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Ending life in the womb

World population projections – Beware of sources

Updated 2019 05 24, to present more “precise” estimates of annual numbers of deaths caused by abortions, worldwide. UN world population projections are widely known.  Two other sources of world population projections deserve to be known as well.  They are the Wittgenstein Centre and IIASA.  The credibility of any of those sources is in the eye of the beholder.  Time will tell whose projections realistically predict what the future brings. Contrary to the UN projections, the IIASA medium (most likely) scenario indicates that world population will increase to 9.2 billion by 2050, peak at 9.4 billion around 2070 and start a slow decline to 9.0 billion by the end of … Continue reading

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Humane Society for Unborn – None, but there are for pets

Updated 2019 05 16: Appended Addendum A humane society for the unborn is virtually unheard of, instead, we are obsessed with pets to the point of worshiping them.  (What happened in Alabama, 2019 05 14, is therefore astounding.  Alabama’s Governor signed into law a near-total ban on abortions.) If we have gotten to the point in our desperate culture in which we feel obligated to kill children, regardless of why or of what color, then we do not deserve to survive and probably won’t. — William Faulkner I don’t know when William Faulkner (September 25, 1897 – July 6, 1962) stated that, but it was before our society became obsessed with … Continue reading

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Actual Average Lifespans Decline — US Women Lose Big

» Actual Average Lifespans Decline — U.S. Women Lose Big « That should have been in the headlines of the front pages for years.  It wasn’t.  International Women’s Day is not over. It would be over now, largely gone from our minds, if it weren’t for the news.  The news during the past few days mentioned much about discrimination against women, about an escalating epidemic of sexual harassment, about the persistent pay gap (entirely mythical, when examined objectively, which is of course never mentioned) that puts women at a disadvantage, and many more things like that – feminists had decided years ago – needed to be eradicated to make women … Continue reading

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Divorce causes population decline

…. previous page Part of the series ‘Communism → second-wave feminism → social re-engineering’Index and preamble for series Population decline Women’s liberation triggered population decline, not immediately, but it not only intensified the demand for birth control (that is, the prevention of conception), it also intensified the demand for “birth control” by means of abortion.  The consequences of that are now becoming visible, because actions have consequences.  We are harvesting what the feminists and other liberals of the ’60s have sown. Any country that has total fertility rates (the number of children born to an average woman of fertile age) that are above replacement level, that is, they suffice to maintain the … Continue reading

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Population Control – War against the Poor

Population control — War against the poor: Today, someone made me aware of an article discussing the sad state of affairs of the care for the elderly in the U.K. The Telegraph Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets ‘Elderly people will be treated like second-class citizens and denied medical care under new targets which give priority to saving the lives of young people’ By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor May 29, 2015 Full story The U.K. is not the only country in the world where the disregard for the comforts and the lives of the elderly has taken on such proportions.  Such horror stories abound in most, if … Continue reading

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Abortion – Death or life? You decide.

Abortion is being promoted for a number of reasons. The rationalization used to justify it is that it is being done “in the best interest of the children” (every child born is a wanted child) and to “promote equal rights for women” (so as to liberate women from the biological constraint of being the bearers of new life). In a different place and under another totalitarian regime, deadly human engineering, not quite as massive or as massively deadly, was being promoted not all that long ago thus: “[The State] must set race in the center of all life. It must take care to keep it pure. It must declare the … Continue reading

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Infanticide — a euphemism for child murder

Updates 2018 08 23: Minor edits, added links to related articles.2019 04 20: added link to related articles. Infanticide — a euphemism for child murder, a term that devalues the victim of the crime, a term that was created especially for women. If a man murders a child it is called by what it is: murder. He’ll go to prison for it for many years, after a murder trial in which he is more likely to be found guilty than a woman would if she had murdered the child under the same circumstances. If a woman murders a child, it is called infanticide. She’ll be tried in court for committing infanticide, … Continue reading

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Fathers for Life on Facebook

Updated 2019 04 22, to add links to related articles. The website Fathers for Life on Facebook. A couple of days ago I found something that very much surprised me, a FB page called Fathers for Life. That is a great page, and, no, I am neither its creator nor did I even until yesterday know that it existed. The fact that the FB page for Fathers for Life indicated here and my website share the same name is coincidental. The introduction to that page reads: Description Men rarely have little, if any, say in the abortion topic due to the liberal agenda of the pro-choice community making it a taboo. … Continue reading

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Men’s Issues – Justice for Men

Updated 2019 04 24, to add links to related articles. This video on men’s issues and justice for men hits the target. Watch it, learn from it and don’t forget to bookmark it.   It is difficult to find a better introduction to men’s issues. From the introduction to the YouTube video: “…Societal forces like chivalry, misandry and the onerous male sex role of provide and protect have been having the unfortunate consequence of obscuring the needs of men. This short video will give you an introductory glimpse of some men’s issues.” Men’s Issues Published on Aug 12, 2008 What are men’s issues? Watch this short flash video to get a … Continue reading

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Abolition of marriage, consequences

Updated 2019 04 25, to add more links to related articles. Orphans in the USSR Do not be surprised at the prevalence of abortions in communist- vs. feminist-dominated nations. Both live by the same doctrines: the abolition of marriage and women’s liberation as to the burden of child bearing and child raising. That means, if unwanted children will be aborted, then through that deadly process of elimination, ostensibly, every child carried to term is a wanted child, but nothing is perfect. That goes one step farther, and the solution to the perceived problem applies equally in feminist as in communist regimes. If children are born outside of wedlock, they are … Continue reading

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