Family courts solve divorce applications backlog

Family Courts (they essentially give marching orders to Child Protective Services) – put in place during the 1960s to solve a growing divorce applications backlog – primarily target men.  They also seriously hurt children.

Getting dad out of the picture

Getting dad out of the picture:
The Fatherless Society

  • Family courts were to mitigate the divorce applications backlog in the regular court system (in the early 1960s, waiting periods for court hearings after divorce applications were three and more years – and rapidly growing longer).
  • The growing divorce applications backlog was a consequence of the legalization of ‘no-fault’ divorce.
  • In ‘no-fault’ divorce, the default position is nevertheless that the fault is placed on the shoulders of the men.
  • All of that works exceedingly well, so that, if they cannot resist the urge to have families and children,
    1. Men will be punished severely for trying, by forcing them to pay for divorces and their consequences, thereby to serve as examples of what is in store for them if they dare, and, even better,
    2. Many more men will be scared to have families and children, and who can blame them for that?  They have good reasons to be scared.  Every man easily knows dozens of men (fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, cousins, friends, team mates, co-workers, etc.) who, on account of divorces, had been fleeced, put through the wringer, squeezed dry and stripped of everything they had –and even worse – roughly one out of every two men they know.  Half of those who pay no heed will get a rude awakening when their turn comes.

Nothing would have been gained in solving the divorce application backlog if divorce and child custody hearings would have been transferred to family courts, while leaving the traditional court procedures intact.  No, the objective was to streamline court hearings involving family law.  Therefore a few things had to be done away with, such as,

  • Jury trials;
  • The rules of the court;
  • The rules of evidence;
  • The right of the accused to a fair trial, and even
  • The right of the accused to face his accuser (which is why family courts are infamous for routinely handing down ex parte orders, which are essentially the outcomes of trials in absentia).

All of that had a fine effect.  The backlog of divorce applications was dealt with in very short order.  Mind you, although family courts deal quickly with large volumes of family law cases, they also serve to bring more business to the appeal courts, for those litigants who feel that their issues were not dealt with fairly in family court and who have a fair bit of money to spend on such issues.  Still, that is not a very big problem, as most people dealt with in family courts don’t have the financial resources necessary to obtain justice through appeals.

Getting rid of Dad

Getting rid of Dad:
The Fatherless Society

A few articles in the media focused on the issue of the increasingly fatherless society but never did more than scratch the surface of the social problems that were about to happen.

Still, the program for the persecution of men who dare to have families and children proved to be the best combination of effectiveness and profitability of all population control measures ever devised and employed. The powers who engineered that and made it happen saw that it was good and therefore ensure that it will remain so.

After all, the goal is to bring the size of the world population down to between a billion and 300 million people, and much more work of that nature remains to be done.

That does not mean that women who clamor for divorce or single-parent status, so as to have it all, do have it all. No, that is not it, not by a long shot.  There are other consequences.  After all, fathers are not only excellent providers and protectors to ensure the comfort of women, they also comprise half of the first teachers of our children.  Removing half of those teachers will affect children – boys and girls – negatively.  There is little consolation in the fact that, amongst other things, boys will become more feminized.  That issue alone provides so much reading material that even a speed reader could stay occupied by that topic for the rest of his life.

144 years of marriage and divorce rates

Marriage and Divorce Rates (h/t

Consider, for example, that many sociologists hold that the divorce rate is the best predictor of future criminality, but high divorce rates and declining marriage rates have many more consequences. One of those is that divorces cause a substantial number of men to commit suicide.

Canada — suicide rates vs. divorce rates over time

Canada — suicide rates vs. divorce rates over time (StatCan)

The divorce revolution was obviously as deadly in Canada as it was everywhere else.  It must be realized that it was far more deadly for men than it was for women, as is shown in the following graph from an article I wrote and published, “July 1st 2000, Canada Day — Proud Canadians?” It is exceedingly important to recognize one core truth that was not and still is not being discussed very often.  Although the divorce revolution that now has all of the developed nations and most other nations in the world in its grips was and still is especially deadly for boys and men, it hardly affected girls and women.

Family courts played and important role in the esclating suicides of men and boys.

Suicides, a deadly consequence of the divorce revolution, especially for men and boys – but hardly so, of course, for girls and women.
(Data Source: StatCan)

The fact that the divorce revolution was (and still is) especially deadly for men and boys (not only in Canada), should all along have been and still be but was not front page news  since the 1960s.

Still, while Father State has the power and uses it to expunge loving, caring husbands, fathers, providers and protectors from their families, it is a poor, inferior substitute: impersonal, basically uncaring, unloving and incapable of engaging on a personal level. Therefore, women who choose to be single parents are left with the reality that, instead of having it all, they have to do it all, and they must do it by themselves, alone, and – on average – under ever deteriorating and ever more oppressive conditions.

Ostensibly it is all being done in the best interest of the children. Who in their right and politically-correct mind can possibly find fault with any of that? The end justifies the means! /sarc
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