Australian Govt Admission: We Censor Websites

Last update 2019 05 10

Australian Govt Admission: We Censor Websites – and the Australian Govt does censor websites.  Not only that, it re-writes history.

By Paan Alberta

Another government using its repressive power to stifle dissent

Australian Govt Admits: We Censor Websites — Another government using its repressive power to stifle dissent

Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister, under police investigation for fraud and embezzlement, giving “the bird” in Parliament: her attitude to human rights no different

Australia [], Sunday, May19, 2013: In March, exposed that the Australian Government was actively censoring twitter and social media to prevent and identify “dissidents” – people voicing opposition to the scandalous corruption and mismanagement of the Labor government. In subsequent articles we revealed that not only was this going on in the social media environment, but may extend to other web-sites, and include identifying the names and locations of anti-government citizens.

Now, the main-stream media is slowly catching up, revealing that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Australian equivalent of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, has been using a hidden legislative feature to force ISPs to filter web-sites from Australian internet users.

This only came to light when 1,200 “innocent and unrelated” websites were caught in the snare, including a University website, because the ASIC order blocked a complete hosting service IP address, and not just the “targeted” websites….(Full Story)

Note: Flipping “the bird” and engaging themselves in censorship are not all that Julia Gillard and her government do.  They also engaged themselves in actively re-writing history, such as by removing from government websites information that shows that men are disadvantaged relative to women, as for example per this: Australian Demographics and Suicide Statistics


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