Meat tax penalizes poverty

A meat tax — No price too high to save the planet?  Well, it is not to keep us healthy but to raise tax revenues.  After all, the governments look for ever new and more inventive ways to raise money through taxes. A meat tax penalizes poverty.

Meat Tax: Influential Report Calls For Meat To Be Taxed Like Cigarettes

by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, 24 Nov 2015

An influential think-tank with close ties to government has co-authored a report advocating so called meat tax as a means to lower meat consumption worldwide.

Tackling climate change and improving public health can be achieved by forcing consumers to eat less meat in their diets, and it is up to government to force that change, finds a new report. Co-authored by the University of Glasgow and Chatham House, one of the world’s most influential think-tanks, the paper claims “our appetite for meat is a major driver of climate change”…. Full article

There are issues with the idea of forcing everyone to become vegetarian.

  1. There is more than enough proof that eating a meatless diet can cause serious health issues.
  2. A meat tax is punishment of the poor. It condemns them to an intensification of their miserable existence.
  3. There is no valid justification for a meat tax, other than the insatiable greed of governments to tax the energy we use, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

The idea that a meat tax is necessary because doing so will curb climate change is propaganda and not supported by valid scientific evidence, but have a look at what Chatham House put into their report: Changing Climate, Changing Diets: Pathways to Lower Meat Consumption

That our “appetite for meat is a major driver of climate change” is an unsubstantiated, propagandist assertion.

It is not necessarily true that public “awareness of the link between diet and climate is very low.” There has been more than enough propaganda to make the public aware of that claim. The public took note of the assertion, assessed it, found it wanting, and gave it no more concern than it deserves. Poll after poll finds that concern for causes of climate change ranks at the very bottom of the list of concern.  Take for example the results from a 2016 UN poll, My World, with close to ten million respondents from all over the world:

Where does a meat tax fit in? Climate Change Ranks Bottom Of Concerns In UN Poll

Climate Change Ranks Bottom Of Concerns In UN Poll, OCTOBER 7, 2016, by Paul Homewood

The recommendations offered in the Chatham House report are nothing more than a blue print for how to brainwash the public into accepting being taxed to death.

Who asked Chatham House to produce the report, and how much do the taxpayers have to shell out for it?

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