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What makes us healthy and wealthy?

Updated 2019 04 19, to add links to related articles, and to correct the first of the two indicated charts showing the relationship between gold and oil prices. What makes us healthy and wealthy? “Walter – why do you keep posting this chart?” asked someone yesterday, after I had posted a link to a chart that displays the history of prices for gold and oil.  My response to that question was, To illustrate that, in terms of barrels of oil, gold now buys as much energy as it ever did. However, it is not just that chart that is of interest. The other, related charts are of interest as well. … Continue reading

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Does AVFM have a pro-male bias? Dogs trump sons

Does AVFM have a pro-male bias? Today an article at A Voice for Men caught my attention. “Men are selfish, uncaring idiots” December 23, 2014 By Joe Wilson 16 Comments Last month, a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) declared all men to be idiots. More recently, a new study claims that men have no empathy toward others except for themselves. You can almost set your clock to the steady stream of literature aimed to cast all men as uncaring, inferior beasts of nature…. More: Generally, what follows in that article is a good commentary that should be of interest to dog owners concerned about the welfare of their … Continue reading

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Debunking feminism and its claims

Debunking feminism and its claims is perhaps what the title of the books by Jan Deichmohle should have been translated to.  Literal translations tend to become awkward. Jan Deichmohle wrote: Hi Walter, these are short English and German descriptions of the book for your blog: Refutation of Feminism and All Feminist Assumptions Since the 1980s Jan Deichmohle has been writing books to refute feminism. The topic was rejected by all mainstream publishers, often-enough bashed and ridiculed. Now his basic findings have been published: “Culture & Sex. Feminism: Big Mistake – Severe Consequences” as the first book of a series “The Two Sexes”. The book is available now in German language. … Continue reading

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