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Prevalent in totalitarian regimes

Identity politics founder on rock of reality

Identity politics founder on the rock of reality because, time and again, absurdities cannot circumvent reality. An ideal, conservative, moral universe (let’s not quibble but assume there is such a thing) needs no identity politics.  No one is favored, no one unfairly burdened, everyone has equal opportunities, equal rights, equal obligations and equal privileges.  That’s it, that’s all, and it doesn’t get any simpler. People (except for some progressives) in a conservative moral universe will be free and generally happy. An ideal, radical-liberal, moral universe (again, let’s not quibble but assume that Utopia can be created) needs a (at least theoretically) large but unknown numbers of identities.  Everyone is favored, everyone unfairly burdened, no one has equal opportunities, equal … Continue reading

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Equality of Outcomes vs Equality of Opportunities

Equality of Outcomes destroys Freedom. “A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.” —Milton and Rose Friedman, in Free to Choose: A Personal Statement The only thing that reflects Facebook’s design for the constraints it wants to place on freedom of expression, in the preceding quote, is that no one can accuse Facebook and the people who run and own it of failing “to promote … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression vs Identity politics and censorship

Individual rights and freedom of expression took thousands of years to evolve.  They made civilization great and held the promise to make it greater yet.  Facebook is out to dismantle much of the progress in attaining universal free speech.  Instead, Facebook promotes speech codes and censorship.  That is not progress, it is regress. Human nature strives to achieve improvement, perfection, with the limits to that only being set by human imagination, and that is limited only by human ingenuity.  No flights of unlimited human imagination are achievable by using anyone’s “community standards” that constrain freedom of expression.  They cannot even be launched, let alone be completed, when they are limited … Continue reading

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Speech codes limit the right to free speech

Update 2018 12 31: Rewritten to incorporate two sections, “Comparing Facebook to other utility-access services,” and “FB must not have the right to censor”  I’m no longer confused. I became confused when I heard the word ‘service’ used by these agencies: Revenue Canada Service, Canada Postal Service, Telephone Service, Civil Service, Provincial-, Municipal-, City-, Public Service and Social Media Service. That is not what I thought ‘service’ meant, but today I heard two farmers talking.  One of them said he had hired a bull to service a few cows. BAM!!! It all came into focus. —With apologies to Anonymous Speech codes limit the right to free speech and to freedom of … Continue reading

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Facebook : legislator, police, judge, jury, and jailer

Facebook becomes a contender in the realm of the business of the law.  That is not a good state of affairs.   Facebook assumes the roles of police, judge, jury and executioner, even that of the legislators (legislators means lawmakers, our legally elected, legal representatives, who “hammer out the laws” that our employees – the police, the judges, and our jailers and executioners of our system of jurisprudence – install, monitor adherence to, judge the quality of performance on and administer, are put in charge of performing the duties required to ensure that punishment ordered by judges is administered properly).    Facebook takes on all of those roles and the duties … Continue reading

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Turning moral traditions topsy-turvy

The drive for re-education, to turn established moral traditions topsy-turvy, is a convoluted road to travel. The FB-reality of that is that the use of bad and inappropriate language of the gutter variety is good, while even to insist only slightly on that established, more conservative traditions that society came to hold dear must be regarded as being in bad taste, wherefore it is verboten.  Things become very difficult and confusing, when good becomes bad and bad becomes good, when it may be that either or both are verboten, especially when it appears that good things may at times be verboten, while bad things (things that were judged bad hundreds … Continue reading

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Sniffing butts is impolite

Sniffing butts is impolite.  Sniffing butts is a No-No.  I know that it is, because my parents and my oldest sister (17 years older than I) told me so, a long time ago, without any help or nudging from Facebook.  It was in 1939 when that happened.  Facebook had not yet come on the scene. It made its first appearance 75 years later, in 2004.   Humanity had managed fairly well until then to catch on to the rules of politeness and of political correctness, without Facebook’s help. Still, being blessed with an analytical mind and fairly early in my life, before the invasion of Poland by Hitler’s Armed Forces, the Gestapo … Continue reading

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Fall asleep in democracy – Wake up in dictatorship

Who falls asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship. — Otto Gritschneder (when asked why he wanted to publicize the system of terror in German military justice under the Nazis) Introduction This article series addresses free speech, freedom of expression, Facebook censorship (allegedly measured against Facebook’s infamous “community standards” and thereby justified), identity politics, and the number of identities that identity politics must cater to. (A linked index is shown after the following image.) Index Introduction Preamble Sniffing butts is a No-No, and Being politically incorrect is verboten Turning moral traditions topsy-turvy Facebook : legislator, police, judge, jury, and jailer Speech codes limit the right to free speech Comparing … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors lack Objectivity, Knowledge

If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts. —Camille Paglia, in Sexual Personae When self-respecting social justice warriors (SJWs) wish to deprecate social conditions in the past, they never measure them by the social standards and circumstances that prevailed then. SJWs look at things the politically correct way. They: Always measure the past in terms of today’s social standards, in terms of victims of oppression and of oppressors, as otherwise they would make an objective assessment of how things were; By no means ever mention – let alone give credit to – those who did the most to make it possible to … Continue reading

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Islamic Rape of Europe : Hyperbole? Justified Claim?

Update 2018 11 29: Appended links to related interviews by Ezra Levant The Islamic Rape of Europe is an exaggeration, but it became a world-wide concern after numerous instances of sexual groping of women on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany.  What is the truth?  Are the growing public concerns over increasing numbers of rapes and other violent crimes by immigrants in Europe justified?  Perhaps. No link was identified with that image. The claim that the image on the magazine cover is exploding across Europe is at best an exaggeration, if not outright hype.  If such an explosion were happening, we would most certainly notice it being mentioned in the … Continue reading

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