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Social media campaign for Cyntoia Brown

Anyone who has not heard of Cyntoia Brown, lately, is probably not active on any of the social media, but who needs justice, law and order, when the will of the mob will be a much more liked substitute? I use Facebook. Yesterday, the trickle of Facebook notifications clamoring to have Cyntoia Brown treated lightly, that I had been receiving during the last few days, increased to a flood. A lot of people wanted to get my attention that I had been doing my best not to give. I knew nothing about Cyntoia Brown, decided this morning to check out what the tsunami of publicity was all about and found … Continue reading

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Mercenary ‘victim’ uses parking lot theatrics

Mercenary ‘victim’ uses parking lot theatrics, without a doubt in the hope to make financial gains.  Be careful, when driving a car in a parking lot.  Ensure no one can accuse you of having hit a pedestrian.   Perhaps that is too much to hope for, but protect yourself.  Use a dashcam and make sure it is running all the time. Government, law, jurisprudence and justice go together.  We hope that the first three lead to and result in objective justice, but nothing is perfect.  Objective justice can at best be nothing more than the most objective justice obtainable under the circumstances.  Under the worst circumstances it may be nothing more than … Continue reading

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Feminist Conquest -Supremacism – in India vs Male Rights

Male rights to procreate (or not) are some of many rights being lost by Indian men in the context of the feminist conquest of India. Female supremacism thus becomes ever more firmly entrenched. Siddharthasankar Mukherjee explained the implications of that in a Facebook posting: The Abrogation of Male Procreation Rights By Siddharthasankar Mukherjee, 2018-06-01, Facebook Well. All rights are of women. Why not aggrieved men then avoid celebration of so-called Independence day when they are actually dependent on women’s will? Supreme Court says a woman has unimpeachable right whether she wants to have a baby or wants to abort a baby. Indirectly they are saying that a decision related to having or not … Continue reading

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Islamic migration impervious to Church property court battles

Islamic migration is not affected by a developing Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle.  That battle is only a small part of a far greater problem, globally  The fundamental causes that led to that court battle are but a small part of far greater, global problem causes, collectively. Those fundamental causes are all-pervasive and happen in many thousands of localities in the developed nations.  Their consequences now motivate the western leaders to give a helping hand to Islamic migrants, making the people that are to be augmented or replaced through Islamic migration foot the bill. The birth dearth and ideological disagreements cause problems Christian communities, plagued by low birth rates, … Continue reading

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Bad Girls

Are bad girls bad, as bad as boys, or simply “more equal” than boys? Are they perhaps smarter, not as visible, or more likely assumed to be innocent? [no date identified] Are women criminals getting a free pass from worldwide justice systems? If only 12.5 percent of women surveyed think that women have equal rights, they could point to the punishments meted out to women miscreants as proof. The worldwide total of prisoners as of 2002 is 8,570,051, but only 4.4 percent (377,082) of those prisoners are women. The difference shows up just as drastically in prosecutions. Total prosecutions among the nations who reported to United Nations was 23,841,769, but … Continue reading

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Courts are anti-freedom — gatherers prey

The courts are anti-freedom, gatherers prey— “The gatherers tend to flee and/or hide when chased by the hunters in both worlds, as we can see when the Lion chases down the Gazelle amongst a fleeing herd, whose only objective amongst the individual members of the herd is not to be the one to be caught and killed by the Lion.” Add comments at Roadkill Radio Mar 20 2013 UNAFFORDABLE JUSTICE IS NO JUSTICE AT ALL: When there’s no real justice for people in the courts or government . . . where do people who have been done-in by the system turn to next? The terrible answer to this question is … Continue reading

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Divorce factories

Divorce factories — The indicated article contains one of the best summaries of the circumstances of “no-fault” divorce I have come across in many years. Still, it would have been better if “no-fault” divorce would be called what it really is: *no-choice* divorce, because marriage is an unenforceable contract. The presence or absence of “fault” has nothing to do with it. New York Post “No fault” nuttiness Why modern divorce is lunacy By BEVERLY WILLETT September 18, 2011 “Have we lost our mind?” the editors of asked last week, of a video headlined “Woman attacks judge in court during divorce proceedings.” The woman lunges over a bench, grabs the … Continue reading

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The battle for the family — Front-line news

The battle for the family — Front-line news Prison » Police Were Ordered To Stand Down As London Burned Precisely as we reported yesterday on the back of numerous eyewitness reports, it has now emerged that police were ordered to stand down and let London burn during the first few nights of rioting, an action that quickly led to a frightened public to demand troops on the streets, rubber bullets, … Marcus Simon’s commentary in relation to the causes of the London riots makes sense. It fits something I read a long time ago. I’ll quote that in the first comment after the pointer to Marcus Simon’s commentary. ConservativeHome’s … Continue reading

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Justice for Judges — Kids for Cash Bribery Case

Updated 2018 09 19 Justice for Judges — Kids for Cash Bribery Case.  Pa. judge gets 28 years for his role in kids for cash bribery scandal.  Are there more cases like that?  Let’s hope not. USA Today 2011 08 11 Pa. judge gets 28 years in ‘kids for cash’ case SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — A longtime northeastern Pennsylvania judge was ordered to spend nearly three decades in prison for his role in a massive juvenile justice bribery scandal that prompted the state’s high court to toss thousands of convictions. Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in federal prison for taking $1 million … Continue reading

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Men’s Issues – Justice for Men

It is difficult to find a better introduction to the issues addressed in this Facebook album on Justice for Men than the following YouTube video (7 minutes, 37,468 views as of 2011 08 03) From the introduction to the YouTube video: “…Societal forces like chivalry, misandry and the onerous male sex role of provide and protect have been having the unfortunate consequence of obscuring the needs of men. This short video will give you an introductory glimpse of some men’s issues.” Men’s Issues Published on Aug 12, 2008 What are men’s issues? Watch this short flash video to get a beginning idea. Societal forces like chivalry, misandry and the … Continue reading

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