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This blog, dads and things, is about news and information relating to dads within and without families. It is also about children with and without dads. It is about the war against the family.

Dads and Things — Things don't work well without dads.

Dads and Things — Things don’t work well without dads.

Dads and things covers some categories of concerns that, for some people, at first glance do not seem to have a direct connection with family matters.  They are covered because families are the fundamental building blocks of a well-functioning civilization.  Virtually everything that happens to civilization also has an impact on families and vice versa.  Families and civilization are in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.  Anything that affects one, affects the other; what hurts one also hurts the other.  When families and the rules that govern families and their existence become chaotic, the society made up of chaotic families becomes chaotic as well.

Dads and things is affiliated with the website of Fathers for Life.  It does not produce any sort of income and is operated entirely out of the small and limited personal incomes that are available to my wife and me.  We are both retired and officially poor.  We have that from a good authority, Revenue Canada.  They tell the truth in that regard.  We do not cheat on our income-tax returns.

This is a moderated blog. At the present time, individual blog entries are open to comment for no longer than 30 days, each, and are closed to comments after that interval.  The interval may be expanded indefinitely if I manage to get the problem of spammer-subscriptions under control.  For now, that problem is the overwhelmingly primary reason why dads and things is a moderated blog.  Some spam gets through spam detection, I still receive close to 100 spammer subscription a day, and I just finished deleting 32,000 of them.  Moderation permits me to stay on top of that issue.  No one would like the looks of the blog unless it is moderated.

Dads and things is closed for comments, but I can be reached at Facebook. I may not respond immediately but will try.  If you wish to have something posted at the blog that should be seen by others. send it to my FB address, but make sure to follow the blog rules that apply there as well as here.


[Update 2018 03 02] My other half and I hope that you will be able to subscribe to the blog, so that you can contribute to making this blog a success in support of fathers and families, because they are what it is all about.  As long as FB reigns in its greed for the power to socially engineer society and to mold it into the shape it wants, as long as it permits people to write to me, that is, as long as FB does not censor me, get in touch with Dads and Things @ FB (the same house rules apply there).

Please let us have your comments. Get in touch with  Dads and Things @ FB.


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  2. Oscar says:

    Hi all,

    During separation my ex-wife and child moved to Winnipeg and I continue living in Calgary

    It has been a marriage where I have been suffering family violence.

    To access visitation I have to travel to Winnipeg where my son lives. Because I am not Manitoba resident myself I have NO rights during my visits to get my child and I any protection by regular organizations.

    With other men suffering family violence I’ll be glad to find a peer in Winnipeg who can understand my circumstances and I am looking during my visits for a safe place where to pay a room for my 8 years old son and I to stay.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration


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