Women deserve education — Men do not?

Women deserve education — Men do not?

This is a complaint that started with a comment of mine that is buried in one of my Facebook discussion threads. I would like to make sure that it is being noticed. Here it is:

I would like to complain about the ads Facebook keeps feeding to me.

I am looking at one at the top of the column right now that reads “Click “Like” if you believe women deserve education!

Of course women deserve education, but men don’t? Roughly two-thirds of college or university graduates now are women. It is baseless propaganda to imply that women deserve more and more equality, especially when it comes to education.

For starters, on average, throughout the world, women live ten-percent longer lives than men do. In many of the developed nations, women have an earlier retirement age than men have, and they live longer lives. Does that mean that they are being discriminated against?  I guess that living a longer life is a tough job, and if someone must do it, it may as well be women who do.

Women pay on average 30 percent of the contributions into social safety nets and receive 70 percent of the payouts therefrom. Men receive 30 percent of the payouts from social safety nets and make 70 percent of the contributions, and no one finds anything wrong with that, because women are being discriminated against?

What a farce all of that is! I am a man. I am being discriminated against. All men are being discriminated against. However, if any man complains about that, then it is taken to be hate speech directed against feminism or against women. That, if not totally wrong, is at least not equitable or just!

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