Instant and excessive punishment

Today I came across a report of a Chinese woman, an aunt who was baby-sitting her three-year-old nephew while his mom went to visit the neighbours.  She punished the little boy for interrupting her while she was using the bathroom.  Apparently, the aunt had not been doing anything special there, in the bathroom, nothing other than that she was texting her boyfriend.  Nevertheless, she cut off the boy’s penis to punish him for interrupting.

The poor little boy never had a chance to learn a lesson that other boys learn a bit later.  I was six when I learned a lesson I will never forget: Offences by males against females will be met and treated with disproportionately excessive punishment.  It happened like this:

In about the summer of 1943, when the bombing attacks on the German cities had begun in earnest, I was shipped to Bad Kissingen, to a more rural environment than that offered by my hometown, Duesseldorf, and a less-likely target of bombing raids.

Technically I was still in Grade I, but the class that I was made to join was a Grade II class, because of a half-year difference in the beginning of the school year in the Rhineland from that in Hesse.

One of our teachers took us on a nature walk. We were a co-ed class. The girls had the full attention of our female teacher (male teachers were at war), while we boys were largely left to explore nature on our own, which my buddy and I put to good use. We discovered that cockleburs make beautiful missiles that stick to sweaters and hair.

It was soon determined who the culprits were who had caused the commotion that resulted when some of the girls discovered the cockleburs that stuck to them and were not all that easily removed. Up to that time we had great fun, but that changed in very short order.

The teacher had decided to teach us the lesson that we needed to learn to cure us from the fun we had. She told a few of the largest and strongest girls in our group to get a few willow twigs, to strip them of leaves, get a hold of us and give us a whipping, primarily on the backs of our hands. That most definitely caused the worst pain I had ever experienced in my short life.

The lesson had the desired effect, and the welts I had for a few days on the backs of my hands and neck until they healed helped to drive the lesson home. I never forgot, obviously.

Perhaps that encouraged me not to explore the theoretical possibilities of cockleburs in supplying the principle that makes it possible to employ Velcro to replace zippers, but fortunately George de Mestral did, in using.his ingeniousness to produce another one of the many inventions that were produced by men over the ages to make the pleasures of civilization ever more pleasurable.

It was not the only time I got taught the same lesson.  I was taught similar lessons over and over, time and again, most of the time by my mother when I was younger, but even now, being 79 and going on 80, time and again women still teach me the same lesson.  It’s not because I am stubborn or not a good learner.  The slightest disagreement with many women triggers responses by them (or their supporters) that will make you believe they have to engage in an all-out fight for their lives.  It doesn’t even matter whether they are right or not.

Think about it, if you are a man.  The same thing is happening to you.  Let’s hope that there is truly eternal peace after we die, but I suspect not.  And just to be sure, always keep in mind that even little boys have their penises cut off, and that the same fate has befallen many grown men, not in just isolated cases.  Of course, there is  only minimal punishment for women who transgress in such a manner, if there is any punishment for them at all.

The Chinese aunt who cut her nephew’s penis off because he annoyed her will be facing five years incarceration, they say.  Don’t be surprised that what she will sentenced to will be much less than that, and that what she will actually be serving will be none to very little of what she will be sentenced to.  Women can commit such cruel crimes with impunity.

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Nobel laureate Tim Hunt resigns after ‘trouble with girls’ comments

UCL professor steps down after saying he was in favour of single-sex labs because girls fall in love with men, and ‘when you criticise them, they cry’

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday, Hunt says he didn’t mean to cause offence but added he “did mean the part about having trouble with girls”

Ben Quinn

Thursday 11 June 2015 07.52 BST

[Tim Hunt is a] Nobel laureate who said that scientists should work in gender-segregated labs and that the trouble with “girls” is that they cause men to fall in love with them has resigned from his position at University College London (UCL).

Tim Hunt, an English biochemist who admitted that he had a reputation for being a “chauvinist”, had made the comments at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul, South Korea, where he said: “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.”

In a statement published on its website UCL said that it could confirm that Hunt had resigned on Wednesday from his position as honorary professor with the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences, “following comments he made about women in science at the World Conference of Science Journalists on 9 June”….

His comments, which were made the addressing a convention of senior female scientists and science journalists, were tweeted by Connie St Louis, who directs the science journalism program at City University, London, and was attending the conference.

She commented: “Really, does this Nobel laureate think we are still in Victorian times?”….


To paraphrase the last paragraph in that quote: Really, does this feminist think that we are still in Mao’s China, where expressing doubt about the infallibility of the Great Chairman could get you executed, or in Stalin’s USSR, when joking about him or the fact that shopping for consumer goods was difficult could get you sent to Siberia, or in Hitler’s Germany where telling jokes about Hitler would get a man sent to the Russian front to clear minefields?

No, the feminists in the “free” West are much more civil in applying totalitarian practices. They merely wreck the careers and reputations of those who dare to transgress against the feminist image of female supremacy and feminist infallibility.

Tim Hunt is by no means the first male professor to attract the wrath of the feminists for transgressions that by their standards are unimaginably atrocious and unforgivable. See just a few examples:

  • Jeffrey Asher, Dawson College

The Matriarchy Rules
Termination of CEGEP course on Men’s Lives eliminated – a challenge to feminist domination

By Jeffrey Asher, The Ottawa Citizen, Dec. 2001

  • Henry Makow, Winnipeg University

“Feminism” part of New World Order
UW’s Elite Agenda Prepares you for Friendly Fascism

By Henry Makow Ph.D.


  • Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard

Summers’ Comments on Women and Science Draw Ire
Remarks at private conference stir criticism, media frenzy
By Daniel J. Hemel, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER January 14, 2005


As always in such cases, so with Tim Hunt. The feminists demanded unreasonably severe and excessive punishment for a perceived injury that really wasn’t one. However, they lost control over their plans for the intended target of their wrath. He quit on them before they could force him to resign.

Thereby he deprived the feminist rabble–rousers of what they must have hoped to gain, a show trial through which to whip a bit of life into the flagging popularity they have been experiencing during the past two decades or so, ever since it began its rapid decline in 1995.

Unfortunately, it will be the male and female students at the University College London who suffer the consequences. They are being deprived of a lecturer of Nobel-laureate quality, but who would begrudge Tim Hunt a reprieve from political-correctness of the feminist variety?

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Depopulating the world – A progress report

From a variety of sources, the implementing of the agenda for depopulating the world is progressing nicely, in,



Anywhere in the world

To see progressions over time for specific regions or countries,

  1.  Click on this link,
  2.  Check off the country or area of your choice under “Select filters”, and
  3.  Click on “Apply Filters”.

All countries in the world

Inescapable conclusions

  1. Economic policies that intensify a country’s poverty will tend to raise the total fertility rate for that country;
  2. Economic policies that increase a country’s wealth will tend to lower that country’s total fertility rate to where it no longer suffices to maintain the size of the population of that country until it no longer guaranties the existence of that country’s population, unless the population shortfall will be compensated for through massive immigration, and
  3. Wealthy countries attract immigrants.  Poor countries suffer emigration, primarily from the wealthy and educated strata of their population.

It follows that the policies of promoting abortion and the curtailing of funding of energy- generating capacity and industrial development in the poorest nations of Africa, which nations presently bear the brunt of attention of organization (e. g.: the UN, the World Bank and the IMF) promoting such policies, are an inhumane failure.

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Population Control – War against the Poor

Today, someone made me aware of an article discussing the sad state of affairs of the care for the elderly in the U.K.

The Telegraph

Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets

‘Elderly people will be treated like second-class citizens and denied medical care under new targets which give priority to saving the lives of young people’

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor

May 29, 2015

Full story

The U.K. is not the only country in the world where the disregard for the comforts and the lives of the elderly has taken on such proportions.  Such horror stories abound in most, if not all, of the developed nations.

No one should have any illusions about a society that has no compunctions about killing off developing babies in the womb by the millions to develop any hang-ups over killing off the survivors of that method of population reduction as they become older. The only questions that come into the picture are what methods are to be used for the killing:

  1. Legalization of suicide;
  2. Legalization of assistance with suicide;
  3. Compulsory euthanasia;
  4. Limiting and even withholding of food, medication and all forms of financial support (e. g.: prohibiting the feeding and accommodation of the homeless);
  5. Promotion of voluntary and even compulsory sterilization;
  6. Criminalization of some or all forms of sexual relations that may result in procreation, in combination with substituting methods of sexual relations and acts that are known to inhibit or prevent human fertility, and
  7. Combinations and permutations of methods that will bring about a desired level of population reduction.

In any human population, a total fertility rate (TFR, the number of children born to the average woman of fertile age) of 2.1 to 2.2 children (depending on average life expectancy) for a given country is necessary to maintain the size of that population.

Influential organizations, such as USAID, the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and others, have been at work for many decades to achieve the lowering of TFRs throughout the world. Billions of dollar are being spent in funding for the development and implementation of effective methods for population control, including covert and overt sterilization programs, at times implemented with the full support of military forces (e. g.: the bulldozing of slums and the compulsory sterilization of the emerging residents of those slums).

Limits to the variety and effectiveness of population control methods are set only by human imagination. What matters to the individuals who promote the world-wide population control program is only that they see the population-control methods they cause to be implemented as being absolutely necessary and that they are being made to work.

Let there be no mistake about the escalating success of the world-wide population-control program. The TFRs of more than half of all countries in the world are now at 2.1 or fewer children per average woman of fertile age. The powers feel that much more needs to be done, as the TFR for the whole world population is still at 2.43 children born to the average woman of fertile age. There is no doubt that for that reason the focus of attention for the implementation of effective population-control measures is presently on the most fertile nations in Africa.

Poverty kills. One way to ensure that will happen is to prevent poor countries (specifically those in Africa) from having cheap and universally-available electricity.  The best way to achieve that is to curtail the funding necessary to finance the development of large-scale projects for the generation and distribution of electricity.

Obviously, extremely poor countries do not have the means to fund such billion-dollar projects, requiring roughly $2 billion per GW of power generation capacity, of which many, hundreds, are ultimately necessary to be built.  Therefore, it is being seen as expedient to ensure that such countries do not develop their abundant natural resources for large-scale power generation. Yet, such restrictive, deadly, economic ‘development’ policies, are very contrary to the objective of reducing population growth.

In extremely poor countries, social safety nets for catering to the needs of the sick, the elderly, the unemployed and the infirm are generally insufficient to sustain life.  It is no secret that in such countries it is that families with large numbers of children are seen as a source, the only viable source, of social security.  It stands to reason that the powers that drive the policies for effective population reduction in the world see it to be necessary to keep those countries in poverty.

On the other hand, increasing the average personal wealth of individual people — far from inducing them to be successful in having large numbers of children that they raise in comfort to become wealthy in turn — serves to make smaller numbers of children the norm rather than the exception.  Large individual wealth appears to be the most effective force in driving down population growth rates.  By any measure of wealth and living standards, be it per-capita gross domestic product, life-expectancy, TFR, birthrate, population growth or whatever one choses, the wealthier the people in a country (and the wealthier a country), the more likely it is that their population is shrinking rather than growing — the faster the wealthier they are.

Population-control measures are deadly symptoms of a war against the poor.  Rather than to eliminate poverty in the world, they exacerbate and prolong it.

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Is a $15-an-hour minimum wage a problem?

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is an idea that is a main-topic of discussion in the news right now.  Here in Alberta, where we have just been blessed by the voters with a socialist government, the leader of the NDP, Rachel Notley, picking up on popular sentiments, announced that the NDP will work to bring about and implement a $15-an-hour minimum wage.  We made some experiences with minimum wages that I will describe here.

My wife and I farmed not too far from where we now live. Our main crop was hay, most of which we fed to the sheep we raised. The growing season is short and the harvesting season is very short, while we have to be ready to feed animals for about 210 or more days of the year.

We had a bale wagon that had to be loaded by hand but could be unloaded with hydraulics. We needed help with loading the wagon, for about 10 minutes of work out of 45 minutes of picking up bales and unloading them. For that I tried to get some local kids to help. At a bit more than the minimum wage, with wages beginning when I picked up the helpers and until I dropped them of off at home again, I thought, it should not be too difficult to find help. But I was wrong.

Hay needs to be picked up and put into stacks as soon as it has been baled, or else bales that are worth thousands of dollars can be lost in just one rainfall. My way out of the dilemma was to find a used bale wagon with a mechanized bale pick-up. That solved the problem for me. That bale wagon paid for itself within a couple of years, by preventing me from having to pay wages to helpers that it took me a lot of effort to find, pick up, feed, and bring back home. I would have rather done the work with people than with a machine, but I had no choice. The machine never told me that it didn’t want to come when I needed it. It was always available and only once had a breakdown that it took me ten minutes to fix (even though I also had to make some repairs and modifications to fine-tune the bale wagon in off-hours).

Not only did the bale wagon save us a lot of money in wages, I had no trouble selling it (after we stopped for good making hay) for just as much I had paid when I had bought it. Mechanization in that case won hands-down for us.

You may have noticed more and more self-serve check-outs at supermarkets, and another aspect of mechanization that is in the making to do away with overly-expensive minimum-wage jobs is to have customers in some fast-food joints place orders on computer terminals. Just a few weeks ago I saw a video of a machine that makes hamburgers to order. I suppose that thing will work better for large-volume restaurants, but it will without a doubt eventually be refined to be a good and economical alternative to minimum-wage workers at smaller restaurants as well.

The more demands there are for higher wages, the faster many high-wage jobs will be priced out of the market. The saying “You too can be replaced with a button,” is not just a joke. Mechanization kills jobs, but it needs incentives, and higher minimum wages are a very good incentive for mechanization.

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The outcome of the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage

The outcome of the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage was a big surprise for many people, but there are good reasons why it happened.

Irish voters back gay marriage in ‘social revolution’

DUBLIN (Reuters, 2015 05 23) – The people of Ireland backed same-sex marriage by a landslide in a referendum that marked a dramatic social shift in a traditionally Catholic country that only decriminalized homosexuality two decades ago.

After one of the largest turnouts in a referendum there, 62 percent of voters said ‘Yes’, making Ireland the first country to adopt same-sex marriage via a popular vote.

More on the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage
h/t David R. Usher

In commenting about what may have caused the outcome of the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage, David Usher mentioned at his FB status that, “This is most likely motivated by a rejection of the Catholic church, which did a lot of ugly things for decades,” and

The strange thing I noticed when I was there [in 1973]: a pattern of people doing things they shouldn’t do and then using confessional to dump it. Listowel, Ireland had 1500 residents and 50 pubs, and one heck of a lot of hard core drunks with little kids playing amidst the insanity. There was a long line to get holy water outside the church. It was not pretty. It did seem that younger folks rejected all that and were becoming quite sexually liberated in defiance of their parents.

It would be difficult to blame the “liberating” influence of the Internet and of smartphones for what was happening in Ireland in 1973, but that, rather than the rejection of the confessionals, is more likely the reason for the way the vote went now.  A lot of same-sex propaganda comes that way today, and much more of it by way of television programs that were unthinkable in 1973.

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley (1931), was ostensibly a satire written to criticize social trends recognizable then already (although homosexuality of any sort was not mentioned in it), but it seems that it was more likely a prescription for an attitude restructuring program to be implemented by governments, written by a prominent member of the elite that was then already actively involved in promoting such things and putting them into motion. After all, Aldous Huxley’s assertion of it being a satire did not come until its second edition — after the second world war — made that claim in the foreword.

The role of long-term planning of social engineering in the way the vote in Ireland went should not be underestimated.  Moreover, no one should have any illusions that the forces that make such things happen operate only on national levels.  Not only that, but it seems that even the Catholic Church has become an open source of information and instructions aimed at bringing such sexual attitude restructuring about.  It is obvious that it is not just about diddling with young boys anymore.  It is not just that people are rejecting the Church because they became angry about that having come into the open.  It can be argued, and increasing numbers of people do (e. g., wrt the Catholic Church, Fr. Malachi Martin SJ), that the Churches (not just the Catholic Church) are actively involved in creating the moral corruption that is bringing about their demise.

Whether one wishes to blame the Catholic Church for being a primary or secondary cause of the active promotion and acceptance of what once were thought to be unacceptable behavioral aberrations hardly matters.  It matters much more that someone like Antonio Gramsci (22 January 1891 – 27 April 1937) had long ago called for exactly that sort of invasion of, and subversion from within, all social institutions (including the Churches and the families) to systematically dismantle what years of bloody revolutions and conquest by military force had not managed to achieve: the abrogation of the deeply rooted Christian cultural hegemony, to remove the apparently insurmountable obstacles that had managed to stall the spread of communism by force.
See also: Cultural Hegemony for a very concise summary of Antonio Gramsci’s views.

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Why does female violence not receive social recognition?

The Daily Mail published an article in December 2013 that focused on what it sees as a new phenomenon:

Why are so many MEN becoming victims of domestic violence? It’s one of Britain’s last remaining taboos, but abuse against men in the home is on the rise

  • More married men suffer abuse from their spouse than married women
  • These days, women move more in men’s worlds
  • They earn and compete with as much aggression as their male colleagues
  • Women are also fast catching up with men in the alcohol stakes

By Antonia Hoyle for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 23:49 GMT, 4 December 2013 | Updated: 23:49 GMT, 4 December 2013

Read more

Centuries of propaganda that promoted the myth of female innocence will not that easily be undone, not with just one newspaper article. Yet, what the article reports on has been known with certainty and academic fairness for many decades. Not all women are by nature violent, and neither are all men, but women are as violent as men and even slightly more so.

The feminists have done much during the past few decades to divert attention away from the reality of the true extent of women’s violence, so much so that the term “domestic violence” has come to designate violence by men against women. We all know what happens when lies are being presented time and again, all-pervasively. The lies gain credibility and will eventually be accepted as being true. That is a principle of effective propaganda and an established scientific fact.

Unfortunately, the all-pervasive propaganda campaign promoting the myth of female innocence has had sad consequences. Not only has the denial of female violence resulted in the virtually complete denial of the recognition of, and help to, millions of male adult victims of female violence, it has resulted in that children who are the victims of female violence do not receive the recognition, compassion and protection by society that they deserve. Children comprise the largest sector of domestic violence victims that results almost exclusively from female violence in families.

The indicated Daily Mail article is a prime example of that phenomenon. It would have done a far better service if the question in its headline would have been, “Why does female violence not receive social recognition?” It is not sufficient to provide gender balance in discussing intimate partner violence. It is necessary to discuss that violence is part of human nature, that it targets not merely men and women alike, and that it first and foremost is female violence against children in families that makes those children the largest sector of victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an equal opportunity employer. The problem of domestic violence must be addressed, but it cannot be solved by addressing and vilifying only men who hurt women. We will not break the cycle of violence unless we change our focus of attention from women as victims of male violence to providing help to all victims of domestic violence — boys, girls, men, women, and the elderly — who all are victims of violence by violent humans, men and women.
More on domestic violence

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Prof fears rise of ‘home-brew’ heroin

The 2015 05 21 print edition of the Edmonton Journal carries a front-page story promoting fear about home-made, breaking-bad style heroin production.

The alarmist nature of the Edmonton Journal article by Sheila Pratt motivated me to look for more credible sources of less alarmist news on home-brewed heroin production.  I am glad that I did. The journalistic integrity of the Edmonton Journal most definitely appears to have taken a hit since the days Lorne Gunter was a member of its editorial board.

It turns out that clues and motivation for that article were apparently obtained from an earlier article on the same topic that had appeared in the  British tabloid ‘The Daily Mirrror’.

Fortunately, there is a much more sedate source of realistic information on home-brewed heroin production than can be found at either newspaper, the Daily Mirror or the Edmonton Journal.  That is the National Health Service in the UK, who published yesterday a good summary of the history and origins of the media-fueled alarmism about home-brewed heroin production.

The NHS article,”Bioengineeering advances raise fears of ‘home-brew heroin’,” does an excellent job of reporting on the progress with making the idea reality of using yeast to mimic some of the processing steps in the opium poppy for heroin or other opioids production.  It makes it clear as well that the bioengineering (genetic modification) of yeast to be able to do the mimicking still needs to be done and is a long way off.

However, the NHS search into the origins of the home-brew-heroin alarmism made something else clear that is perhaps a lot worse than the sort of alarmism spread by the Daily Mirror and the Edmonton Journal.  That is that the study of the possibility of using yeast for heroin production done by researchers from the University of California and Concordia University in Canada,

…was funded by the US Department of Energy, the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of Defense, Genome Canada, Genome Quebec, and a Canada Research Chair.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nature Chemical Biology. It is open access, meaning it can be read online for free.

The last paragraph in that quote contains three link that you can look up in the NHS report.

It is odd that the Edmonton Journal’s Sheila Pratt neglected to report on what the NHS found and published.  It is not an omission that a seasoned journalist worthy of making the front page should be permitted to make.

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Why do men exist?

“Why do men exist?” asks an article by Aamna Mohdin: Why do men exist? that opens with the statement, “The existence of men has long puzzled scientists.”

It seems that any ‘scientists’ who are puzzled by that question are not very smart.  They seem not even smart enough to ask the right question.  The question that would help to solve what puzzles them should be, “What has the existence of men brought about?”

In trying to answer the latter question, objectively and exhaustively, the scientists puzzled by the question of why men exist would soon discover that without the existence of men humanity would not ever have experienced the emergence and existence of a thriving civilization.

Camille Paglia, who once – perhaps rightfully – asserted that she is the smartest feminist who ever lived, came to a conclusion that puts all ‘scientists’ puzzled by the existence of men into their place and the answer to Aamna Mohdin’s question into a nutshell: “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” (in ‘Sexual Personae’)

More: Men deserve gratitude, not vilification.
Note: Aamna Mohdin’s article falls short, on several levels, of being a piece of journalism that satisfactorily addresses the principle of the five Ws.  One must wonder about the lack of the journalistic integrity of the editors at IFLScience.  Then again, given that Aamna Mohdin’s article is flagged as being in the Environmental section of the IFLScience website, it is not surprising that it contains so much propaganda and preciously little science.

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“Why should I believe you?”

We think that journalism and the news are about the truth.  Most people, by far, get their news from TV, and increasingly so now from the Internet.  That is so although most people know that the news that affect them are largely lies and that, even more, so is most of everything else that they take in (advertising is a large part of it and uses the same media, which tends to make it credible) in the way of information.

Wishful thinking leads many people to assume that whatever reaches them in the way of information is the truth, but how do they decide what is the truth and what is not?  A common reaction by people who hear something that is the truth but goes contrary to what they believe the truth to be is: “Why should I believe you?” That is what they say, but what they really mean when they say that is, “I don’t believe you!”

Right.  People don’t have to believe anything or anyone.  However, whether the truth is being involved or being promoted or not does not matter much, and people do not have much of a choice as to what they are being made to believe.  Constant repetition of what they hear or read, over and over, whether it is true or not, does make people believe almost anything.  That is a fact that everyone who ever made a living and perhaps even a fortune from promoting propaganda is well aware of.  Constant repetition turns even a large, outrageous lie into a generally accepted truth.  Constant repetition is what makes propaganda work.  That truth has been know ever since Rockefeller funded a large research effort in the 1930s to determine what makes advertising effective.

That research project – involving the participation of several universities (Princeton, Chicago, Columbia), and being led by members of the Frankfurt School, a communist think tank – explored and examined every imaginable principle of advertising and public relations.  That research project, nicknamed “the Radio Project”, determined what makes effective propaganda work well.  It turned the design, production and application of propaganda from an art into a science.

The aspects of effective propaganda are of course a bit more complex, but repetition is at the heart of it all.  For instance, it was found that even atrocious and objectionable pop songs can be brought to the top of the charts if only a large number of people each got to hear them at least ten times each day for a period of about ten days or so.  The key is not only repetition but also saturation of the target audience with the object message.

How can the average Joe defend himself against being brainwashed through applied propaganda tactics?  It is tough, and it requires some effort, but the prime essential is that to resist effectively against effective propaganda is to think, and to apply logic. Practice makes perfect.  Start with the five Ws.

According to the principle of the Five Ws, a report can only be considered complete if it answers these questions starting with an interrogative word:[3]

Who did that?
What happened?
Where did it take place?
When did it take place?
Why did that happen?

Wikipedia article on the five Ws

Good and diligent news agencies will have editorial staff that demand from their journalists and reporters that in every news report and every article they produce for publishing the five Ws be addressed, rigorously.  The reality of that is that even well-known newspapers and news agencies (e. g.: NY Times, Huffington Post, BBC, CBC) routinely fail to apply that principle.

You can never assume that any information that you come across or that is brought to your attention is the truth, so, don’t!  You need to determine whether the news items, articles or whatever other information comes to your attention are the truth, any time and every time.  This is one time when you must live by the belief that your resistance is *not* futile, that you owe it to yourself and to your children to resist, and that – unfortunately –  the more you resist, they more the forces that use propaganda to attempt to brainwash you and your children will intensify their efforts to succeed in doing that.

The Princeton Radio Project was, after all, just at the beginning of the process of transitioning the art of propaganda into a polished science.

Further reading:
1.) The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and ‘Political Correctness,’ by Michael Minnicino
2.) Paul Lazarsfeld
3.) Rockefeller Foundation, by: Andrew Gavin Marshall
4.) Pavlov, socialism and propaganda, by Walter H. Schneider

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