Stephen’s Art

Stephen is an artist whose work spans antler carvings and much more.

Examples of antler carvings by Stephen:









Wall Clock on cedar slab


Mantle Clock

Stephen will carve per request and make deals (e.g.: accept moose antlers as part of price for carvings).

Price for a carving like any of those shown here: Can$350

Contact: (780) 893-4437 (Leave message with your tel.#, if necessary.) You can also leave a FB message here. It will be passed on to Stephen.
Note: The following opinions are mine and not necessarily Stephen’s.

Stephen is not only an artist but also an unemployed construction worker who is in danger of losing his home because he will probably remain unemployed – like many other Albertans – on account of Rachel Notley’s and Justin Trudeau’s decision to approve a Quebec contractor to rebuilt Fort McMurray, a Northern-Alberta city that is struggling to emerge out of the destruction caused by the recent forest fire that put large portions of it to rubble and ashes.

It is nepotism.  What will be next?  Will the provincial and federal governments grab the right to decide who will sweep our streets, cut our lawns, collect our garbage, dig our gardens?

We must hang together.  If we don’t, our “leaders” will make sure that we will hang separately.  It is neither the provincial- nor the federal governments’ responsibility or right to decide which of their favorite contractors should benefit from the work necessary to rebuild Ft. McMurray.  The city of Ft. McMurray has the right to make that decision.

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