Divorce factories

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Divorce factories — The indicated article contains one of the best summaries of the circumstances of “no-fault” divorce I have come across in many years. Still, it would have been better if “no-fault” divorce would be called what it really is: *no-choice* divorce, because marriage is an unenforceable contract. The presence or absence of “fault” has nothing to do with it.

New York Post

“No fault” nuttiness

Why modern divorce is lunacy


September 18, 2011

“Have we lost our mind?” the editors of divorcemagazine.com asked last week, of a video headlined “Woman attacks judge in court during divorce proceedings.” The woman lunges over a bench, grabs the judge, then resists arrest; we see a mug shot that plays into our stereotypical vision of someone who probably resides in a trailer park.

Sorry. My sympathy is still with the woman — because no-fault divorce seems designed to make us lose our minds….(Full Story)

Here is the link to the YouTube video clip (32 seconds)>

The woman attacked the judge instantly after the judge sentenced her to “ten days for contempt of court”, after the women did nothing more than assert that she had done nothing wrong in her marriage or in court. Of course, the time she will have to spend being incarcerated will now be considerable longer than ten days…

As the lead article in the NY Post states, justice and a fair trial is not what divorce court is all about. “Dissents and other attempts to hold up the process get slapped down: This is a divorce factory, not an effort to produce justice.”

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