Infanticide — a euphemism for child murder

Infanticide — a euphemism for child murder, a term that devalues the victim of the crime, a term that was created especially for women.

If a man murders a child it is called by what it is: murder. He’ll go to prison for it for many years, after a murder trial in which he is more likely to be found guilty than a woman would if she had murdered the child under the same circumstances.

If a woman murders a child, it is called infanticide. She’ll be tried in court for committing infanticide, not for committing murder. She’ll very likely be found not guilty, or if found guilty, be let off on a conditional sentence, which, as in the case of Danielle Blais in Montreal, will require her to attend a number of counseling sessions to help her get over the trauma of the crime she committed. But she will most likely, just like Danielle Blais, not be required to be incarcerated to serve a single day of her sentence. Danielle Blais deliberately drowned her 6-year-old autistic son in her bathtub.

See also for an excellent analysis of the “dehumanization” of infants by society, as promoted by pro-abortionists.

The majority of child-murder victims were killed by their biological mothers (70%). Far fewer are killed by their natural fathers (6%). Not one single woman serves time in a Canadian prison for murdering her young child.

Infanticide — A growing epidemic . Yet, society is in denial.

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