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Fort Saskatchewan Solo Liquor Store provides discounts?

Yesterday I found out that the Fort Saskatchewan Solo Liquor Store (the one right next to Giant Tiger, the one with the big sign on the store front that reads “Solo Liquor Discounts”) does not deliver what it promises but … Continue reading

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Shady deal involving Canadian Atlantic Fishery

A shady deal involving Canadian Atlantic Fishery (h/t Jeff Rowsell) Something is rotten with the state of the fishery in Canada’s Atlantic provinces and family members of Canada’s Liberal Party using a back-room deal to corner a lucrative chunk of … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast Accuracy

The weather forecast accuracy, or rather the persistent lack of it, has been bothering me for a long time. I had wanted to get an appreciation of what I had suspected and what is virtually never mentioned, namely that weather … Continue reading

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Rente retten

Rente retten – Dieser Auftrag einer neuen Kommission von zehn Experten macht Claudia Kirn Sorgen, und sie (mit allen anderen Rentnern in Deutschland, wie auch in allen anderen entwickelten Staaten) ist berechtigt sich darüber Sorgen zu machen. “Die deutsche Gesellschaft überaltert, … Continue reading

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