Feminist Conquest -Supremacism – in India vs Male Rights

Male rights to procreate (or not) are some of many rights being lost by Indian men in the context of the feminist conquest of India. Female supremacism thus becomes ever more firmly entrenched. Siddharthasankar Mukherjee explained the implications of that in a Facebook posting:

The Abrogation of Male Procreation Rights

By Siddharthasankar Mukherjee, 2018-06-01, Facebook

Well. All rights are of women.

Why not aggrieved men then avoid celebration of so-called Independence day when they are actually dependent on women’s will?

Supreme Court says a woman has unimpeachable right whether she wants to have a baby or wants to abort a baby. Indirectly they are saying that a decision related to having or not having a child is entirely hers and husband has no say in it, putting an official stamp on the feminist theory of #MyBodyMyChoice

But what about autonomy of a man over his decisions? What if he doesn’t want to have a child because he can’t afford to or can take responsibility of but the woman refuses to abort? Then if he refuses to pay for upbringing of child, he is served with court notice under DV Act where he has to part away with his money even though he did not want to.

What if the man wants to feel the bliss of being a father and expects his wife to give him a child but she doesn’t want to bear a child for various reasons ? Can he then exercise his bodily autonomy and go and have a child with some other woman who is willing to give him one?

Which brings me back to the question I have been asking for a long time – what are the “rights” of a man within a marriage now that are recognized by courts? I am not talking about his rights in case of divorce(there also he hardly has any) but rights during subsistence of Marriage….

Can the courts reflect on this?

Even women have rights on the bygone times! Men are only to toil and serve women! Have men any Independence allowed by court?

To drive the point of the abrogation of male procreation rights home within the context of the feminist conquest of India, Siddharthasankar Mukherjee closed his commentary with a link to a commentary on the latest Supreme Court of India decision on female supremacism over Indian men after divorce:

Abrogation of male rights through the feminist conquest of India — Supreme Court states that women can file complaints against ex-husbands under domestic violence law even after divorce

[India] Supreme Court states that women can file complaints against ex-husbands under domestic violence law even after divorce — FIRSTPOST.COM

That implies, of course, that – because the law explicitly grants only women that right – men do not have the right to freedom of choice in matters of procreation.

Special rights are being granted only to women, whereby – with each such special right granted – female supremacism becomes ever more firmly entrenched.

#FeministConquestOfIndia #MaleProcreationRights #FemaleSupremacy

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