Global-warming alarmism – is it dead yet?

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Are we seeing the death of global-warming alarmism?  The IPPC’s newest Climate assessment report (AR5) is due to be released this month.  Searching the Internet for that will produce some articles even in the main-stream media.

Global Temperature Anomalies -No problem in sight

Global Temperature Anomalies -No problem in sight

It is obvious that the IPPC has not been able to find evidence of continuing global warming trends.  The warming trend that the IPPC and its camp followers have been tauting for all these years came to a halt close to 17 years ago and appears unlikely to resume any time soon, while the alleged culprit, atmospheric CO2, has been steadily on the rise.  It is at best difficult to avoid the conclusion that CO2 has been exonerated, but the IPPC maintains its insistence that global warming is (or will be) happening.

The principle of the climate change alarmism needs to be put into the proper perspective.   It needs to be considered along with the hoax of limited resources.

As to running out of resources, there are no limits to resources. The development of resources is only limited by human ingenuity. We have not yet run out of any resources, ever. We never will.  The Stone Age did not come to an end because we ran out of rocks.  It came to an end because human ingenuity found materials that were better than flint for making tools.

Energy is the life-blood of nations. What better way to raise tax revenues for governments than to drive up the cost of energy for end-consumers? Although there is some competition between sources of fuel that keeps energy costs somewhat in check, royalties and various other taxes comprise the vast majority of the price of energy to end consumers, at absolutely no penalties in terms of capital investment for governments. Add to that taxes on taxes, such as cap and trade, carbon taxes and value-added taxes.

The higher the costs of energy-generation, -transmission and -distribution, the more tax revenues can be garnered, without any legislative debates. The scheme is a bureaucrat’s dream come true. Anything that can be done to make energy more expensive, such as hare-brained schemes for generating energy from renewable resources makes the scheme more attractive and far more lucrative. After all, it is not possible to generate energy from wind, the sun or bio-mass at a lower cost than from conventional sources, such as coal, natural gas, nuclear plants and hydro dams.

Global-warming alarmism serves as a tool to make us believe that a looming catastrophe needs to be staved off, to make us accept that no price is too high to save the planet, to condition us into accepting that what liberated us from the drudgery of work and lifted us out of squalor — cheap and ever cheaper, abundant energy — needs to be taxed.  In reality we are being penalized, under the guise of saving the planet, to pay for the inability of governments the world over, but especially in the developed nations, to stick to budget constraints, for their addiction to debt-financing.

Global-warming alarmism (a.k.a. the fear of climate change — in a world whose climate has always been changing, for all of its 4.8 billion years of existence) was just the trick required to have us ignore what matters, that governments cannot stick to the means at their disposal and therefore have to put the generations that come after us deeply into hock.  Future generations are now saddled with an enormous mountain of debt that they will not be able to pay off, we certainly cannot.  The solid wealth of the developed nations became a house of cards that is in danger of collapsing at any moment.

Energy from renewable sources is as a rule two to three times more expensive than from conventional sources, period! It cannot be made competitive. It cannot be made attractive to investors without paying enormous subsidies, which subsidies drive up the cost of energy to end consumers.

The consequences of all of that ripple through the economy. Energy costs drive up costs of raw materials as well as those of manufactured goods, which in turn drives jobs and whole industries off-shore, causing unemployment in industrial nations.

The rest is history. All it took to get uninformed voters and politicians to buy into the scam was to convince them that the globe needed saving. That is what people like Maurice Strong and cohort promptly set out to do. The industrial nations eagerly cooperated. That is a war that is a long way from coming to an end. It is a war against the common people, especially against the poorest of the poor.

Enough with the global-warming alarmism already.  Let’s get to work and fix what needs to be fixed, what can be fixed.  Global warming is not to be feared.  If it should happen (not likely, as we are already long overdue for the next ice age), it will quite likely bring prosperity and comfort to humanity, as it always did before when it happened.  Cold kills, warmth not so much.


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