Islamic migration impervious to Church property court battles

Islamic migration is not affected by a developing Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle.  That battle is only a small part of a far greater problem, globally  The fundamental causes that led to that court battle are but a small part of far greater, global problem causes, collectively. Those fundamental causes are all-pervasive and happen in many thousands of localities in the developed nations.  Their consequences now motivate the western leaders to give a helping hand to Islamic migrants, making the people that are to be augmented or replaced through Islamic migration foot the bill.

The birth dearth and ideological disagreements cause problems

Islamic migration is impervious to the Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle

Bruderheim Moravian Church, now the cause of a court battle (click on the image for an Edmonton Sun article, 2017 06 18, on that subject)

Christian communities, plagued by low birth rates, increasingly often worry how to dispose of their assets, in some cases by alleviating the cost of maintaining and operating their church buildings, through attempting to have them declared historical buildings, perhaps by donating them to local historical exhibits operated by foundations or even the government, or by simply having the church buildings demolished if they cannot — or will not — be let for non-religious purposes.  The Bruderheim Moravian Church community built a new church building and then converted their old church building to a museum.  Then they found that the new church building could not be filled by church members whose numbers had been declining and continued to decline.

The Bruderheim Moravian church community made arrangements with another local Christian denomination to share the use of the building, whereby to defray the cost of operating it.  It was discovered that sharing a church building with another Christian denomination is fine, but not when the other denomination differs in some fundamental ideological principles.  In this case it was thought that tolerating gender fluidity may be acceptable to other Christian denominations but not to the people who built the Bruderheim Moravian church that the others now used to hold their services in.  Such is human nature.  People agree to coöperate to achieve certain things until they find out that they can’t agree on the ways in which those things are to be achieved.  Thereby they prepare the ground on which Islam can and does establish itself, by creating a target, the incentive and the demand for Islamic migration.  That may seem like a jump in logic, but consider.

The Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle that now evolves is only the latest consequence of many decisions that were taken by many people over the span of a good number of generations.  Those decisions led to the circumstances that brought about the court battle: declining numbers of births led to declining church membership and attendance.  That led to first worrying about what to do with a church building that became more and more expensive to maintain.  Collectively, decisions in the personal lives of members — past and present — of the Bruderheim Church community and little else, caused the birth dearth that resulted in the circumstances with which the Bruderheim Moravian Church community is now trying to come to terms.

Islamic migration demographics

The Bruderheim Moravian Church community is one of many thousands of  Christian church communities, of many different denominations in all developed nations, who all made very similar decisions that had virtually identical consequences in many thousands of comparable localities in all developed nations.  There is a very real, deadly population decline of the indigenous populations of all developed nations.  Not only does that cause the latter to have problems that vary little from those that the Bruderheim Church community must come to terms with, it causes their  infra structures, economies and social safety nets to experience very similar problems, mainly the shortage of money and people to maintain them with,

Population trend of Morocco. Morocco is one of the sources of Islamic migration to the developed nations.

Morocco is one of the many Islamic sources of the Islamic migration that transfers primarily young, healthy men of military age to the nations of Europe and the developed nations of the rest of the world.  Clicking on the image will permit to change the statistics to those of other Islamic nations of your choice.

Nature abhors a vacuum, even when it is a demographic one.  Given the slightest chance, something will always rush in to fill a vacuum, until the pressure differential between source and destination is equalized.  The flow is always from higher pressure to lower pressure.  Migrants move from nations with large, poor and growing populations to nations with low, rich and declining populations.

Population trend of Germany. Germany is one of the destinations of Islamic migration to the developed nations.

Germany’s shrinking, indigenous population is gradually but inexorably being replaced by migrants from Islamic nations, as happens in virtually all European nations (Poland is an exception).

The current Islamic migration involves massive populations transfers. It is not debatable that many Imams and Islamic politicians exhort their audiences to continue the Islamic Jihad Islamic migration to non-Islamic nations, to begin producing children there, and to thereby replace the resident, decrepit, aging population of their host countries, that the booty of that Jihad will be theirs, and that they can and will become rich, too, by acquiring the wealth of their nations of choice.  The wealth of the developed nations is a house of cards that may come down at any moment.  All of them are deeply and hopelessly in debt.  A far larger portion of the debts owed comprise unfunded (non-secured) liabilities that must nevertheless be paid when they come due.

The children, grandchildren and great-grand children required to pay the debts and the far greater unfunded liabilities when those come due are no longer being born and raised.  It is very doubtful that the new Islamic migrants will, not that they even could, if they wanted to.  Debt financing by governments through inter-generational transfer of debt may be fine when a nation’s own descendants are the ones to be burdened, but why would migrants from underdeveloped nation educated in a foreign ideology and totally different ethics be willing to take on those obligations?  The share per household of those massive debts are presently in the order of a million dollars on average (in Canada, about $350,000 for every man woman and child).

Incidentally, many Christian churches in Europe and in other parts of the world are not being torn down because there is no longer any use for them on account of their declining congregations.  Those churches serve a growing need on account of Muslim migration. Many of those churches have been and are being converted into mosques.  Christian denominations may or may not be able to agree with others on how to accommodate gay rights.  Fundamentalist Muslims know precisely what they want, and they won’t given inch.  They toss homosexuals off buildings.

The old Bruderheim Church was turned into a museum

The old Bruderheim Moravian Church was turned into a museum

Many progressive locals in developed nations, always ready to welcome and accept Muslims with open arms (after all, there is nothing to fear, as Islam is “a religion of peace”), go to incredible lengths to rationalize and justify the obsession of many radical Muslims to be violent and to pursue their urges that drive some Muslims to be violent and to frequently kill and rape.  Progressives are ultimately silenced only if not just their neighbours and compatriots perish in bomb blasts or by being stabbed or even having their heads cut off, but when the progressives become the targets of Islamic violence that silences them forever.  Let there be no mistake, it is far from my mind to assert that all Muslims kill and rape, vastly most do not!  The fact remains that the ones who do, do so in disproportionately large numbers.

Islamic migration and the Pillars of Islam

The rise of Islamic migration helps to spread Islamic inter-sectarian violence throughout the world. The speed at which that happens depends on the rate of Islamic migration and on how tightly the individual members of specific Islamic sects cling to a set of the Islamic Pillars of Wisdom that for some may or may not include the Pillar that pertains to the obligation to participate in— actively or indirectly, at the very least in the financial support of — the Islamic Jihad. (More on that)

When it comes to waging the Islamic Jihad against the kaffirs (the unbelievers, the infidel, and the Pagans) many Islamic sects that were traditionally at each others’ throats become at times united, and some may form alliances, at least as far as fighting their common enemies goes.

The Islamic Pillar of Wisdom that pertains to the Islamic Jihad contains a multitude of instructions that address different manifestations of the Jihad, for example:

  1. Offensive jihad is war against infidels beyond the realm of Islam.
  2. Defensive jihad is waged when Muslim territory is attacked or occupied, or when Islam itself is threatened; For “those who cannot fight, there is
  3. financial jihad (boycotts);
  4. “jihad of the tongue” (propaganda); and even
  5. political jihad (engaging in elections), although the latter is highly controversial in violent jihadi circles.”
    Source: IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Voices of Jihad, Compilation and Commentary, by David Aaron, published 2008 by the RAND Corporation.
    (More and link to that)

Back to the Bruderheim Moravian Church property court battle

Meanwhile, closer to home, there is Christian inter-sectarian “violence,” too, violence that involves formal, ritual expressions of violence on the field of battle of the courts, the sort of violence that lawyers and other members of the legal industry love to participate in and egg on, because few things serve better to put bread and butter on their tables and to permit them to make the loan payments on their Teslas (Beemers are not that much anymore the cars of choice for lawyers). Mind you, at least those sort of battles do not involve the mandate to cut off the heads of the members of the party of choice to be opposed.

In the particular case of such ritual violence in the small town of Bruderheim, Alberta, the consequences are, nevertheless, if not as deadly, just as devastating in terms of financial losses for the individuals who will have to bear the costs — although those losses are gains for the lawyers (who come out the winners, regardless of which of the warring parties wins the argument). In this case, the battle is over the new state-religion imposed by progressive forces in Canadian politics, an ideology that is being rammed down the throats of the people of Canada, whether they want them or not.

Islamic migration causes the conversion of churches to mosques

The Bruderheim Moravian Church will eventually be affected by Islamic migration, just as Hagia Sophia was.

Hagia Sophia Mars 2013

The Haga Sophia, Instanbul, Turkey, Image By Arild Vågen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Conversion of Christian church buildings to mosques on account of Islamic migration through conquest was common throughout history, but it is being done far more frequently now than it ever was.  There is a great demand for mosques in virtually all developed nation, more so in Europe than in North America, but demand is picking up here, too.
The most famous of such conversions was that of Hagia Sophia.  Let there be no mistake as to how important an event that was.
Until 1453 AD, Haga Sophia was just as important to the people and nations who adhered to the Greek Orthodox Christian Church as is St. Peter’s Basilica to Roman Catholics the world over.
Hagia Sophia was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica (from 537 AD until 1453), later an imperial mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1453, Constantinople (now Istanbul) was conquered by the Ottoman Empire under Mehmed the Conqueror, who ordered this main church of Orthodox Christianity converted into a mosque.
The bells, altar, iconostasis, and other relics were destroyed and the mosaics depicting Jesus, his Mother Mary, Christian saints and angels were also destroyed or plastered over. Islamic features—such as the mihrab, minbar, and four minarets—were added.
More: Wikipedia

Take a look at this, at what happens to a small church community in a small prairie town: a storm in a tea-cup that is an example of something that is wide-spread and a manifestation of a major change in the climate of our established, time-proven cultural and moral traditions. Change for the sake of change is not necessarily always bad, but it can have far-reaching, harmful consequences and often does, not by itself, but collectively, as a tiny part of many thousands of such instances elsewhere in a nation and in the world.

People can argue all they want, as to whether to fight over such things is Christian.  The consequences of such fighting — Christian or not — are nevertheless always harmful in many different ways.  Still, the good thing is that there are no crucifixions and no heads are made to roll. After all, the members of the warring parties cannot afford to lose any lives. Their birth rate is so low that within a couple of generations, at the latest, they will not have enough church members anymore in either of the warring parties to make it worthwhile keeping their shared church open.  Furthermore, by that time the Bruderheim Moravian Church building will quite conceivably serve as a mosque.

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2017 07 04: Edited to include thoughts on the birth dearth prevalent in many thousands of church communities in the developed nations and to show how the problems caused by that help to bring about massive Islamic migration


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