Debt-financing seriously troubles developed nations

Addiction to debt-financing put all developed nations in serious trouble, all of them, as far as I can tell, at least the OECD nations, countries that are members of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.  Here are two examples:

First the largest of them all, the

United States National Debt

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The U.S. National Public Debt Outstanding represents the face amount or principal amount of marketable and non-marketable securities currently outstanding.
– Source: U.S. Treasury

[Update 2017 07 01, Note: On this day, at 7:00 a.m., the figure for the U.S. national debt was only $19.852 Trillion.]

More must be added to that to get the total of the money owed by the U.S. Government, namely the U.S. Unfunded Liability.

The total US Unfunded Liability includes Social Security, (Medicare Parts A,B and D), Federal Debt Held by the Public, plus Federal Employee & Veteran Benefits. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). That is a very substantial amount of money, $106.6 Trillion, and counting, for a total of about $126 Trillion, and counting.

FAQ 7: What are “unfunded liabilities”? Suppose you have no assets (no house, savings etc.), and you promise to pay me $1000 per month for a year. Your “unfunded liability” is $12,000 (12 months times $1000). The Federal Government has made similar promises for Medicare, Social Security, Medicare Part D (the Prescription Drug Plan) while not setting aside any money for these programs. Eventually the bill will come due and the government will have to pay those promises by law – or change the law. More

The only conceivable payers of the unfunded liabilities will be the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, ad infinitum, because it is not likely that those unfunded liabilities (and don’t forget the amount of the national debt that must be paid) can ever be paid by anyone, as the government debt per household is about $1.1 Million right now and keeps growing.

Then consider, in comparison (but keep in mind that the country’s population and economy are roughly one-tenth the size of those of the U.S.),

Canada’s National Debt

US$824,516 Million
(US$825 Billion or
C$1.089 Trillion, but that is not all.)

See National Debt Clocks for current figures (links to figures for 52 countries that all are labouring to get out of the holes they dug for themselves, or are they?)

[Update 2017 07 01, Note: On this day, at 7:40 a.m., the figure for Canada’s national debt was US$824.668 Billion or C$1.068 Trillion, indicating that, although Canada’s national debt had fallen somewhat during the intervening three days, but that the value of the U.S. Dollar had fallen even faster.]

The figure of C$1.1 trillion only covers marketable IOUs or debentures.  It excludes the very real portion of Canada’s debts that are very real but non-secured, unfunded financial liabilities that are backed up by nothing more than the Canadian governments’ promises that they will be paid, but can they be paid?

Much searching by me did not provide me with a debt-ticker or -clock for Canada that shows the amount of unfunded liabilities that Canada has racked up, nor have I been able to find a source of information anywhere that shows Canada’s amount of federal unfunded liabilities, but for a rough estimate, let’s use a comparable proportion of that very real debt that no one wishes to mention.  For Canada, that would be about 5 times the amount of the federal national debt, which is about US$4.4 Trillion or C$5.8 Trillion, but things do not come to an end with that.  There is more.

Addiction to debt-financing causes massive inter-generational transfer of debt.

From an exercise I did about 20 years ago, I found that Canada’s federal debt was just one half of the total national debt (including unfunded liabilities).  An equal amount must be added over and above the federal figure to account for debts racked up by provinces and municipalities.

That means that all Canadians will have to pay C$11.6 Trillion at some point in the future, just taking into account what is owed now.  If that would have to be paid off right now (or if the money would have to be put away right now to secure or fund that debt), that would be about C$352,000 for every man, woman and child in Canada.  People who think that that can be done, now or at any time in the future, better have their heads examined.

Never mind the accuracy of the result of those calculations, a couple of trillions here or there – it doesn’t matter.  It is far too much, and the racking-up of debt should have never been done to begin with.  It is much the same with all countries in the world, but the “wealth” of the developed nations, once-upon-a-time solid and reliable, is now nothing more than a financial house of cards that will fall down at any moment.

The CEOs, of any corporation, who operate on the principle of real but undisclosed debt will go to prison for doing so, but not our bureaucrats and politicians who drive and endorse such a scam.  They are immune from prosecution.

Obviously none of the politicians, bureaucrats and economists responsible for replacing a fairly solid world economy with a financial house of cards never read this piece of cowboy logic they should have taken to heart right from the start (they probably knew it all along but intentionally never paid attention to it):

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing is to stop digging.

All of the individuals who raked in fat salaries while promoting that debt scam – a pyramid scheme, an inter-generational transfer of debt – did and still do well on it.  We, the people and our descendants, are paying and will be paying for it, unless someone will find a way to do away with the meaning of money and the value of work.


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Socialism begets Slavery


Socialism is founded on slavery.  Socialism cannot persist without slavery.  Left to themselves, socialist regimes become totalitarian.  That may take a short time, as in a revolution or through conquest by a socialist nation, or it may take centuries.

The outcome was virtually always the same, throughout human history.As explained farther down, Ancient Greece, long before the birth of Christ, had not only slaves but also a yearning for socialism.  Ancient Greece and the Ancient Roman Empire were socialist regimes when they perished.

We admire those regimes, especially the Ancient Greek regime, which contributed so much to our yearning for democracy, freedom and equality (and for socialism), but very few people mention that both,, Ancient Greece, as well as Ancient Rome had slaves, massive numbers of slaves, to do the work that needed to be done.

Estimates of the ratio of free citizens to slaves vary (after all, accurate census data for those days is hard to find), but the ratio of free citizens to slaves in Ancient Greece, in Athens, could be said to have been roughly 1:1, or 3 to 4 per household, while that ratio was as high as 1:7 in Sparta.

In Ancient Rome,

Demography (of slavery)

Estimates for the prevalence of slavery in the Roman Empire vary. Estimates of the percentage of the population of Italy who were slaves range from 30 to 40 percent in the 1st century BC, upwards of two to three million slaves in Italy by the end of the 1st century BCE, about 35% to 40% of Italy’s population.[37][38][39] For the Empire as a whole, the slave population has been estimated at just under five million, representing 10–15% of the total population of 50–60 million+ inhabitants. An estimated 49% of all slaves were owned by the elite, who made up less than 1.5% of the Empire’s population.

Source: Wikipedia  (anyone who has a more reliable source and data, please be so good and let me know the details – FB would be best)

There was not much “freedom and equality” in those times, but many ideas of socialism, Utopia and Paradise on Earth were presented then in comedy and tragedy, and those then served to become the standards for what socialism in our times was to look like.  It did not work out all that that, but here is a glimpse into what happened.

Socialism now

Totalitarian socialism was almost always ultimately the end-stage of socialist evolution wherever socialism evolved, and most countries in the history of humanity went down that road and perished, either because socialism ran out of other people’s money or even out of people.

”   under communism,” [wrote Daniel Amneus (in The Garbage Generation)], “the state’s guarantee of economic security weakens the male’s commitment to work and undermines his productivity. “The other day,” writes Eric Hoffer,

“I happened to ask myself a routine question and stumbled on a surprising answer. The question was: What is the uppermost problem which confronts the leadership in a Communist regime? The answer: The chief preoccupation of every government between the Elbe and the China Sea is how to make people work — how to induce them to plow, sow, harvest, build, manufacture, work in the mines, and so forth. It is the most vital problem which confronts them day in day out, and it shapes not only their domestic policies but their relations with the outside world.”

Eric Hoffer expressed that observation during the height of the Cold War.  We no longer have to worry about the Cold War.  The inevitable end-stage of socialism, slavery – and people of the USSR and the whole communist block rebelling against it – put an end to the attempts of the USSR and the communist block to dominate the people and even to prevent them from escaping their slavery.  The Iron Curtain came down, along with the collapse of the communist empire.  Still, the attempts to promote socialism, even in the so-called Free West, and to put people under its domination did not end.  They now proceed faster than ever before. Take just one example, the ramming-through and imposing of Obamacare in the U.S.

Socialism and Obamacare: The rich get richer!

Wendy McElroy provided a very valuable piece of information, in one of her blog posts.


“A blog reader and friend, Bill, emails, My girlfriend is very liberal, and is irate over any attempt to dismantle Obamacare. I went out to my stock sites to get a picture of what Obamacare was really all about, so I could show her. Now, I knew that the stock prices had gone up, but I had no idea it was this much of a giveaway to Obama’s cronies.”


Here is one of the six stock charts she provided in that blog post.  The one shown here is just one of six for shares of health-care corporations who are healthcare providers that will profit enormously from the rising prices for their shares.  The astounding aspect of the rising trends in value of the shares of those six health-care providers is that there is not the least of a dent in the rising trends that indicates that Donald Trump’s threat to dismantle Obamacare had any noticeable impact.

United Healthcare (UNH) share trend

United Healthcare (UNH) share trend

That is the problem with socialism. Someone promotes an idea that will “benefit the people,” but the people will pay for having it made reality and to run it, and someone other than the people will rake in the money that people will pay to reap the benefits they imagined should have resulted.  Obviously, it is a scheme that will make the people running it very rich.

Oh, what a lovely way to get rich! Do you understand, yet, why the big push to impose Obamacare is continuing?

One of the primary aspects of socialism is that corporations that have a relationship with the government in power will not have to worry about competition anymore, as soon as they become a designated provider of specific goods or services.

Once socialism is established, escape is no longer possible. It will not only be made compulsory to participate, the people in thrall or captured by it are detained and prevented from being able to escape, first by having their passports revoked or confiscated, and when that is not sufficient, walls and iron curtains will be erected. There is nothing new about that.

“The Socialist Phenomenon”

Igor Shafarevich described it well how that was supposed to be made to work in Ancient Greece and later, during the 16th century, in the introduction to his book, ‘The Socialist Phenomenon,” quoting from Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, and stating:

This book was first published (in Latin) in 1516, and its complete title is: “A Truly Golden Handbook, No Less Beneficial than Entertaining, About the Best State of the Commonwealth and the New Island of Utopia.” At the time, its author was an influential English statesman with a brilliant career. In 1529, More became Lord Chancellor of England, the first office below the king. But in 1534 he emerged as a strong opponent of the Church reform that was being carried out by Henry VIII. He refused to swear allegiance to the king as head of the newly created Anglican Church, was accused of high treason and beheaded in 1535. Four centuries later, in 1935, he was canonized by the Catholic Church….

“As long as private property remains, the largest and by far the best part of mankind will be oppressed with an inescapable load of cares and anxieties.” (42: p. 74)

By way of an example, criminal behavior is discussed; it is attributed entirely to flaws in the social system. “What else is this, I ask, but first making them thieves and then punishing them for it?” (42: p. 57) The laws of the day which punished thieves with death are considered to be not only unjust but ineffective as well. Instead, Hythloday offers the customs he had observed among people living in the mountains of Persia, the Polylerites. “I can find no better system in any country.” (42: p. 59) The custom calls for a thief to be turned into a state slave. As a sign of his status, a thief’s ear lobes are notched. The lazy “are sooner prompted with blows than punishment with fetters.” (42: p. 60) Finally, as a measure against the escape of slaves, informing is encouraged–and rewarded by liberty (for slaves) or money (for a free man). A runaway slave who is caught is executed and any free man who helped him is turned into a slave. “You can easily see how humane and advantageous these laws are,” concludes the narrator. (42: p. 61)….

More: ‘The Socialist Phenomenon’ p. 82

Make sure to do a “find in page” search of the text, for the term “slave”, to find all of the instances of it used in the book by Igor Shafarevich, whereby one is able to take in the point Igor Shafarevich wishes to drive home, namely how important a role slavery plays in a socialist system.

It was not that, for which the Roman Catholic Church declared Thomas More to be a saint. It was to use his example, of giving his life for the defence of the Church, to encourage others who were being persecuted for upholding the Church in the totalitarian socialist systems of the day, such as in the USSR and in national-socialist Germany, where they were being punished by being turned into slaves and worked to death. After all, 60 percent of the victims of National-Socialism that died in the slave-camps were Christian, and a much larger proportion of slaves, yet, were the ten million killed by Stalin’s USSR in the Gulags and through execution, before Stalin even had a chance to be asked to become a member of the Allied to oppose and defeat the Nazi Regime, and long before the Hitler regime engaged on its killing spree that was by far not as deadly as that which obsessed Stalin.

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn summarized that in his foreword to ‘The Socialist Phenomenon’, by stating:

It could probably be said that the majority of states in the history of mankind have been “socialist.” But it is also true that these were in no sense periods or places of human happiness or creativity.”


Igor Shafarevich explained that our obsession with socialism is solidly rooted in the morals and ethics of Ancient Greece, for instance, in the introduction he wrote for his book. An excerpt from that is quoted here to illustrate how big a role slavery played in the ancient Greek traditions that we in the West so much admire and do our best to bring into play now:

We shall begin with socialism understood as a doctrine, as an appeal.

All such doctrines (and as we shall see, there were many of them) have a common core–they are based on the complete rejection of the existing social structure. They call for its destruction and paint a picture of a more just and happy society in which the solution to all the fundamental problems of the times would be found. Furthermore, they propose concrete ways of achieving this goal. In religious literature such a system of views is referred to as belief in the thousand-year Kingdom of God on earth–chiliasm. Borrowing this terminology, we shall designate the socialist doctrines of this type as “chiliastic socialism.”

In order to give some sense of the scale of this phenomenon and of the place it occupies in the history of mankind, we shall examine two doctrines that fit the category of chiliastic socialism, as they are described by their contemporaries. In doing so, we shall attempt to extract a picture of the future society envisaged, leaving to one side for the moment the motivation as well as the concrete means recommended for achieving the ideal.

The first example takes us to Athens in 392 B.C. during the great urban Dionysia, when Aristophanes presented his comedy Ecclesiazusae or The Congresswomen. Here he depicts a teaching fashionable in the Athens of the time. The plot is as follows: The women of the city, wearing beards and dressed in men’s clothing, come to the assembly and by a majority vote pass a resolution transferring all power in the state to women. They use this power to introduce a series of measures, which are expounded in a dialogue between Praxagora, the leader of the women, and her husband, Blepyros. Here are several quotations.



Compulsory Universal Community Property is what I propose to propose; across-the-board Economic Equality, to fill those fissures that scar our society’s face. No more the division between Rich and Poor. …
…We’ll wear the same clothes, and share the same food. …
…My initial move will be to communalize land, and money, and all other property, personal and real.
But take the landless man who’s invisibly wealthy…because he hides his silver and gold in his pockets. What about him?
He’ll deposit it all in the Fund. …
…I’ll knock out walls and remodel the City into one big happy household, where all can come and go as they choose. …
…I’m pooling the women, creating a public hoard for the use of every man who wishes to take them to bed and make babies.
A system like this requires a pretty wise father to know his own children.
But why does he need to? Age is the new criterion: Children will henceforth trace their descent from all men who might have begot them. …
Who’s going to work the land and produce the food?
The slaves. This leaves you just one civic function: When the shades of night draw on, slip sleekly down to dinner. …
…The State’s not going to stint. Its hand is full and open, its heart is large, it’ll stuff its menfolk free of charge, then issue them torches when dinner’s done and send them out to hunt for fun.
   (2: pp. 43-51)

The reader will of course already have noticed many of the features of a familiar doctrine. Let us attempt to specify the associations that arise by considering a second example–the classic statement of the Marxist program contained in the Communist Manifesto. Here are some quotations characterizing the future society as the authors imagine it: “…the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property. …” (3: V: p. 496) ” Abolition of the family! Even the most radical Hare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists. …On what foundation is the present


family, the bourgeois family based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution….

More at ‘The Socialist Phenomenon’ p. 5

Thanks for making it this far.  Until next time. — Walter

See also:  Debt-financing seriously troubles developed nations, 2017 06 28

2017 07 o2 Updated to expand on the introduction.

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Feminism and communism are identical

Outcomes of communism and feminism cannot be differentiated, described well by Prof. Daniel Amneus in The Garbage Generation (page 64 to 66).

According to feminists Barbara Love and Elizabeth Shanklin:

“The matriarchal mode of child-rearing, in which each individual is nurtured rather than dominated from birth provides the rational basis for a genuinely healthy society, a society of self-regulating, positive individuals.”

    Things are this way in the ghettos, where half of the young bear the surnames of their mothers, and where the proportion of such maternal surnames increases every year, along with crime and the other accompaniments of matriarchy.

“You Frenchmen,” said an Iroquois Indian three hundred years ago to the Jesuit Father Le Jeune, “love only your own children; we love all the children of the tribe.” In a promiscuous matriclan this is the best way to see that all children are cared for; but it will not create the deep family loyalties needed to usher a society out of the Stone Age. “At the core of patriarchy,” says Adrienne Rich, “is the individual family unit which originated with the idea of property and the desire to see one’s property transmitted to one’s biological descendants.” This creation of wealth cannot be motivated by a desire to transmit it to an ex-wife or to a welfare system which undermines the families whose resources it feeds upon.

The patriarchal family, whose linchpin is female chastity and loyalty, makes men work. That is why civilization must be patriarchal and why it slides into chaos, as ours is doing, where family arrangements become matrilineal. What feminist Marie Richmond-Abbott says of men in general is especially true of men in capitalist patriarchy:

“A man’s life is defined by his work, his occupation. The first question a man is usually asked is, “What do you do?” People shape their perception of him according to his answer.”

     A man’s life may be defined by his work even under matriarchy, but it is only loosely defined. Here, described by the 19th century German explorer, G. W. Schweinfurth, is the way males perform when females regard them as inessential. The tribe described is the Monbuttu:

“Whilst the women attend to the tillage of the soil and the gathering of the harvest, the men, except they are absent either for war or hunting, spend the entire day in idleness. In the early hours of the morning they may be found under the shade of the oil-palms, lounging at full length upon their carved benches and smoking tobacco. During the middle of the day they gossip with their friends in the cool halls.”

     Similarly, under communism, the state’s guarantee of economic security weakens the male’s commitment to work and undermines his productivity. “The other day,” writes Eric Hoffer,

“I happened to ask myself a routine question and stumbled on a surprising answer. The question was: What is the uppermost problem which confronts the leadership in a Communist regime? The answer: The chief preoccupation of every government between the Elbe and the China Sea is how to make people work — how to induce them to plow, sow, harvest, build, manufacture, work in the mines, and so forth. It is the most vital problem which confronts them day in day out, and it shapes not only their domestic policies but their relations with the outside world.”

     Who wants to plow, sow, harvest, build, manufacture, work in the mines — unless the work, unsatisfying and unfulfilling in itself, is made meaningful by a man’s knowledge that it must be done if he is to provide for his family?

The Garbage Generation (Nov. 1990), by Daniel Amneus, pp. 64-66  (The full text of the book is accessible at that link, at the Internet Archive.)

Considering that 27 years have gone by since the book was published, it is admirable that Daniel Amneus was right on target with his description of the outcomes of feminism, but then he most certainly made sure that he went by what he had learned from history.

The majority of men’s rights activists then never accepted what Daniel Amneus wrote.  The majority of them considered him to be a dinosaur.  That is, the younger ones of them did, the ones who already had become indoctrinated by the feminist curriculum (yes, already then it had rubbed off, to a lesser or greater extent, on everyone who had graduated since the 1960s).  It would have been a good thing, had they listened and paid attention, but that is not the way of the world.  Humanity tends to force itself into having to re-invent the wheel, rather than to learn from the experiences of previous generations, when it comes to fundamental, vital, social issues.

Feminism – Roots in Communism

Like Marxism, feminism can explain everything from advertising to religion by following its single thread, the oppression of women.”

— Carol Iannone,
The Feminist Confusion, Second Thoughts: Former Radicals Look Back at the Sixties,
eds. Peter Collier and David Horowitz
(Lanham, MD: Madison Books, 1989, p. 149)


Mind you, now we must come to terms with something else, something that neither Daniel Amneus nor most definitely the feminist social engineers saw coming, even though it had been at play since people began to work: mechanization of work, only now not merely to have machines serve instead of human- and animal-muscles, but now to increasingly do man’s thinking, too.

Was Valerie Solanas a prophet?  She stated the primary goal of feminism thus:

“Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government,  eliminate the money system, institute complete automation, and  destroy the male sex.”

— Valerie Solanas,
The opening paragraph in her SCUM Manifesto
(Society for Cutting Up Men.)


Valerie Solanas overreached.  Feminism is without a doubt a powerful, destructive force, but feminism cannot be credited with everything that happens.  Feminism, too, must bow to a far more powerful force.

Profit motives, not feminism, drive mechanization of work

How will The Rise of the Machines affect people, after feminism just about finished making men as well as women obsolete?  It is of course not so much a rise of the machines as it is a bit of mopping-up that still needs to be done to make leisure a necessary condition and work a luxury for all. The Rise of the Machines figures we have about 20 years to adapt.  If I could live that long, I would wish I could do it in the company of a woman, one who respects men and respects and loves her man, and who will be loved and respected in return.

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Indian men’s suicides reached epidemic proportions

Indian men’s suicides are escalating steadily and reached epidemic proportions, years ago already. In contrast, although Indian women are constantly being portrayed as victims of male oppression and in need of protection and promotion, the suicide rates and numbers of suicides by Indian women remain virtually unchanged, compared to what they were in 1995.  Rather, the suicide rates and numbers of suicides by Indian women have seen a substantial decline since 2011.

Please help to draw attention to the epidemic of Indian men’s suicides that takes the lives of close to 100,000 men each year in India.

India’s men’s rights activists (MRAs) have much concern that Indian men’s suicides escalate.  In early June of 2017, I examined suicide statistics published by India’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Indian men’s suicides now (latest NCRB figures are for 2015) occur at more than twice the rate at which Indian women commit suicide.  In 2015, male and female suicides in India numbered 91,528 vs. 42,088, respectively.  Husbands were 48.3 percent and wives 21.2 percent of all Indian suicide victims in 2015.

The results of my examination of the NCRB’s suicide statistics were published on June 17, 18, 19, in three different blog postings, at (links for the articles are shown just after the following table).

Visits to articles at the blog of F4L, on epidemic of Indian men's suicides.

Visits to articles at the blog of F4L, on the epidemic of Indian men’s suicides. It appears that there is little public interest in the epidemic of Indian men’s suicides.


4. (that is the URL for this blog post)

Some Indian MRAs communicate with me.  I drew their attention to what the results of my examination of the NCRB’s suicide statistics showed, but the consequences of publishing my findings are somewhat disappointing, so far.  For whatever reasons, the figures and facts I published have not yet attracted much interest.  Help by anyone who can alleviate the lack of attention that the suicide epidemic by Indian men receives would be much appreciated.  Effective help will ultimately save much suffering and many lives.

Again, please help to draw attention to Idian men’s suicides epidemic that takes the lives of close to 100,000 men each year in India.

Walter H. Schneider
2017 06 21, Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada

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Daily views of articles pertaining to epidemic of Indian men's suicides, at

Daily views of articles pertaining to epidemic of Indian men’s suicides, at

Daily views of articles pertaining to epidemic of Indian men's suicides, at

Daily views of articles pertaining to epidemic of Indian men’s suicides, at

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Islamic migration impervious to Church property court battles

Islamic migration is not affected by a developing Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle.  That battle is only a small part of a far greater problem, globally  The fundamental causes that led to that court battle are but a small part of far greater, global problem causes, collectively. Those fundamental causes are all-pervasive and happen in many thousands of localities in the developed nations.  Their consequences now motivate the western leaders to give a helping hand to Islamic migrants, making the people that are to be augmented or replaced through Islamic migration foot the bill.

The birth dearth and ideological disagreements cause problems

Islamic migration is impervious to the Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle

Bruderheim Moravian Church, now the cause of a court battle (click on the image for an Edmonton Sun article, 2017 06 18, on that subject)

Christian communities, plagued by low birth rates, increasingly often worry how to dispose of their assets, in some cases by alleviating the cost of maintaining and operating their church buildings, through attempting to have them declared historical buildings, perhaps by donating them to local historical exhibits operated by foundations or even the government, or by simply having the church buildings demolished if they cannot — or will not — be let for non-religious purposes.  The Bruderheim Moravian Church community built a new church building and then converted their old church building to a museum.  Then they found that the new church building could not be filled by church members whose numbers had been declining and continued to decline.

The Bruderheim Moravian church community made arrangements with another local Christian denomination to share the use of the building, whereby to defray the cost of operating it.  It was discovered that sharing a church building with another Christian denomination is fine, but not when the other denomination differs in some fundamental ideological principles.  In this case it was thought that tolerating gender fluidity may be acceptable to other Christian denominations but not to the people who built the Bruderheim Moravian church that the others now used to hold their services in.  Such is human nature.  People agree to coöperate to achieve certain things until they find out that they can’t agree on the ways in which those things are to be achieved.  Thereby they prepare the ground on which Islam can and does establish itself, by creating a target, the incentive and the demand for Islamic migration.  That may seem like a jump in logic, but consider.

The Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle that now evolves is only the latest consequence of many decisions that were taken by many people over the span of a good number of generations.  Those decisions led to the circumstances that brought about the court battle: declining numbers of births led to declining church membership and attendance.  That led to first worrying about what to do with a church building that became more and more expensive to maintain.  Collectively, decisions in the personal lives of members — past and present — of the Bruderheim Church community and little else, caused the birth dearth that resulted in the circumstances with which the Bruderheim Moravian Church community is now trying to come to terms.

Islamic migration demographics

The Bruderheim Moravian Church community is one of many thousands of  Christian church communities, of many different denominations in all developed nations, who all made very similar decisions that had virtually identical consequences in many thousands of comparable localities in all developed nations.  There is a very real, deadly population decline of the indigenous populations of all developed nations.  Not only does that cause the latter to have problems that vary little from those that the Bruderheim Church community must come to terms with, it causes their  infra structures, economies and social safety nets to experience very similar problems, mainly the shortage of money and people to maintain them with,

Population trend of Morocco. Morocco is one of the sources of Islamic migration to the developed nations.

Morocco is one of the many Islamic sources of the Islamic migration that transfers primarily young, healthy men of military age to the nations of Europe and the developed nations of the rest of the world.  Clicking on the image will permit to change the statistics to those of other Islamic nations of your choice.

Nature abhors a vacuum, even when it is a demographic one.  Given the slightest chance, something will always rush in to fill a vacuum, until the pressure differential between source and destination is equalized.  The flow is always from higher pressure to lower pressure.  Migrants move from nations with large, poor and growing populations to nations with low, rich and declining populations.

Population trend of Germany. Germany is one of the destinations of Islamic migration to the developed nations.

Germany’s shrinking, indigenous population is gradually but inexorably being replaced by migrants from Islamic nations, as happens in virtually all European nations (Poland is an exception).

The current Islamic migration involves massive populations transfers. It is not debatable that many Imams and Islamic politicians exhort their audiences to continue the Islamic Jihad Islamic migration to non-Islamic nations, to begin producing children there, and to thereby replace the resident, decrepit, aging population of their host countries, that the booty of that Jihad will be theirs, and that they can and will become rich, too, by acquiring the wealth of their nations of choice.  The wealth of the developed nations is a house of cards that may come down at any moment.  All of them are deeply and hopelessly in debt.  A far larger portion of the debts owed comprise unfunded (non-secured) liabilities that must nevertheless be paid when they come due.

The children, grandchildren and great-grand children required to pay the debts and the far greater unfunded liabilities when those come due are no longer being born and raised.  It is very doubtful that the new Islamic migrants will, not that they even could, if they wanted to.  Debt financing by governments through inter-generational transfer of debt may be fine when a nation’s own descendants are the ones to be burdened, but why would migrants from underdeveloped nation educated in a foreign ideology and totally different ethics be willing to take on those obligations?  The share per household of those massive debts are presently in the order of a million dollars on average (in Canada, about $350,000 for every man woman and child).

Incidentally, many Christian churches in Europe and in other parts of the world are not being torn down because there is no longer any use for them on account of their declining congregations.  Those churches serve a growing need on account of Muslim migration. Many of those churches have been and are being converted into mosques.  Christian denominations may or may not be able to agree with others on how to accommodate gay rights.  Fundamentalist Muslims know precisely what they want, and they won’t given inch.  They toss homosexuals off buildings.

The old Bruderheim Church was turned into a museum

The old Bruderheim Moravian Church was turned into a museum

Many progressive locals in developed nations, always ready to welcome and accept Muslims with open arms (after all, there is nothing to fear, as Islam is “a religion of peace”), go to incredible lengths to rationalize and justify the obsession of many radical Muslims to be violent and to pursue their urges that drive some Muslims to be violent and to frequently kill and rape.  Progressives are ultimately silenced only if not just their neighbours and compatriots perish in bomb blasts or by being stabbed or even having their heads cut off, but when the progressives become the targets of Islamic violence that silences them forever.  Let there be no mistake, it is far from my mind to assert that all Muslims kill and rape, vastly most do not!  The fact remains that the ones who do, do so in disproportionately large numbers.

Islamic migration and the Pillars of Islam

The rise of Islamic migration helps to spread Islamic inter-sectarian violence throughout the world. The speed at which that happens depends on the rate of Islamic migration and on how tightly the individual members of specific Islamic sects cling to a set of the Islamic Pillars of Wisdom that for some may or may not include the Pillar that pertains to the obligation to participate in— actively or indirectly, at the very least in the financial support of — the Islamic Jihad. (More on that)

When it comes to waging the Islamic Jihad against the kaffirs (the unbelievers, the infidel, and the Pagans) many Islamic sects that were traditionally at each others’ throats become at times united, and some may form alliances, at least as far as fighting their common enemies goes.

The Islamic Pillar of Wisdom that pertains to the Islamic Jihad contains a multitude of instructions that address different manifestations of the Jihad, for example:

  1. Offensive jihad is war against infidels beyond the realm of Islam.
  2. Defensive jihad is waged when Muslim territory is attacked or occupied, or when Islam itself is threatened; For “those who cannot fight, there is
  3. financial jihad (boycotts);
  4. “jihad of the tongue” (propaganda); and even
  5. political jihad (engaging in elections), although the latter is highly controversial in violent jihadi circles.”
    Source: IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Voices of Jihad, Compilation and Commentary, by David Aaron, published 2008 by the RAND Corporation.
    (More and link to that)

Back to the Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle

Meanwhile, closer to home, there is Christian inter-sectarian “violence,” too, violence that involves formal, ritual expressions of violence on the field of battle of the courts, the sort of violence that lawyers and other members of the legal industry love to participate in and egg on, because few things serve better to put bread and butter on their tables and to permit them to make the loan payments on their Teslas (Beemers are not that much anymore the cars of choice for lawyers). Mind you, at least those sort of battles do not involve the mandate to cut off the heads of the members of the party of choice to be opposed.

In the particular case of such ritual violence in the small town of Bruderheim, Alberta, the consequences are, nevertheless, if not as deadly, just as devastating in terms of financial losses for the individuals who will have to bear the costs — although those losses are gains for the lawyers (who come out the winners, regardless of which of the warring parties wins the argument). In this case, the battle is over the new state-religion imposed by progressive forces in Canadian politics, an ideology that is being rammed down the throats of the people of Canada, whether they want them or not.

Islamic migration causes the conversion of churches to mosques

The Bruderheim Moravian Church will eventually be affected by Islamic migration, just as Hagia Sophia was.

Hagia Sophia Mars 2013

The Haga Sophia, Instanbul, Turkey, Image By Arild Vågen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Conversion of Christian church buildings to mosques on account of Islamic migration through conquest was common throughout history, but it is being done far more frequently now than it ever was.  There is a great demand for mosques in virtually all developed nation, more so in Europe than in North America, but demand is picking up here, too.

The most famous of such conversions was that of Hagia Sophia.  Let there be no mistake as to how important an event that was.

Until 1453 AD, Haga Sophia was as just as important to the people and nations who adhered to the Greek Orthodox Christian Church as is St. Peter’s Basilica to Roman Catholics the world over.

Hagia Sophia was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica (from 537 AD until 1453), later an imperial mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1453, Constantinople (now Istanbul) was conquered by the Ottoman Empire under Mehmed the Conqueror, who ordered this main church of Orthodox Christianity converted into a mosque.

The bells, altar, iconostasis, and other relics were destroyed and the mosaics depicting Jesus, his Mother Mary, Christian saints and angels were also destroyed or plastered over. Islamic features—such as the mihrab, minbar, and four minarets—were added.
More: Wikipedia

Take a look at this, at what happens to a small church community in a small prairie town: a storm in a tea-cup that is an example of something that is wide-spread and a manifestation of a major change in the climate of our established, time-proven cultural and moral traditions. Change for the sake of change is not necessarily always bad, but it can have far-reaching, harmful consequences and often does, not by itself, but collectively, as a tiny part of many thousands of such instances elsewhere in a nation and in the world.

People can argue all they want, as to whether to fight over such things is Christian.  The consequences of such fighting — Christian or not — are nevertheless always harmful in many different ways.  Still, the good thing is that there are no crucifixions and no heads are made to roll. After all, the members of the warring parties cannot afford to lose any lives. Their birth rate is so low that within a couple of generations, at the latest, they will not have enough church members anymore in either of the warring parties to make it worthwhile keeping their shared church open.  Furthermore, by that time the Bruderheim Moravian Church building will quite conceivably serve a mosque.

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2017 07 04: Edited to include thoughts on the birth dearth prevalent in many thousands of church communities in the developed nations and to show how the problems caused by that help to bring about massive Islamic migration

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Public violence against Indian men not the deadliest

Indian Women Assault Men – Police Congratulate” used to happen a lot in India, does it still? It served well to put men in their place, deserved or not.  Still, public violence against Indian men is not the deadliest.

Average life-expectancy in India - Outcome a consequence of violence against Indian men

Average life-expectancy in India


Men and women had equally long lives on average in India, not all that long ago.

That was admirable, as that should be used as the standard for the desired outcome of the consequences of equal rights for the sexes. Nevertheless, the vilification of India’s men and the promoting of women’s rights and privileges led to India’s women now enjoying considerably longer lives than they did in 1960.

In 1960, Indian women’s lives were on average 6 percent (1.9 years) shorter than those of men.  Today they are 4.5 percent (3 years) longer than men’s lives are on average.

As always, women’s gains were men’s losses. Women’s average life expectancy increased by 28.6 years from what they were in 1960, while men’s average life expectancy increased only by 23.7 years in the same span of time, but notice.  The table shown above indicates Indian women’s life expectancy as ranking poorly, while men’s relatively equally short average life expectancy in 1960 and considerably shorter-than-women’s average life expectancy in 2015 requires no concern.  Surely, in absolute terms, men are now considerably worse off in India than women, but women still are the victims of oppression by men?  How can that be?  Does that not ignore violence against Indian men?

Whether public violence by women against men being condoned by police still frequently happens or not (a few years ago such things were quite common in India – that was during the media-promoted hate-campaign directed against men from Dec. 2012 to Mar. 2014) does not matter much. There are many ways by which men can be discriminated against, punished and even driven to death. Many of them are being used in India, very effectively!  Many of them appear to be promoted by India’s government, and those are very deadly to Indian men who all are the targets.  Government violence against Indian men is not at all hidden.  It is also escalating.

India is not a level playing field for men. A google search for "India violence against men" show absolutely no interest as per Internet searches during the past 13 years.  That is a consequence of violence against Indian men.

India is not a level playing field for men. A Google Trends examination of Internet searches “India violence against men” shows absolutely no interest by anyone during the past 13 years. (Look at the blue line at the bottom of the graph.)  The red line in the graph indicates comparable public interest over time in the issue of “India violence against women”.

The Indian government, for more than 20 years now, has been promoting the perception that Indian women are victims, and — for just as long — it vilified men as oppressors of women, oppressors who need to be punished at every opportunity. India’s media, always eager to find news about calamities and villains, happily parroted their government’s vilification of India’s men.  That has had an effect that the Indian government apparently sought, with India’s government, the media and women’s rights organizations working themselves into a virtual feeding frenzy directed at Indian men.  That, too, is the committing of violence against Indian men.

Indian men commit suicide in ever larger numbers, 91,528 of them in 2015, vs. 42,088 women who did so in that year, while women’s numbers of suicide have been in decline since 2011 and have seen no overall increase, compared to 1995. Yet, the Indian Government lies about that.  It implements ever more legislation aimed at improving the lives of India’s women, while the lives of Indian men, never easy before, are becoming noticeably less worth living, with growing numbers of men, year after year, taking the ultimate way out from their escalating misery.  They commit suicide, in ever larger numbers.  The Indian government’s promotion of things that drive men to suicide is the committing of violence against Indian men.

The Indian Government lied about that for many years.  It lied about the escalating suicide epidemic that kills so many Indian men, most of them being fathers and husbands. More: “Indian Government habitually lies with statistics” June 17, 2018

Certainly, India is not the country with the highest suicide rate in the world, but it is the second-most populous nation. It has a suicide rate that is more than twice as high as those in most developed nations, close to three times as high as that of China. Still, India’s suicide rate ranks high on the list of all countries, 12th, to be exact. That translates to an astoundingly large number of suicide victims, a number that is larger than the number of suicide victims in any other country in the world. There is no escaping the truth that, too, is a consequence of government-promoted violence against Indian men.

Compare the suicide rate in India with those in other countries, e. g.: the suicide rates of India and Canada (scroll down a little, until you come to the table “TOP 50 CAUSES OF DEATH”).
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Indian Government lying with statistics

How is the Indian Government lying with statistics? It is being done quite craftily.  To figure it out, watch the pea under the shell.  It is as simple as that.

The Indian Government lying with statistics

The Indian Government lying with statistics


  1. viii
  2. viii
  3. ix
  4. ix

How NOT to lie with statistics, by using the same absolute numbers of respective suicide victims but by expressing the relative sizes of the respective victim groups of husbands and wives who committed suicide in terms of percent of all suicide victims.

What the suicide statistics presented would look like to not have the Indian Government lying with statistics.

What the suicide statistics presented would look like to not have the Indian Government lying with statistics.

The percentages thus calculated should have been used all along instead of the percentages that were used in the introductions to the annual NCRB (National Crime Reports Bureau) reports.  The percentages that were used by the NCRB  instead of the objective truth reflect propaganda in action.

This is how the NCRB misrepresents accurate statistics to distort reality: In all instances of annual reports on accidental deaths, relating suicide data, the NCRB intentionally,

  1. Implies that suicides by women happen about as often as those that are being committed by men, and
  2. Stresses that “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’.”

Thus, the NCRB intentionally hides the simple truth about suicides: Men’s suicides happen at a rate that is more than twice as high as that of women’s.

Note that in all of the examples shown in the following, the fact that men commit suicide at more than twice the rate than women is being deliberately obscured.

Comparisons of the ratios of suicides by husbands vs. those by wives (from the introductions of the NCRB reports for years listed):

  1. 2012 — “Nearly 71.6% of the suicide victims were married males while 67.9% were married females.” and “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’.” p. viii
  2. 2013 — “Nearly 70.8% of the suicide victims were married males while 66.6% were married females.” and “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’.” p. viii
  3. 2014 — “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’, nearly 67.0% of the male victims were married while 63.6% of female victims were married.” p. ix
  4. 2015 — “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’. Nearly 70.5% of the male victims were married while 67.3% of female victims were married.” p. ix

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Men’s suicides in India inequality-driven

India experiences an epidemic of Indian men’s suicides, while the NCRB hides that fact behind a facade of Indian women as victims.

About a week ago, I found that the first two graphs included in this article needed updating.   The data reflected in the graphs covered one aspect of suicides in India, suicides by husbands and wives within the context of the epidemic of Indian men’s suicides, from the interval beginning in 1995 and ending in 2011.  The updating, to add data for four years, was more difficult than I had feared.  The data were difficult to find. After three days of asking Indian men’s rights activists, one of them was able to provide me with a link for the latest report issued by the Indian government:

Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India 2015

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB); Ministry of Home Affairs
By Rajiv Mehrishi, Home Secretary, Government of India, 29th July, 2016

The link to the report helped to discover other, related sources of information that I had been trying to find during the previous few days.  That was not the end of the difficulties. Perhaps the NCRB does have a data base that permits the construction of graphs showing time series for data of interest, but those, if they exist could not be found by me. Furthermore, the Indian government does not appear to have published such time series, either in tabular form or in graphs.

Men's suicides in India inequality-driven - husbands commit suicides at more than twice the rate at which wives commit suicides.

Men’s suicides in India inequality-driven – husbands commit suicides at more than twice the rate at which wives commit suicides.

Navigation of the sources of suicide data published by the NCRB is very cumbersome.

I tried as best as I could to identify the individual files in which I found the data shown here (to sort my thoughts and not to lose track of where I was when I found something I needed) for the updating of the associated spreadsheet that is used to generate the included graphs. I tried to follow the same principle when using the data I found for updating the associated spreadsheet, in the spreadsheet itself. (Some of the data, and links to their sources, I needed and found are shown at the end of this commentary.)

Men's suicides in India inequality-driven - husband suicides are twice those by wives

Men’s suicides in India inequality-driven – husband suicides are twice those by wives

The data of interest are spread out over reports that each contains only data for a single year or for some data for two years, and for some totals for several years, but not for individual sub-categories of those totals for more than two years.  That is very user-unfriendly. It is not too surprising that the World Health Organization provides comprehensive health statistics for most, if not all countries in the world, but virtually none for India.  I suspect that the WHO may have found it to be too difficult to work with non-standard and extremely user-unfriendly tabulations.

At any rate, I soon found that I became frequently lost while navigation.  That will without a doubt be even more likely to happen to anyone who wishes to verify that the data reflected in the spreadsheet, and that the calculations performed with them, are accurate.  Whenever that happened to me, I learned that it was a good practice to go back to a useful index page for reports covering a good number of years, to get my bearings and to start the journey again from there, so as to get to where I wanted to be.  Here is the link for that report index:

The NCRB maintains an index page for its data, but most of the links are fake, as they lead to nowhere.

No one should be too impressed by the large number of links to annual reports on accident and suicide data that are accessible to the public, covering the interval from 1967 to 2014.  That index page is largely a farce.  It does not even indicate which of the links lead to no information at all.  Only the links to reports for the years 2009 to 2014 lead to anything useful.  For the years prior to 2009, the links lead to empty web pages or at best, in relatively few years, to nothing more than the cover pages of reports.  There is not a single indication for even one of the useless links the shows that a given link is useless because it will lead to emptiness.

Why does the government of the second-most populous, soon to be the most-populous, nation on Earth advertise that its presentation of data presented to its people and those of the world is a shambles? Why not simply indicate on that index page that, although the data for the years prior to 2009 exists, the Indian government does not wish to have its people and those of the world gain access to it?

The data put together by the NCRB and made accessible appears to be generally good and trustworthy, but the navigating of it is not merely very difficult, it is absolutely bewildering. The report for the year 2015 comprises more than 315 pages! The NCRB has to do a lot of work before it can come even somewhat close to the ease of navigating statistical data bases, for putting together summaries or reports that can be found at organizations such as, for example, the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, Canada Statistics or the German Statistisches Bundesamt, a very long way!

It appears that if someone would have set out to deliberately design the extracting of data from the NCRB reports to be very difficult, he could not have done a much better job of it.

Misrepresentations that are designed to mislead, apparently to divert attention from men’s suicides comprise the largest group of suicide victims.

Some of the introductory statements in the annual reports appear designed to be deliberately misleading, although the factual data they represent is most definitely accurate. Still, being accurate does not mean that a misleading statement will not have the desired effect for which is was designed.  Extremely few people in the media will take the hours of time it takes to find and to use the factors presented in a misleading statement, so as to discern what the facts mean and whether or how far a misleading statement is from being factual, honest and objective.

Take this example in the Indian Suicide data:

1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’. Nearly 70.5% of the male victims were married while 67.3% of female victims were married.

More at ‘Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India 2015‘, p. ix

That statement is designed to be misleading. Although it should puzzle anyone at first glance, why women were singled out in the beginning of that statement, it most definitely attempts to present married women as the primary victims of suicide. When, however, all of the facts that the statement is based on are taken – to look at both, married women and married men who committed suicide, as a percentage of their respective suicide victim groups – a more realistic impression emerges.  To be objective, this is what the statement should have presented:

1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’, while a little more than 2 out of every 6 suicides were committed by ‘husbands’.

Married men are more than twice as likely than married women to commit suicide. Is it really too difficult to be honest about that India’s social policies aim at killing India’s men in disproportionately large numbers?  (Appended quotes show that the practice of obscuring men’s suicides and the misleading emphasis on women’s suicides is a long-established practice employed by the NCRB for many years.)

The insistence by media and Government, that women are the primary victims of social oppression and kill themselves in ever larger numbers on account of that, is bunk. That is the impression that the NCRB statement should make but intentionally fails to make!

Admonition to India’s government officials that their practice of downplaying the far larger number of men’s suicides and of asserting women’s victim status is deplorable.

Shame on India’s government for downplaying and distorting accurate information that shows that men disproportionately suffer much more than women – all for the sake of promoting gender politics that present women as victims, women who, measured by the risk of suicide they experience, suffer only half as badly as men do.

Rajiv Mehrishi, Home Secretary, Government of India, should not have authenticated a report that contains glaring attempts at indoctrination, thereby promoting gender-politics that aim at belittling the fact that male victims comprise the vast majority of accidental deaths and suicide in India. That is all the more so because the same sort of distortion of reality in the comparable statistical reports by the NCRB for prior years is a long-established practice that is being continued by the NCRB and endorsed by Mr. Rajiv Mehrishi.

Walter H. Schneider, Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, 2017 06 17

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Various factors (and their sources) found for updating the graphs in the commentary

India – Total Population

Year Population Source
2012 1,213,370,000 1
2013 1,228,790,000 1
2014 1,244,040,000 2
2015 1,259,110,000 3


  3. (Table 1.1, p. 15)


Total suicides (all India)

Year Male Female Source
2012 79,773 40,715 1
2013 90,543 44,256 2
2014 89,129 42,521 3
2015 91,528 42,088 4




Comparisons of the ratios of suicides by husbands vs. those by wives (from the introductions of the NCRB reports for years listed)


“Nearly 71.6% of the suicide victims were married males while 67.9% were married females.” and “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’.” p. viii


“Nearly 70.8% of the suicide victims were married males while 66.6% were married females.” and “1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’.” p. viii


“1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’, nearly 67.0% of the male victims were married while 63.6% of female victims were married.” p. ix


“1 suicide out of every 6 suicides was committed by a ‘housewife’. Nearly 70.5% of the male victims were married while 67.3% of female victims were married.” p. ix

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Socialism’s foundation : Other People’s money

Germany’s Richard David Precht demands, “I want the [guaranteed] basic income, to stave off the worst” („Ich will das Grundeinkommen, um das Schlimmste zu verhindern.“), without mentioning the fundamental causes of the problem issue of concern, glossing over the details of socialism’s foundation: other people’s money.  As he reveals, throwing money at the the problem, is easy.  There are unimaginably large amounts of money to be had for doing that, and more can always be created when the supply runs out.  Of course, that will either devalue all of the money in circulation, leave our descendants to pay off mountains of promissory notes, or both.

That is his proposal for a solution to a problem (automation and resulting unemployment) that makes him and very many others concerned (and we all should be), without examining the fundamental causes of the forces that drive the problem that concerns him.

Socialism's foundation, as seen by Richard David Precht, Ph.D. who demands basic-income guaranties

Richard David Precht, Ph.D. demands basic-income guaranties

(Unfortunately, a translation of the article into English could not be obtained.)

Still, Richard David Precht’s proposal does not address the fundamental flaw of socialism’s foundation, namely that other people’s money soon runs out, and we have already run out of it a long time ago.  Not only that, but we are also running out of people necessary to maintain the socialist economy.  For that, there is of course another solution.

If creating our own people, raising and educating them is insufficient and takes too long, get them ready-made from somewhere else.  What could be better for that than to create the demand for the Islamic migration and to substitute Muslims for those people it is too hard to educate and raise in the framework of the cultural traditions we have become accustomed to?  Why would anyone think that Muslims of young, military age will be ready to take on the obligation to pay off our debts and to take on the obligation to provide physical and financial support of our tottering, childless elderly?

Precht quite correctly explained that mechanization of work came about and is driven by the wish to liberate people from menial tasks, but he ignored the major, controlling motivation for automation: profit! For all goods and services, there is no better way to improve profit than to slash labour costs. The higher the portion of the unit cost of production made up of labour costs, the greater the incentive to automate the production process, so as to reduce the cost of manual labour through having the work performed by a machine.

That incentive is as old as humanity, the resistance to it probably almost as old. Not ever was the drive to automate work processes as profound and far-reaching as it was during the Industrial Revolution. It caused the Industrial Revolution, and it also gave us the word “sabotage,” a consequence of active opposition to the introduction of machines with which to replace workers. Frequently, active opposition was the reaction to that, by damaging the machines, whereby the workers hoped to make the machinery too expensive an alternative for replacing workers with machines. The damages were done, allegedly, with wooden shoes (Fr.: sabot) but why would protesting workers wreck their shoes when far better means of wrecking machinery was at their disposal, the tools and materials that their employers provided them with?

The principle force for mechanization is the cost of labour which it is to save on. There is no better driving force for accelerating the wish to mechanize and thereby the rate at which it is being done than to drive up the cost of labour. One of the many ways by which that it being done is to demand minimum wage laws and to clamor perpetually to have minimum wage rates raised. In consequence of that, businesses will save on wages, either by having fewer employees (and having the rest of them “work smarter” or “do more with less”), or to mechanize work processes, or to shut down.  Again, there, too, it would not be a bad idea to import more Muslims, to prop up that shaky cornerstone of socialism’s foundation, and hope that those don’t get to learn about what can be had in the way of demanding higher minimum wages, but they came to Germany and the other developed nations to become rich, right?  Good luck with that idea for strengthening socialism’s foundation!

That is why we see, for instance, more and more fast-food restaurants who replace minimum-wage employees with computer terminals (much like Automated Teller Machines, ATMs). Richard David Precht promotes a not-so-ingenious idea for the acceleration of the increases in unemployment rates: pay people a guaranteed income that is sufficiently high to give them a comfortable living, and have only those people who really want to, try to hold jobs.

Pay people not to come to work, what an idea! If only it were not for the pesky obsession (rather a necessity) of people who run businesses and corporations to want to make a profit. Our governments are the only “corporations” who can afford to run at a constant, ever escalating loss, it seems, but that is coming to an end, unless someone comes up with a miracle that makes money worth a lot in terms of what it enables the buyer to obtain but that makes it non-essential for corporations, governments, borrowers and lenders.

Margret Thatcher (who was an avid and self-declared reader of the writings by Friedrich von Hayek, and she had wanted people to know about that, too) summed up the problem in this statement: “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  She had a good grip on what was wrong with the idea that other people’s money should serve as socialism’s foundation.

Yes, they all ran out of money, Germany, the U.S., the U.K., France, all of the countries who are members of the OECD, but not only they.  We hear much about the escalation of accumulated budget deficits, but that is not the whole picture.  The reality of the debts that crush all of the developed nations is that the official figures only address a very small portion of it.  The reality is far, far worse by factors of as high as ten, depending how creative a given country may have become in stating was it owes, of the extent to which it has burdened its citizens with its government debts that it will take generations to pay off, if ever.  The problem is not new. For example:

Already in 2013, the size of the U.S. national debt was frightening.

Already in 2013, the size of the U.S. national debt was frightening.

The situation with Germany’s national debt is similar.  The official figure represents only a small portion of what Germany in reality owes, and the German Government does all it can to keep full disclosure of its national debt and its trend over the years out of public view.  That leaves Richard David Precht’s demand in a quandary.

Precht is not the first liberal activist who wishes to solve social issues by throwing money at them, but no one can throw money at a problem when he has no money or if the money is worthless.  Throwing money at things is what got us into the bind with debts to begin with.  That is just one of the many things that are wrong with socialism’s foundation, other people’s money is like the sand in an hourglass, it runs out, and that will be the end.

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Wind turbines are truly “green”?


Wind-farm trouble in Ontario

Anyone who is expecting the construction of wind turbines in their neighbourhood may wish to watch this video. It is likely that the video will tell everything one needs to know, to learn that “green” is not a very enjoyable experience for many people who suffer on account of wind turbines near them, that it is not even “green.” See for example the section that presents data on what environmental pollution is being addressed (needlessly or even not at all) by wind turbines:

The video is long (1 hour and 30 minutes). Therefore it could be a good thing to bookmark it, if it is desired to watch it in installments. The URL can be bookmarked for any desired time in the video. Just stop the video, right-click it, and make the appropriate selection from the pop-up menu that will then be displayed.

Full Video:

The video was found at a rich source of information useful for neighbours of wind turbines and wind farms:

Afterthoughts, 2017 07 23:

Aside from any other considerations as to the nuisance factor of wind turbine installations, what does anyone get out of having them?

Wind turbines produce problems.
Energy generation from wind has serious ups and downs, in Germany, in all of Europe.

Wind-turbines fail: Germany (Europe, that is): Energy generation from wind will always require 100% back-up from conventional sources

Wind-turbines fail: Germany (Europe, that is) –  Energy generation from wind will always require 100% back-up from conventional sources.

More: Full Article

The following graph is from Pierre Gosselin’s article.

Wind-turbines fail: Germany, the Ups and Downs of Energy Generation from Wind

Wind-turbines fail: Germany, the Ups and Downs of Energy Generation from Wind.  “Germany’s wind energy output ranges from over 30,000 MW to almost zero.” – Source: ENTSO

It is hard to see that wind and solar energy generation does much more than destabilize the quality of energy availability, which it takes enormous amounts of capital investment to mitigate.

The following graph is not from Pierre Gosselin’s article.  The graph shows energy generation in Germany (from all sources) and consumption for one full year, from July 2016 to July 2017.

Wind-turbines fail: Germany, Energy Generation (from all sources) and Consumption, july 2016 -July 2017

Germany, Energy Generation (from all sources) and Consumption, July 2016 – July 2017

See also: Renewable energy neither practical nor viable, 2017 07 10, by Walter

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