will you be willing to run the risk of becoming pregnant several times before you are finally able to give birth to a child whose chances of having a moderate to severe chromosomal abnormality are one in ten?« More

Injury to motherly feelings will allegedly be alleviated or avoided, as ostensibly no emotional harm will be done to a human incubator for rent (a.k.a. surrogate mothers), but, even if that were always true (we know that it isn’t), there are some other considerations. More at the preceding link.

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The Future is Female

Social engineers increasingly promote that the future is female.  Still, at the founding of the UN, the natural family was declared to be the basic building block of nations and worthy of protection and nurturance. Legally, that declaration is still in force.  The question is whether the declaration is still worth something or not even the paper it is written on.

Nevertheless, today, with radical feminists and extremist gender activists having taken control of the UN through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), an all-out war is being waged against the natural family.  Check out The Gender Agenda and find out about the history and the state of the war against the family.

You may wonder why anyone should worry about a feminist- or female-controlled future world, where the future is female.  If so, then you don’t think much of the rights of human males.

You may see nothing wrong with a world populated only by females.  If that is the case, you obviously think that one half of humanity is not worthy of being kept around, and perhaps you shouldn’t be looking at this page.

Whatever the case may be, perhaps you should look up a short story, Consider Her Ways, by John Wyndham (first published by Michael Joseph, 1961), that describes what such a world in which the future is female may look like.  The story is the perfect counter piece to Margaret Atwood’s  A Handmaid’s Tale.  In 1961, Consider Her Ways was most definitely science fiction.  Today, some prominent feminists propose in earnest that 80 percent of all human males should be either castrated or, better, eradicated.  Biological science has moved that into the realm of possibilities. Pathological agents do exist that could easily target all of the men in the world or perhaps only men of a certain race.

Nobody in a normal state of mind would ever contemplate anything like that, you say?  Reconsider.  Although the term madwoman is rarely used, it does identify a human condition to which men don’t hold a monopoly.  There are a lot of women who work in biological sciences.  They may have the necessary motivation and the required opportunity to achieve exactly what is being described in Consider Her Ways.

Most definitely, many feminist writers addressed the theme of the total eradication of all human males.  The idea is a recurring theme of feminist science fiction.  I don’t recall seeing the corresponding theme of the eradication of all females ever having been mentioned by male authors.

However, an item that appeared in the new just during the middle of January 2001 should make anyone think again.

Consider their ways:

January 11, 2000

Daily News, at (The article can no longer be accessed at the original source.)

Aussie scientists stumble across the Doomsday Bug

PARIS, Jan 10 (AFP) – Australian gene engineers accidentally created a mouse virus that kills every one of its victims by wrecking their immune system, a discovery with the potential for making the ultimate terrorist weapon,New Scientist reports. The killer bug was invented quite inadvertently, while the researchers were trying to create a contraceptive vaccine for mice as a pest control, the British weekly reports in next Saturday’s issue.

They inserted into a mousepox virus a gene that creates large amounts of interleukin 4 (IL-4), a naturally-occurring molecule that produces antibodies in the immune system. The idea was to stimulate antibodies to destroy eggs in female mice, thus making the rodents infertile.

Mousepox, a close relation to smallpox, normally only causes mild symptoms among the type of mice being used in the study, and was only being used as a vehicle to deliver the IL-4. But when the IL-4 gene was inserted, the engineered virus ran amok, attacking the “cell-mediated response” – the part of the immune system that fights viral infection. All the animals in the study were wiped out in just nine days. Worse, the engineered virus was astonishingly resistant to vaccines. A vaccine that would normally protect these mice from mousepox only worked in half of the mice exposed to the killer version.

Co-researcher Ron Jackson, of the Canberra-based institute CSIRO, said the discovery was a frightening indicator of what could happen if the human smallpox virus was similarly modified. “It would be safe to assume that if some idiot did put human IL-4 into human smallpox, they’d increase the lethality quite dramatically,” he told New Scientist. “Seeing the consequences of what happened in the mice, I wouldn’t want to be the one to do the experiment.”

“It’s surprising how very, very bad the virus is,” said Anne Hill, a vaccine expert from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.

Smallpox has been eradicated as a disease thanks to a global vaccination campaign, although two laboratories – one in the United States, the other in Russia – still have ampoules containing the virus, under an arrangement with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The incident highlights how easy it could be for some with bio-engineering knowledge to create a murderous virus for which there would be no cure or effective vaccine, New Scientist said.

“Vast amounts of time and effort have gone into policing the military’s use of biotechnology. But the activities of civilian biologists have been ignored,” it said. “Yet genetic engineering techniques are now so widespread that potentially dangerous results are bound to emerge accidentally.”

It suggests tougher vetting of research proposals; a greater effort to train students in biological subjects about potential dangers arising from lab work; and encouraging greater openness among biologists to discuss the misuse of genetic engineering.

The material contained in the quoted article is made available courtesy contributors and editors of Pro-LifeE-News.

One may think that such ideas and possibilities are too horrible to think about, but that is not so.  Some feminist are seriously considering how to get rid of men, to make it happen that the future is female.  It is not too unthinkable that some mad feminist scientist of the feminist variety, male or female, is at work right now to make that a possibility.

The horror of the thought is not that it is in the realm of what is possible, but that when some feminists publicly propose the possibility and discuss it, the idea does not get condemned but is either welcomed or at the very least condoned or tolerated by all other feminists.  The horror is that not a single voice of protest was raised in the feminist camp when just that happened, when Sally Miller Gearhart proposed that the number of men in the world must be reduced by 80 percent, and what means should be used to achieve that goal.  See Why have any men at all?

John Wyndham, speculates what such a future will look like, in Consider Her Ways And Others (Science Fiction, Penguin Books Canada Ltd, 2801 John Street, Markham Ontario L3R 1B4; ISBN 0-14-002331-7, First published by Michael Joseph 1961, first published in Penguin books in 1965.)  The book contains:

This short story is the perfect counter piece to Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale.  It’s a story about a society in which all males were eradicated after a genetic experiment designed to exterminate brown rats — specifically the male rats — had gone wrong, a society that is a radical feminist’s (a.k.a. redfem) dream, one that is fashioned after the Bible quotation “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways.”

Read it and decide which, Margarete Atwood or John Wyndham, is the true prophet.

Read it and shudder, because it seems that we are well on the way of bringing it about.

Read it and weep.

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Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming? Aliens?

The belief that there is Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is far more widely spread than the one that there is extraterrestrial life.  Yet, neither belief has ever been corroborated by science, for which reason both are beliefs, not absolute knowledge.

“Aliens Cause Global Warming”

“My topic today sounds humorous but unfortunately I am serious. I am going to argue that extraterrestrials lie behind global warming. Or to speak more precisely, I will argue that a belief in extraterrestrials has paved the way, in a progression of steps, to a belief in global warming.”
— Michael Crichton; Caltech Michelin Lecture, January 17, 2003

A search for “Fifty percent of Americans already believe that there is some form of life on other planets” (2013 HuffPost/YouGov poll) produces 42 entries on the search-return list (as of 2017-09-01), with occurrences from items such as

About extraterrestrial life, who tell the truth?

When we don’t know, who tells the truth?

with more than 3,700 shares, to more sedate, down-to-earth, feet-on-the-ground, common-sense deliberations such as in

There is no knowledge of extraterrestrial life.

When we don’t know, beliefs cannot be knowledge, because they cannot be based on anything other than speculations.

Similar to the belief in the as of now unknowable existence of extraterrestrial life (let alone of the intelligent variety), the belief in CAGW is also widespread but far more so.  An Internet search for “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming” produces about 59,800 results (as of 2017-09-01), a consequence of a raging debate, also based on nothing more than speculation.

Contrary to some claims, the debate regarding CAGW or “climate change” (some are hard at work to change the designation to “climate disruption” — more alarmism is what seems to be sought) is not settled.  If it were, it would not be debated as hotly, no more so than orbital mechanics or the general theory of relativity, which latter is arguably far less complicated than the matters that drive the ever changing climate, although both came into existence with the beginning of time.

Global warming a boon for civilization - 4,000 years of global temperature trend

Global warming a boon for civilization
The intervals highlighted in green are warm periods during which civilization thrived.

It is fairly obvious that the climate record provides no clear evidence of CAGW at any time in the past.

Ask yourself, if we don’t understand any better what changes the climate than that we cannot predict the weather with better than 50:50 accuracy for four days into the future (using massive super computers that produce results which are more biased than the flip of a coin), then how much knowledge do we lack, and how much must we gain, before we are able to predict the magnitude of climate change with reasonable accuracy any farther into the future, let alone what it will be by the end of this century?

Here is some down-to-earth advice regarding things such as some of those promoted by many of the articles that can be found through those indicated Internet searches:

“The scientific debunker’s job may be compared to that of the trash collector. The fact that the garbage truck comes by today does not mean that there won’t be another load tomorrow. But if the garbage were not collected at all, the results would be worse, as some cities have found when the sanitation workers struck.

So let us do our best to get rid of this ideological garbage, lest it inundate the earth. Our work will never be decisive, since old cults are almost unkillable and new ones keep springing up; but that is no reason for not doing what we can. If we can save even a few from the lure of the higher nonsense, our efforts will have been worthwhile.” — L. Sprague de Camp, in “Little Green Men from Afar”

L. Sprague de Camp concluded his article with this little poem, summarizing the ideas presented in his commentary:

The Little Green Men

Ah, little green fellows from Venus
Or some other planet afar:
From Mars or Calypso or, maybe,
A world of an alien star!

According to best-selling authors-
Blavatsky to von Daniken-
They taught us the skills that were needed
To make super-apes into men.

They guided our faltering footsteps
From savagery into the dawns
Of burgeoning civilization
With cities and writing and bronze.

By them were the Pyramids builded;
They reared the first temples in Hind;
Drew lines at Peruvian Nazca
To uplift the poor Amerind.

With all of these wonders they gave us
It’s sad these divine astronauts
Revealed not the answers to questions
That foil our most rational thoughts.

Such puzzles as riches and paupers,
The problems of peace and of war,
Relations between the two sexes,
Or crime and chastisement therefore.

So when we feel dim and defeated
By problems immune to attack,
Let’s send out a prayer electronic
“O little green fellows, come back!”

The opinions of the two very well qualified writers of good science fiction, both world-renowned, set the record straight on what needs to be considered when speculating on the existence of extra-terrestrial life, given the total and absolute absence of evidence that permits anyone to speculate with an acceptable measure of accuracy and project whether extra-terrestrial life exists.

One is Michael Crichton, who stated in a lecture, “Aliens Cause Global Warming,” Caltech Michelin Lecture, January 17, 2003:

My topic today sounds humorous but unfortunately I am serious. I am going to argue that extraterrestrials lie behind global warming. Or to speak more precisely, I will argue that a belief in extraterrestrials has paved the way, in a progression of steps, to a belief in global warming….

In 1960, Drake organizes the first SETI [SETI: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) conference, and came up with the now-famous Drake equation:

N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

Where N* is the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy; fp is the fraction with planets; ne is the number of planets per star capable of supporting life; fl is the fraction of planets where life evolves; fi is the fraction where intelligent life evolves; and fc is the fraction that communicates; and fL is the fraction of the planet’s life during which the communicating civilizations live.

This serious-looking equation gave SETI a serious footing as a legitimate intellectual inquiry. The problem, of course, is that none of the terms can be known, and most cannot even be estimated. The only way to work the equation is to fill in with guesses. And guesses—just so we’re clear—are merely expressions of prejudice. Nor can there be “informed guesses.” If you need to state how many planets with life choose to communicate, there is simply no way to make an informed guess. It’s simply prejudice.

As a result, the Drake equation can have any value from “billions and billions” to zero….

Full text

The other one is, of course, L. Sprague de Camp, who debunked beliefs in extra-terrestrial life in a short address, “LITTLE GREEN MEN FROM AFAR” (Winner, Grand Master Nebula of 1978; originally published in Humanist, Jul. 1976).

Four of the authors represented in this volume are here because their stories were judged the best in their class for the year in which they were published. Sprague de Camp’s award is something else. It isn’t for a story. It is for a life. The Grand Master Nebula goes only to those who are judged to have made such significant contributions to the field of science fiction that no temporally limited award will suffice. Only four have ever been given-Robert A. Heinlein, Jack Williamson and Clifford D. Simak are the previous winners. To commemorate it for this volume, we asked Sprague de Camp to let us publish the text of an address: “Little Green Men from Afar.”

In 1950, when the flying-saucer craze was enjoying its first boom, Francis F. Brahman, an instructor in general science at the University of Denver, staged an experiment to test his students’ judgment of evidence. He presented to his class a self-styled flying-saucer expert. Broman told his students to judge this man’s tale by five criteria: that the report be first-hand; that the teller show no obvious bias or prejudice; that he be a trained observer; that the data be available for checking; and that the teller be clearly identified.

The class met on March 8. Students invited friends, so the classroom was crowded with strange and eager faces. The speaker was one Silas Newton….

Full text of that address

It is your choice whether you wish to be a believer or a debunker.

Related article: Great Global Warming Swindle film tells truth, 2008 07 26

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CO2 emitted at a high rate by soil

Concerned about increases in atmospheric CO2? Read this description of an interesting experiment and its fascinating result. Soil does produce a lot of CO2.  Check it out.

Interestingly, the URL for the comment by Jerry Henson, August 18, 2017 at 10:20 am, that describes the experiment for measuring CO2 emitted by soil cannot be found by Facebook, but, just in case it should work for you, here is the URL for Jerry Henson’s comment:

I have no problem with accessing Jerry Hanson’s comment via that URL.  The problem I have is that FB does not permit me to post a comment that contains the URL for either that comment or even the URL for the article that sparked the comment.  The article is this:

NASA's Secret Plan for Preventing another Sopervolcano Explosion

NASA’s Plan for Preventing another Sopervolcano Explosion

In case FB cannot find the URL for you either, here is the text of that comment:

Jerry Henson August 18, 2017 at 10:20 am


The whole carbon cycle does not depend on volcanoes alone to recycle the CO2 trapped in limestone deep in the earth. At great depth, heat, pressure and water convert the minerals to hydrocarbons, mostly natural gas.

The natural gas and other hydrocarbons rise, and some are trapped in rock layers and over time, the accumulation can be drilled and produced as oil or natural gas wells.

A substantial portion rise as natural gas and in the presence of adequate moisture and oxygen, microbes consume the natural gas, enriching the soil and oxidizing the hydrocarbons creating CO2.

This is easily observed by a simple test. I use an anemometer, thermometer, a 14″ stainless steel salad bowl, a 10 lb rock, and an inexpensive CO2 meter which allows for lengthy exposure readings.

On my last observation, the wind was less than 2 mph, the ambient CO2 reading was 404 ppm. I put the meter on the ground in an area which has dark brown topsoil approximately 12″ deep and the grass had been cut short. I then inverted the ss bowl over the CO2 meter and placed the 10 lb rock on top of the bowl.

12 hours later, I retrieved the meter and recorded the CO2 reading. It was 961 PPM.

This is a real test It is easy and inexpensive to replicate. Your readings will vary depending on the richness of your topsoil, and therefore, the amount of natural gas upwelling in your area.

In Kansas and most of the midwest, the CO2 reading will be very much higher than, for example, the area around Atlanta, Ga. where the soil is red, because the shield is very close to the surface and blocks most of the natural gas, thus little to no CO2 output.

The amount of CO2 contributed to the atmosphere in this manner is unknowable because on my property, the CO2 output varies by 300% in less than 1000 ft.

In deserts, the natural gas can pass into the atmosphere unoxidized because there is not enough moisture to support an adequate microbial culture, and the gas is then oxidized in the atmosphere.

Of course, I searched the Internet for articles describing just such experiments.  The very first one I found was this:

CO2 emitted by soil - Description of experiment, detailed to produce a biased conclusion

CO2 emitted by soil – Description of experiment, detailed to produce a biased conclusion

It stands to reason that the description of Jerry Hanson’s experiment is biased, too.  The question is whether either description is biased deliberately.  It would not be too hard to devise an experiment using either method that shows whether the origin of the measured CO2 emissions by soil are a consequence of geochemical origin or purely biological origin due to decomposition of plant material or emissions from roots.

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