Ashley Murrell found dead husband

Ashley Murrell found dead husband, after banishing him to sofa, but it has now emerged that she is in a relationship with his brother, Chris.

Husband died in his sleep after being banished to the sofa

A heartbroken mum has urged families to never go to bed without solving an argument after her husband died in his sleep. Ashley Murrell said she has been left feeling guilty because she rowed with Mikey Murrell before banishing him to the sofa – where she discovered his body in the morning.

When Mikey, 36, came home from his job as a carpet cleaner after a 16-hour shift on May 16, his worried wife said he was running himself into the ground – and they didn’t make up before bedtime. She didn’t realise that he was working the extra time to save up to take Ashley to Prague for their anniversary on July 3. Now she has spoken out about her tragic story, telling people to always kiss their loved ones goodnight and not to go to sleep on an argument….Read more

Wife starts relationship with brother-in-law two months after finding husband dead on couch

Just two months after her husband was found dead on the couch she’d banished him to, a widow has found love with his brother.

Mother-of-three Ashley Murrell spoke about how she and her husband of seven years, Mikey, had been fighting over the amount of hours he was working at his carpet cleaning business.

Unaware he had been working extra hours to save for a surprise anniversary trip to Prague, Ashley banished the 36-year-old Somerset father to the couch.

On May 16 she woke to find her husband dead in the lounge room….Read more

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