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Prevalent in totalitarian regimes

A feminist shopping list of things to hate

On April 19th. 2013, the website of Fathers for Life and its affiliated blog dads & things became the victims of a hacker attack, apparently inspired, executed and or paid for by feminists who hate specific things, pages and graphics … Continue reading

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Corporate censorship directed against pro-male human-rights websites

Some people seem to think that the censorship directed against Fathers for Life, its affiliated blogs, and against my other websites (the latter being community oriented), involves someone taking them down.  That needs to be clarified. Nothing has been taken … Continue reading

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Censorship in action — Erin Pizzey is the target

To explain all of the ins and outs of the trend line will muddle the issue, therefore I will generalize. The trend line shows a gradual decline in traffic to Erin Pizzey’s web pages. That decline does not represent a … Continue reading

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Dads & Things at WordPress received “Badge of Recognition”

O2, a large, European, multinational corporation, and Symantec, makers and vendors of Norton Antivirus, also a multi-billion-dollar corporation, awarded the Badge of Recognition to  Dads & Things at WordPress. Ruth and I, the owners and operators of the blog, two … Continue reading

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More problems with Norton

The problems that the filtering and blocking by O2 and Symantec (makers of Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus) of pro-male human-rights websites causes are not all. Read the article by Angry Harry at the indicated link. Problems with Norton … Continue reading

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Australian Demographics and Suicide Statistics

Divorced men and women have the highest suicide rates, married people the lowest, but rates are higher for men than for women in all categories. I am still doing house-keeping stuff at Fathers for Life and came across this web … Continue reading

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Should you be an activist?

This is an entry regarding Website Statistics for Fathers for Life, 2006 to 2013 Summary, a new web page at Fathers for Life that I posted earlier this morning. Note 2013 04 09 19:45 hrs: Sorry for being held up … Continue reading

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Ten web pages at F4L that the feminists don’t want you to see

For titles, descriptions and URLs of the ten most-hated web pages at Fathers for Life, check: or (that URL is an RSS feed)

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More on the 2013 03 15 Hacker Attack on Fathers for Life

On March 15th, 2013, ten web pages were hacked into at the website of Fathers for Life.  Not much physical damage was done.  The file permissions for the web pages had been changed so that no one could access them … Continue reading

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Galganov: The Courts Are ANTI-FREEDOM  Add comments at Roadkill Radio Mar 20 2013 UNAFFORDABLE JUSTICE IS NO JUSTICE AT ALL: When there’s no real justice for people in the courts or government . . . where do people who have … Continue reading

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