Men deserve gratitude, not vilification.

Just look around you. Everything, starting from the keyboard and the screen on your PC (or your I-Phone) to as far as your eye can see.  Everything you see that did not grow by the grace of God or Mother Nature was designed and made with tools designed and made from materials mined, transformed, manufactured, even transported to were it was manufactured and is being used, by *men*.

It’s a good thing that amongst all of those things we built and that everyone uses, there are also so many other things that uplift the mind, such as the art that a few men managed to create.

Much of that is not being noticed because it is being taken for granted. Moreover, it has been belittled through a massive, long-standing, feminist propaganda war against men.

Nevertheless, we have much to be grateful for. Not the least is the simple fact that we can exchange our ideas on all of that through modern methods of communication (invented, designed and manufactured by men) that had their humble beginnings in writing on materials such as clay tablets and paper (all invented by men), progressed from there to printing (invented by men) and then to printing with movable type (invented by Johannes Gutenberg), after which the evolution and spread of communication evolved at an ever faster rate.

Yes, we must give thanks to women who chose to be mothers for playing an important and essential role in giving all of us life, but it is also fitting that men deserve great thanks for inventing, making and producing those things (including the food we eat) that make it possible for all of us to enjoy our existence.

“If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”   – Camille Paglia (in Sexual Personae)

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