Flawless flawed — What about children?

Last updated 2019 04 20

Flawless flawed — The premise of “Flawless“, a short film to be produced about domestic violence, contains a major flaw. (A link to “Flawless”, the film about domestic violence, cannot be provided, as it appears that as of now – 2018 03 29 – the film has not yet been completed.)

The feminists have been telling us all along that women are the only victims of DV worth worrying about. The makers of the film want to give men recognition as victims of DV.

Does that then mean that there are no children who are victims of domestic violence, and that therefore it is not necessary to worry about child abuse?

That is of course a ridiculous presumption, but why do the makers of the film follow the feminist example and exclude victims of child abuse from the number of victims of domestic violence?

Children comprise the largest sector of domestic violence victims. Mothers comprise about 70 percent of child abusers, other women a large portion of the remaining 30 percent, mothers’ boyfriends and children’s siblings another substantial portion, and natural fathers are a very small fraction, about 7 to 9 percent of all child-abusers.

It would be a good thing if the film makers were more honest about all of that than the feminist propagandists are and were to talk about intimate-partner violence, so as include violence affecting same-sex couples (the most violent couples of all). At least that would not insult the most defenceless victims of domestic violence, our children, by pretending that they don’t exist.


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