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Research heavily funded for women, neglected for men

Notable weather events often catastrophic, 2010 years

Whenever the all-pervasive climate-alarmism hysteria gets on my nerves, I browse through the appended chronologies (especially the one by James Marusek), to learn about historical weather events, so as to get my bearings. Do a find-in-page in that for a few key items to put things into perspective: such as hailstones, Nile, Constantinople, plague, storm, drought, rain, flood, harvest, snow, frozen over, mother, etc., etc…. Weather events may be bad but their consequences can be mitigated We live in good times and, objectively, don’t have much to complain about – why the urge to return to “the good, old days”?  That the old days were good is largely a figment … Continue reading

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IVF same-sex conception less eggs

The success rate for pregnancies conceived by IVF is quite low, compared to that for those conceived naturally. Some deformations, e. g.: of the genito/urinary tract, are far more common with IVF. Chromosomal aberrations, for example, are 7.7 times more common for IVF babies carried to term than they are with babies conceived naturally. The IVF procedure outlined in the Telegraph article even lauds the possibility of self-cloning without eggs, which, in view of the costs of IVF procedures that will eventually be developed to that end, will without a doubt create much good will with potential gay couples who have sufficient means to be able to pay for them. … Continue reading

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Indian men’s suicides reached epidemic proportions

Indian men’s suicides are escalating steadily and reached epidemic proportions, years ago already. In contrast, although Indian women are constantly being portrayed as victims of male oppression and in need of protection and promotion, the suicide rates and numbers of suicides by Indian women remain virtually unchanged, compared to what they were in 1995.  Rather, the suicide rates and numbers of suicides by Indian women have seen a substantial decline since 2011. Please help to draw attention to the epidemic of Indian men’s suicides that takes the lives of close to 100,000 men each year in India. India’s men’s rights activists (MRAs) have much concern that Indian men’s suicides escalate.  … Continue reading

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Public violence against Indian men not the deadliest

“Indian Women Assault Men – Police Congratulate” used to happen a lot in India, does it still? It served well to put men in their place, deserved or not.  Still, public violence against Indian men is not the deadliest.   Men and women had equally long lives on average in India, not all that long ago. That was admirable, as that should be used as the standard for the desired outcome of the consequences of equal rights for the sexes. Nevertheless, the vilification of India’s men and the promoting of women’s rights and privileges led to India’s women now enjoying considerably longer lives than they did in 1960. In 1960, Indian women’s … Continue reading

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Men’s suicides in India inequality-driven

Update 2018 06 09 — Note: This update reflects that India’s NCRB censored itself after the initial version of this blog posting was published on June 17, 2017. Instances of the NCRB’s self-censorship are indicated by the notes in red font throughout the text of this blog posting. India experiences an epidemic of Indian men’s suicides, while the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) hides that fact behind a facade of Indian women as victims. About a week ago (June 2017), I found that the two graphs included in this article needed updating.   The data reflected in the graphs covered an aspect of suicides in India, suicides by husbands and … Continue reading

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Wind turbines are truly “green”?

Index Wind-farm trouble in Ontario Wind turbines produce problems. Energy generation from wind has serious ups and downs, in Germany, in all of Europe. Wind-farm trouble in Ontario Anyone who is expecting the construction of wind turbines in their neighbourhood may wish to watch this video. It is likely that the video will tell everything one needs to know, to learn that “green” is not a very enjoyable experience for many people who suffer on account of wind turbines near them, that it is not even “green.” See for example the section that presents data on what environmental pollution is being addressed (needlessly or even not at all) by wind turbines: … Continue reading

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Meat tax penalizes poverty

A meat tax — No price too high to save the planet?  Well, it is not to keep us healthy but to raise tax revenues.  After all, the governments look for ever new and more inventive ways to raise money through taxes. A meat tax penalizes poverty. Meat Tax: Influential Report Calls For Meat To Be Taxed Like Cigarettes by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, 24 Nov 2015 An influential think-tank with close ties to government has co-authored a report advocating so called meat tax as a means to lower meat consumption worldwide. Tackling climate change and improving public health can be achieved by forcing consumers to eat less meat in their diets, … Continue reading

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Eating saturated fat reduces risk of obesity

At, a  discussion thread on the realities of droughts, flooding, corruption, mismanaging the economy, catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, and politics contains a comment that is quite astounding for anyone who is concerned about the need to eat a fat-free diet, namely that eating saturated fat reduces the risk of obesity. Jimbo October 3, 2015 at 4:50 am: “Below is why skepticism is good. Consensus is meaningless. I think CAGW has gone through the following process but the failure of the IPCC projections is being denied. Annals of Internal Medicine – 18 March, 2014 Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury et al Association of Dietary, Circulating, and Supplement Fatty Acids With Coronary Risk: … Continue reading

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Population Control – War against the Poor

Population control — War against the poor: Today, someone made me aware of an article discussing the sad state of affairs of the care for the elderly in the U.K. The Telegraph Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets ‘Elderly people will be treated like second-class citizens and denied medical care under new targets which give priority to saving the lives of young people’ By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor May 29, 2015 Full story The U.K. is not the only country in the world where the disregard for the comforts and the lives of the elderly has taken on such proportions.  Such horror stories abound in most, if … Continue reading

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Prof fears rise of home-brewed heroin

Home-brewed heroin production: The 2015 05 21 print edition of the Edmonton Journal carried a front-page story promoting fear about breaking-bad style, home-brewed heroin production. The alarmist nature of the Edmonton Journal article by Sheila Pratt motivated me to look for more credible sources of less alarmist news on home-brewed heroin production.  I am glad that I did. The journalistic integrity of the Edmonton Journal most definitely appears to have taken a hit since the days Lorne Gunter was a member of its editorial board. It turns out that clues and motivation for that article were apparently obtained from an earlier article on the same topic that had appeared in … Continue reading

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