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Denied by feminists, hardly recognized by men

Women deserve education!

This is a complaint that started with a comment of mine that is buried in one of my Facebook discussion threads. I would like to make sure that it is being noticed. Here it is: I would like to complain … Continue reading

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When children are few and the elderly many

The quotes in the following are from a variety of comments I posted during the last two days or so, after my niece sent me a photo of members of the Schneider clan at a recent family re-union that I … Continue reading

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What is the proportion of feminist men?

Someone asked just last night, “The percentage of men who are indoctrinated by feminism? It must be 80% or higher.” Yes, that is what I estimate, too, just going by what I observe when discussing men’s issues with men. I … Continue reading

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Bad Girls

Something to think about. [no date identified] Are women criminals getting a free pass from worldwide justice systems? If only 12.5 percent of women surveyed think that women have equal rights, they could point to the punishments meted out … Continue reading

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Australian Govt Admits: We Censor Websites

By Paan Alberta Another government using its repressive power to stifle dissent. Australia [], Sunday, May19, 2013: In March, exposed that the Australian Government was actively censoring twitter and social media to prevent and identify “dissidents” – people voicing … Continue reading

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The Men’s Rights Movement — will it live or die?

By Walter H. Schneider Originally posted at Men’s Rights Post. You are somewhat discouraged about the lack of progress with organizing the men’s movement, about the hopelessness caused by constant failure to bring any structure into it. Look at it … Continue reading

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Does Reddit help to raise awareness on men’s issues?

Without a doubt, it does.  The question is on account of what issues, by how much and for how long. Consider the information contained in the trend line of page views over time that shows to what extent the numbers … Continue reading

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GirlWritesWhat addresses the NY State Libertarian Party Convention

GirlWritesWhat: “Saturday, 27 April 2013: My address to the NY state libertarian party convention Hi, everyone. Firstly, I want to thank Gary for inviting me to speak here, and thank all of you for being open to the different perspective … Continue reading

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Syphilis in the U.S. (as per the CDC)

All 2011 Profiles Syphilis and HIV: A Dangerous Duo Affecting Gay and Bisexual Men Blog about the impact of syphilis and HIV among gay and bisexual Men (December 13, 2012) “…primary and secondary syphilis [P&S syphilis] rates are increasing among … Continue reading

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Canadian shelters for battered men — a long history of failures

Earl Silverman was a Calgary man who had been a battered husband.  He had for many years tried to create a refuge for men like he, men who have to suffer from the emotional and physcical abuse by their wives … Continue reading

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