Good Men Project is Supreme Misandry

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The Good Men Project is Supreme Misandry. An organization that propagates anti-male propagandist misinformation like that in the indicated article should not call itself “The Good Men Project.” It would be better to call it, “Supreme Misandry.”

Are Men Natural-Born Cheaters? — The Good Men Project Magazine

Men are more promiscuous than women, but that doesn’t mean we should buy the cultural fallacy that men are programmed to cheat. The vast majority of men are happily, naturally monogamous.

The last few years brought several headline stories about the cheating behavior of guys like John Edwards, (former) South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, and Tiger Woods. The public–or at least the pundits’ – reaction included outrage but little surprise. After all, here in the U.S., we expect guys to cheat on their partners. Research on male sexual behavior confirms what we know–that men are more likely than women to have an extramarital affair….

The information in the article presents a pile of findings from feminist advocacy research served on unadulterated B.S.  Adultery is not abuse when women do it, but it is bad only when men do it? Women do not lie? If you believe that, then you better have a look at this.

Why do we need misandrist websites like that launched by The Good Men Project? You better consider how much funding such a thing gets and where that funding comes from.

Consider also why the hatred against men needs to be intensified. Do men need it? Does it do them injustice? Thinks about this and play around with comparable and comparative search terms at the following links:

1.) Misandry (hatred of men) vs. Misogyny (hatred of women)

Misandry vs Misogyny
Variations in the levels of interest, 2004 to 2019, Worldwide, per Google Trends
(Nothing in the available data indicates what sparked the interest or how much of either misandry or misogyny there is.)

2.) Jack the Ripper (he killed five prostitutes) vs. Elizabeth Bathory (she killed about or close to 650 girls and young women by torturing them to death) vs. Jane Toppan (a nurse and contemporary of Jack the Ripper who killed as many as or more than 90 patients for no other reason than that she wanted to set a record).

Of these serial killers, Elizabeth Bathory was by far the worst, Jane Toppan second and Jack the Ripper the distant last. One would never know that, going by the extent to which each captivates the public’s interest.

Although you probably know all you want to know about Jack the Ripper (unless you grew up on a different planet), you quite likely know nothing or little about Elizabeth Bathory and nothing at all about Jane Toppan. The following links will help you to learn something about those two women (and there is a large lot of more women like that, as the first two of the following links show).

  • Bad Girls — That summary does not do justice to the issue of female serial killers.  It shows the tip of the iceberg and does not even scratch the surface.  The next link leads to vastly more comprehensive information on the topic.
  • The Unknown History of MISANDRY — Be sure to explore the index contained in the right side bar of that web page.
  • Elizabeth Bathory
  • Jane Toppan

No one in their right mind will think that men need something like The Good Men Project to help out with promoting the good image of men. It won’t come from that place and organization.

Men need something like The Good Men Project Magazine like they need Ms Magazine or additional holes in their heads.

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