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Self-starvation: life-style choice of well-to-do young women

“A Crime Against Women”

The Feminist Majority Foundation insists that they are the place to go to for “facts” and “news” on crime against women.  However, their facts on crime against women don’t add up and don’t make sense: Get the [feminist] facts on domestic violence and women’s rights, including feminist news on violence against women: Domestic Violence Info Center at the Feminist Majority Foundation. The vast majority of domestic assaults are committed by men. Even when men are victimized, 10% are assaulted by another man. In contrast, only 2% of women who are victimized are assaulted by another woman. Let’s assume for a moment that those statistics are correct. In that case, “when … Continue reading

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Trends of the politics of sex

This may be of interest to anyone who wishes to know about trends of various indicators regarding the consequences of the changes in the politics of sex. Have you ever used the information provided through on traffic volumes and ranking for websites (e. g.: If not, do it, and you will be surprised by the wealth of information you can glean from that. By replacing in the preceding link with the corresponding domain name and suffix for any other website you know, you can make an examination of website “reach” (the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site) that a given website represents over … Continue reading

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Cured anorexic seeks sympathy

Alyssa wrote: To The Webmaster, I think that as a site which clearly reaches so many people it is important that you provide more than one perspective on this illness. I am twenty years old, i was raised in a family that put no importance on looks, did not have magazines and nobody ever dieted. However, i developed anorexia at 12 years old. It remained very private as i was both restrictive and purging type anorexic. It got to the point where i had absolutely no control over my behavior and i became anxiety ridden and isolated. i narrowly avoided a heart attack. My recovery has been extremely difficult. I … Continue reading

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A perception of the validity of the anorexia-nervosa pages at Fathers for Life

Perciva wrote: What do you care if anorexia kills a lot or if it dosen’t? What difference does it make to you? Since you say your site is based on facts, and since you have no idea what makes a person anorexic, why don’t you withhold judgement of the issue until you know the etiology of the disease? I was an anorexic woman, cured many years ago now. I know why I became anorexic. I came to understand the driving force and dynamic behind the disease. With that in mind, the presumptuous angle of your writings looks rather silly. Take it from me, you are not fit to pass judgement … Continue reading

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Art and Anorexia Nervosa

Athena wrote: Ouch. Having a close friend affected by anorexia, I understand the reasoning behind wanting to get information out there for people. I just thought you would like provide nothing but legitimate information for people, so much that you would like to be aware of even something as simple as a photo is not what you’re asking people to believe what it is. It is the following image.. Which is featured on the page With this text referring to it.. Click on the photo on the left if you wish to see a larger version with better resolution.  If that is not enough to convince you of the … Continue reading

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Anorexia Nervosa kills very rarely

Anorexia Nervosa kills very rarely. The web pages on the topic of Anorexia Nervosa are by far the most-often visited web pages at Fathers for Life.  The blog category anorexia nervosa has been set up to give people who wish to comment here on the issue of anorexia nervosa a chance to do so. It appears that concerns about anorexia nervosa should not target it as being a deadly disease (it isn’t and kills very rarely) as much, as they should target the physical and emotional ugliness it creates for those who chose to acquire the addiction as well as for those who care about anorexia-nervosa addicts. This blog is moderated. … Continue reading

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