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Denied by feminists, hardly recognized by men

The Men’s Rights Movement — will it live or die?

By Walter H. Schneider Originally posted at Men’s Rights Post. You are somewhat discouraged about the lack of progress with organizing the men’s movement, about the hopelessness caused by constant failure to bring any structure into it. Look at it … Continue reading

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Does Reddit help to raise awareness on men’s issues?

Without a doubt, it does.  The question is on account of what issues, by how much and for how long. Consider the information contained in the trend line of page views over time that shows to what extent the numbers … Continue reading

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GirlWritesWhat addresses the NY State Libertarian Party Convention

GirlWritesWhat: “Saturday, 27 April 2013: My address to the NY state libertarian party convention Hi, everyone. Firstly, I want to thank Gary for inviting me to speak here, and thank all of you for being open to the different perspective … Continue reading

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Syphilis in the U.S. (as per the CDC)

All 2011 Profiles Syphilis and HIV: A Dangerous Duo Affecting Gay and Bisexual Men Blog about the impact of syphilis and HIV among gay and bisexual Men (December 13, 2012) “…primary and secondary syphilis [P&S syphilis] rates are increasing among … Continue reading

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Canadian shelters for battered men — a long history of failures

Earl Silverman was a Calgary man who had been a battered husband.  He had for many years tried to create a refuge for men like he, men who have to suffer from the emotional and physcical abuse by their wives … Continue reading

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Corporate censorship directed against pro-male human-rights websites

Some people seem to think that the censorship directed against Fathers for Life, its affiliated blogs, and against my other websites (the latter being community oriented), involves someone taking them down.  That needs to be clarified. Nothing has been taken … Continue reading

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Censorship in action — Erin Pizzey is the target

To explain all of the ins and outs of the trend line will muddle the issue, therefore I will generalize. The trend line shows a gradual decline in traffic to Erin Pizzey’s web pages. That decline does not represent a … Continue reading

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Recent history: “The New Dads”

Quotes from a 1997 speech by Judy Anderson, The New Dads The quotes in the following are from a transcript of a portion of a speech given by Judy Anderson, President of REAL Women of Canada,* at the NSPA (National … Continue reading

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Australian Demographics and Suicide Statistics

Divorced men and women have the highest suicide rates, married people the lowest, but rates are higher for men than for women in all categories. I am still doing house-keeping stuff at Fathers for Life and came across this web … Continue reading

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“You are entitled.”

“Apology to a white supremacist like you? You are not only deluded but entitled too. Well, they go hand in hand.” I confess, I had provoked the man, by writing just prior  to that, after he had asked me for … Continue reading

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