‘Science 2.0’ weighs in — Alessandro Strumia’s reputation

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‘Science 2.0’ weighs in on the destruction of Alessandro Strumia’s character, motivations, reputation and career prospects.

»Strumia’s slides contain a collection of half-baked claims, coming from his analysis of InSpire data from citations and authorship of articles in theoretical physics. I consider his talk offensive on many levels. It starts by casting the woman discrimination issue in scientific academia as a test of hypothesis of whether the “man-woman” symmetry is explicitly broken (i.e. there is no symmetry) or spontaneously broken (by a difference of treatment) – something that could even raise a smile in a geeky physicist; but the fun ends there.

He uses all sorts of ways, from methodologically questionable to ridiculous, to try and make his point….«

—Tommaso Dorigo,
in “Alessandro Strumia, The Mansplainer
(This is a link to “Strumia’s slides“.)

In paragraph 8 of his commentary, Tommaso Dorigo promises that he “will not comment further Strumia’s discussion, other than noting that [Prof. Alessandro Strumia] heavily relies for his “inference” on the IQ:…” and nevertheless rambles on for another four full paragraphs, for another 370 words.

Still, Tommaso Dorigo presented in his long commentary not a single fact that disproves any of Alessandro Strumia’s claims that there is anti-male discrimination in hiring at CERN or in the science of physics.

Tommaso Dorigo concludes his commentary with “We cannot silence minoritarian views – that would be horribly bad. But we can certainly disallow them from mudding waters and prevent us from taking rational actions.”  There you are, “rational actions” indicates without a doubt that we must pursue political correctness, affirmative action hiring and equality of outcomes.

Could we possibly get into troubled waters by pursuing science with mediocre resources instead of developing them with what had made them great: excellence?  Jonathan Swift, one of the original mansplainers, described long ago what is wrong with the consequences of the diktats of ideology in science, when he had Gulliver recount his observations on ‘scientific’ inquiry in Laputa (Gulliver’s Travels, A Voyage to Laputa, Chapter 5).

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