Catherine Kieu Becker pleads not guilty in penis-slicing

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Catherine Kieu Becker pleads not guilty in penis-slicing

Huffington Post, 2011, 09 23Catherine Kieu Becker Pleads Not Guilty In Penis SlicingWESTMINSTER, Calif. — A California woman has pleaded not guilty to cutting off her estranged husband’s penis and running it through a garbage disposal….(Full Story)

Here is a bit of background to the case.

2011 07 12: In an undisclosed location in California, according to ABC News: “Nightengale said the couple is going through a divorce, but could not confirm why [Catherine Kieu] Becker wanted to cut off her husband’s manhood.” ….(Full Story)


Walter Schneider,  July 12, 2011: Just like kids in a candy store, except that those would be less likely to get away with things. See, they have not yet managed to find an excuse in this case that will work, but rest assured that they will keep considering alternatives until they find a good one.

Here is a tip. When everything else fails, one of these always works, “The devil (or her inner demons) made her do it,” or just simply, “She could not help herself,” will do fine.

The excuse need not be announced right now. There is time enough to think of a whopper until the case goes to trial.

Walter Schneider,  July 12, 2011: The search for an excuse is just window dressing for letting her go, eventually. It is ludicrous for anyone to insist they they don’t know why she did it. Of course they know, as surely as Catherine Kieu Becker did. She did it because she could, and because she knows damn well that she will get away with it!

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Full Quote)

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  1. Maybe she will not be let go.
    Catherine Kieu Becker’s Penis Cutting Indictment Could Bring Life Behind Bars

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