Second-wave feminism causes harmful fallout

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Fallout from second-wave feminism

Second-wave feminism is liked by many, but it is definitely not all good, far from it. “May you live in interesting times,” is a popular expression. Well, we now live in interesting times, as we watch ten-thousand years of civilization’s evolution reverse or at the very least go into unexplored, dangerous territory. The traditional nuclear family had for 10,000 years been the basic building block of society.  It had been in a symbiotic relationship with civilization.  It can and should be argued that the traditional nuclear family, in the greater context, is civilization.

The “family” in all ages and in all corners of the globe can be defined as a man and a woman bonded together through a socially approved covenant of marriage to regulate sexuality, to bear, raise, and protect children, to provide mutual care and protection, to create a small home economy, and to maintain continuity between the generations, those going before and those coming after.

It is out of the reciprocal, naturally recreated relations of the family that the broader communities–such as tribes, villages, peoples, and nations–grow.

— Allan Carlson, in
What’s Wrong With the United Nations Definition of ‘Family’?
The Family in America (August 1994), p. 3

NOW’s 1966 National Conference Resolutions became the prescription for how society and civilization ought to be changed to be fit for use by women, and thereby was launched the gradual deconstruction of not only American society but of civilization.

Ten-thousand years of social evolution cannot be undone over night, but we have come a long way in just three generations with the social deconstructing that has been achieved.  There is a reckoning; actions have consequences.

“Contemporary (or second wave) feminism has aptly been described as “Marxism without economics,” since feminists replace class with gender as the key social construct. Of course, what society constructs can be deconstructed. This is the feminist project: to abolish gender difference by transforming its institutional source — the patriarchal family. Certain streams of the Gay Rights movement have taken this analysis one step farther. The problem is not just sexism but heterosexism, and the solution is to dismantle not just the patriarchal family but the heterosexual family as such.”

— F.L. Morton & Rainer Knopff, in
The Charter Revolution & The Court Party (p. 75)

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