About dads & things (and the blog rules)

This blog is about news and information relating to dads within and without families. It is also about children with and without dads. It is about the war against the family.

This blog covers some categories of concerns that, for some people, at first glance do not seem to have any direct connection with family matters.  They are covered because families are the fundamental building block of a well-functioning civilization.  Virtually everything that happens to civilization also has an impact on families and vice versa.  Families and civilization are in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.  Anything that affects one, affects the other; what hurts one also hurts the other.

dads & things is affiliated with the website of Fathers for Life.  It does not produce any sort of income and is operated entirely out of the small and limited personal incomes that are available to my wife and me.  We are both retired and are officially poor.  We have that from an authoritative source, Revenue Canada.  They tell the truth in that regard, as we do not cheat on our income-tax returns.

This is a moderated blog. At the present time, individual blog entries are open to comment for no longer than 30 days, each, and are closed to comments after that interval.  The interval may be expanded indefinitely if I manage to get the problem of spammer-subscriptions under control.  For now, that problem is the overwhelmingly primary reason why dads & things is a moderated blog.  Some spam gets through spam detection, I still receive close to 100 spammer subscription a day, and I just finished deleting 32,000 of them.  Moderation permits me to stay on top of that issue.  No one would like the looks of the blog without moderation.

Although some people have accused me of using a heavy hand when moderating, you may comment on any of the ideas and information posted at this blog, but the following rules apply (they have changed a little over time and may possibly change a little more as time goes by):


  1. Keep your comments short.  Consider that a longer posting should, and may perhaps require to, be posted as a guest-post, so that it can become the beginning of a new discussion thread.
  2. When making a comment, stay on topic.  The title of the initiating posting usually states what the topic is.
  3. Make no ad-hominem attacks (any statement that a. appeals to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect, or b. is marked by or is an attack on an opponent’s character rather than being a response to the contentions made).
  4. Do not swear or use vile language.
  5. Do not call for revolutions or assassinations.
  6. Do not deprecate ethnic or racial origins.
  7. Use facts and logic in your comments.
  8. You will not be permitted to point to any location of information without stating which specific item of information at that location it is that you refer to and wish the reader to look up.  In addition to that, you must also state sufficient details that will enable anyone to find with ease the exact location of a specific item of information you are using to illustrate or support your point of view.
  9. Do not base your comments on political correctness. (Political correctness usually precludes logic and facts and is generally based on unsubstantiated opinions.)
  10. Do not troll or pile on (to pile on is to respond to an argument without properly answering a point that was made but to offer instead more opinions that are not or at best only remotely related to the contention).
  11. Postings may not contain or point to advertising, so as to promote a product or service, but they may identify advertising to illustrate a point under discussion, if the advertising is used to deprecate or slander fathers and families.
  12. In general, this blog permits freedom of speech.  With the ever-intensifying promotion of more self-centeredness, especially through the education system during the last few generations, it has come to pass that many people now see freedom of speech as the right to say anything they want, without regard to whether what they say is true or a violation of the standards of civility.  That is not a view that is tolerated here.
    At dads & things freedom of speech is encouraged, but it is constrained by the obligation to express the truth that can be backed up by information from credible sources and by the obligation to extend common decency to others.
    Rights bring responsibilities and obligations.  Without duties and responsibilities no rights can be exercised or enjoyed.  Without that there will be mob rule and chaos.
  13. A comment that does not meet all of the preceding rules will not be posted.

In the event of any disagreement with those rules, the moderator (that is I) has the last word.  Repeated offences of the blog rules will result in the poster being banned.  Anyone banned from commenting will still be able to access all of the information presented at dads & things.

If for any reason your comment did not get posted (if a comment is not posted because it violates the blog rules, I at least post a note as to why its text is not being shown, and there hardly any, if any, of those), then your comment most likely got stuck in the spam filter, perhaps for a reason such as that you used prohibited language or because you tried to show more than four URLs, but there are too many reasons to mention as to why it could have happened.  If you feel that your comment is not likely to have caused offence, post a note about it in Tips and Notes, with the date on which the comment was supposed to have been posted, and I will attempt to find it, but there are no guaranties.


Note 2013 03 30: dads $ things was a reasonably popular blog for some years, but circumstances developed that prevented the blog from growing in popularity. I had a heart attack that required hospitalization, the host server used software that did not keep up with the state of the art pertaining to the prevention of spammer-subscriptions, and I became heavily involved with an environmental controversy that threatened the quality of life of the residents in our county.

In consequence, I had to close dads and & things to comments.

All of those issue have now been resolved, and I hope to be able to revive public interest in the blog.

dads & things has a new look, the user-interface was improved, spammer subscriptions are under control, a good number of new postings were made during the past few weeks, and already some new subscribers showed up.

My other half and I hope that you will be able to subscribe to the blog, so that you can contribute to making this blog a success in support of fathers and families, because they are what it is all about.

Today I spruced up the blog rules a little and inserted rule #12.

Note 2013 04 01: Today I expanded on the issue of spam-filtering, and on moderation (not censorship) being part of that.

Please let us have your comments.

2 Responses to About dads & things (and the blog rules)

  1. Oscar says:

    Hi all,

    During separation my ex-wife and child moved to Winnipeg and I continue living in Calgary

    It has been a marriage where I have been suffering family violence.

    To access visitation I have to travel to Winnipeg where my son lives. Because I am not Manitoba resident myself I have NO rights during my visits to get my child and I any protection by regular organizations.

    With other men suffering family violence I’ll be glad to find a peer in Winnipeg who can understand my circumstances and I am looking during my visits for a safe place where to pay a room for my 8 years old son and I to stay.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration


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