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Misattributed paternity in non-contested paternity cases ubiquitous

Misattributed paternity in non-contested paternity cases is ubiquitous, not as rare as often claimed (about one in a 100) but more likely about one in ten. Evidence for the scale of surprising paternity What is the evidence that it exists, and what does the evidence say about its scale? A good indication that it exists is the disquiet about paternity tests! Those who criticise the availability of these tests do so because they have no doubt that a proportion of tests will bear bad tidings. Here are items from various sources, in various years, and in various countries. This material suggests that about 1 in 10 children have surprising paternity…. … Continue reading

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Actual lifespans versus estimated life expectancies

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(Revision 2018 02 19: to identify a serious error in a report published by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a report on aspects of suicides in India.) Actual average lifespans in the United States began to decline in the year 2013 and were still falling in 2016.  Should one not have expected for that to have become front-page news in 2013 and to continue to  be front-page news?  Will President Trump help to make an improvement in that trend?  It is a worthwhile effort.  It seems to be far more valuable to improve the health of his nation than to try to make good on the failed promise … Continue reading

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Blog-post via e-mail when away from home

I just had to try this out, so that I know whether I will be able to stay in touch with dads&things, doing a blog-post via e-mail when I am away from home and have only the cellphone to work with. If making a blog post by e-mail works, then you have read this, and that would simply be fantastic! (Thanks to WordPress, I should add.) You have a nice day. 😊 –Walter

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