Abortion – Death or life? You decide.

Abortion is being promoted for a number of reasons. The rationalization used to justify it is that it is being done “in the best interest of the children” (every child born is a wanted child) and to “promote equal rights for women” (so as to liberate women from the biological constraint of being the bearers of new life).

They told you abortion is healthcare? Does healthcare usually kill people?

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In a different place and under another totalitarian regime, deadly human engineering, not quite as massive or as massively deadly, was being promoted not all that long ago thus:

“[The State] must set race in the center of all life. It must take care to keep it pure. It must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. It must see to it that only the healthy beget children….”
— Hitler, in ‘Mein Kampf’

To put that into perspective, world-wide, the annual death toll due to abortions is now vastly greater than the combined career totals in human lives of Stalin and Hitler, which makes population control in the name of feminism and to save the environment an ideology that is far more deadly than any of those that humanity ever had to cope with.

Throughout the history of ten-thousand years of civilization, a mother’s womb used to be the safest place for human life, but that has now been changed.

The killing of children about to be born, right in the wombs of their mothers, became acceptable, even desirable and most definitely deliberate, at the rate of 50 million or more annually, world-wide. It should not surprise us that human life at any other stage becomes at least equally — if not more — disposable.

After legalizing the killing of children about to be born on an industrial scale, anything can and will become acceptable. Suicide will be legalized and is already legal in many nations. Assisting someone to kill himself will be made acceptable and already is legal in some nations.

From voluntary euthanasia through assisted suicide we will progress to widespread, compulsory euthanasia, with selection criteria being anything imaginable. Selection criteria already used are: color, race, age, productivity, ideology, sex, wealth, physical appearance, intellect…there is no limit.

There will be no death squads or concentration camps. Euthanasia is being enacted through the rationing of health care services, not so much through deliberate budget cuts as it is being done through the limiting of financial resources of whole nations, through the limiting of their economic and industrial development, through nothing more than simply making energy unaffordable for increasingly larger numbers of people — with the poorest being the ones affected most severely.

People who must choose between eating and using energy to improve the quality of their lives will not have any financial resources left to fund social safety nets and will not even complain when those don’t come into existence or fall into disrepair and collapse. They will be too busy with finding something to eat.

A nation that kills children about to be born has lost the will to live and will surely die. It will shy away from nothing that will accelerate its own demise and that of other nations, to make life ostensibly more pleasant for those permitted to live, to permit and to force them to scavenge. The fewer survivors, the more there is for each to scavenge. That is the inevitable outcome in a civilization obsessed by the doctrine of limited resources and the culture of death.

However, resources are not limited, because there is no limit to human ingenuity.

A miserable death or a comfortable life? The choice is ours.


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