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Beginning with people like Carl Marx and Frederic Engels (the authors of the Communist Manifesto, 1848/49), feminists created the perception that women are victims, innocent and sensitive, and that men are brutish perpetrators out to hurt women.
The truth is that women commit most elder abuse, the vast majority of serious and fatal child abuse and on average slightly more than half of inter-spousal violence.

2017 — Most popular posts at dads&things

dads&things had a total of 15,138 views of postings in 2017.  Here is a list of the 11 most popular posts and their links. FACTS EVERY ONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DESERTION Posted on September 7, 2010 by Walter Schneider Guest post by Roger Eldridge, National Mens Council of Ireland Indian men’s suicides reached epidemic proportions Posted on June 21, 2017 by Walter Schneider Violence: A crime most often committed by women Posted on August 2, 2008 by Walter Schneider Fathers rights organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba Posted on September 23, 2008 by Walter Schneider Second World War – Bombing of the German Cities Posted on May 8, 2015 by Walter Schneider Albanien: Schwurjungfrauen entsagtem dem Sex und übernahmen die Rolle des Mannes Posted on June 29, 2008 by Walter Schneider … Continue reading

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Capital offences proliferate under political correctness

The measure of capital offences is whatever we (that is: primarily social justice warriors—predominantly women) wish it to be. The same is true of the statute of limitations. Therefore, it is easy to determine that anything that happened in the past can—by today’s standards of political correctness—be deemed to have been an offence of the desired severity. Objective reality and the absolute truth therefore become immaterial, and all behaviours, past and present, can be judged to be and to have been politically incorrect by whatever is decided today’s subjective standards make them, loved or hated, capital offences — if so desired. It is important to consider that by those standards … Continue reading

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Men migrate, may pick bad destination

When they can or must, men migrate to good places, where they are left in peace, where they are appreciated, where gender equality is likely to prevail. Many things need to be considered when men migrate and make decisions to go to a better or different country.  Not the least of those is what may happen in a country in which a man may wish to take up residence when the man gets into trouble with the law.  Consider some of those concerns for a number of selected countries throughout the world. How likely is a man to wind up in prison? What proportion of the prisoners in a country … Continue reading

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The Future is Female

Social engineers increasingly promote that the future is female.  Still, at the founding of the UN, the natural family was declared to be the basic building block of nations and worthy of protection and nurturance. Legally, that declaration is still in force.  The question is whether the declaration is still worth something or not even the paper it is written on. Nevertheless, today, with radical feminists and extremist gender activists having taken control of the UN through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), an all-out war is being waged against the natural family.  Check out The Gender Agenda and find out about the history and the state of the war against the family. You may wonder why … Continue reading

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Sheep People Comparisons – Are people sheeple?

It was in 1997 when I first wrote this commentary.  I updated it today, but not too many changes needed to be made.  It concerns sheep people comparisons, something that many people often make.  Some do it so much that they refer to people and their  allegedly sheep-like behaviour as sheeple.  Is that fair to sheep or people?  I thought about it, and here are the results of that. Many years ago I obtained my first e-mail address.  I made it  That address is now defunct, as eventually it became so well-known by spammers that a vast and overwhelming  majority of the mail I received was spam, and much … Continue reading

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Instant and excessive punishment

Instant and excessive punishment for a boy who interrupted his aunt while she was texting her boyfriend: Here is a report of a Chinese woman, an aunt who was baby-sitting her three-year-old nephew while his mom went to visit the neighbours.  She punished the little boy for interrupting her while she was using the bathroom.  Apparently, the aunt had not been doing anything special there, in the bathroom, nothing other than that she was texting her boyfriend.  Nevertheless, she cut off the boy’s penis to punish him for interrupting. The poor little boy never had a chance to learn a lesson that other boys learn a bit later. I was … Continue reading

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Female innocence debunked, feminist myth

Pornography attracts more women than men Female innocence is a propagandist, feminist myth.  Some years ago, at the time of the beginning of the Internet, when personal computers had come on the market, and when the first Internet browsers had begun to replace bulletin-board chat rooms accessed by e-mail (in about 1990), I read that a third of romance novels contain lengthy, detailed descriptions of lust, bondage, sex and rape that are, by any definition, simply pornographic, with much of that being nothing other than hardcore pornography. The article containing that observation also stated that romance novels comprise a third of all paper-back books sold and attract an almost entirely … Continue reading

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On the outcomes of fatherlessness in families

In relation to fatherlessness in families, some years ago I told someone who was doing the intake interviews of prisoners at the Edmonton Maximum Security Prison that it would be a good idea to check for the extent of fatherlessness in families of the prisoners he was interviewing. He told me a few weeks later that he had replaced one of the questions on the intake questionnaire (asking “Did your mother have gout?” — consider that just about none of the prisoners who were asked that question would have a clue what gout is, and that the purpose of that question was to help determine whether the prisoner’s mother was … Continue reading

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Catherine Kieu sentenced to life — eligible for parole in seven years

Update 2018 08 20: Format changes, added links to related articles Catherine Kieu sentenced to life — eligible for parole in seven years.  That is more a mockery than a life sentence, but that is “equality” for women. California woman sentenced to life in prison for chopping off ex-husband’s penis, then grinding it in garbage disposal Catherine Kieu, 50, of Garden Grove, drugged her ex-husband’s tofu with sleeping pills and then tied him to a bed, crying out, ‘You deserve it!’ By Beth Stebner / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, June 29, 2013, 9:11 AM A California woman who cut off her estranged husband’s penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife … Continue reading

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George Rolph on Hunger Strike

George Rolph on Hunger Strike Yesterday I became aware of an article, a 2010 guest post by George Rolph — on False Rape Claims, that received an unusual amount of attention.  This morning, as of 9 a.m. local time (MDT – UTC-6), today’s number of visits to the article had already climbed to more than 250 and is still climbing. I wanted to find out what caused all of that attention and learned that it stems from a campaign of character assassination aimed at George Rolph, a man who became the target of domestic violence by his girlfriend, violence from which he has not recovered, because he is now suffering … Continue reading

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