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Memorial Day

Memorial Day — On the last Monday of May each year is Memorial Day in the U.S.A., a day “to honor all Americans who have died in all wars. … it is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.” (The quote is from Wkipedia) Right, but this video shows that there is much more to the consequences of serving like that. Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story (5:38 minutes) From the video: “70 percent of Iraq veterans return to divorce. Within five years of their return, 90 percent get divorced. Only 1.5 percent get fair treatment … Continue reading

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Abolition of marriage, consequences

Orphans in the USSR Do not be surprised at the prevalence of abortions in communist- vs. feminist-dominated nations. Both live by the same doctrines: the abolition of marriage and women’s liberation as to the burden of child bearing and child raising. What that means with respect to abortions is that if unwanted children will be aborted, then through that deadly process of elimination, ostensibly, every child carried to term is a wanted child. That goes one step farther, and the solution to the perceived problem applies equally in feminist as in communist regimes. If children are born outside of wedlock, they are illegitimate children. We cannot have illegitimate children in … Continue reading

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Thank Dr. Phil for Angry Women, Scared Husbands

SAVE urges: Thank Dr. Phil for Angry Women, Scared Husbands — It is puzzling why Teri C. Stoddard from SAVE insists that we should thank Dr.Phil for running a show on domestic violence against men when that show derives entertainment value by showing battered men as whining idiots and demeans them. Thank Dr. Phil for “Angry Women, Scared Husbands” Today, Dr. Phil ran a show on Angry Women, Scared Husbands. Below is the show description from his website —   Angry Women, Scared Husbands   You may know that one in four women will become a victim of domestic violence, but did you know that one in nine men … Continue reading

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Which is more “dangerous”, estrogen or testosterone?

Many feminists allege that testosterone is more dangerous.  For that reason they assert that men hurt women more often than the converse, therefore “Men are bad, Women are good.” Are things really that simple?  The objective reality of inter-personal violence is that women are somewhat more often violent against men than men are violent against women.  All hype aside, domestic or family violence between spouses or “partners” is just a very small portion of interpersonal violence.  Children who are victims of that sort of violence comprise a large sector of that, and most violence against children, by far, is committed by the children’s mothers — an inconvenient fact, which is … Continue reading

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Sex Education

Sex Education — In the late 1990s I received for whatever reasons a lot of questions from people who wrote in to get answers that sex-education in school and by various bureaucracies was and had been misleading them on. In some cases, the misleading was obviously caused by ignorance, but in others, and especially when it was done by government officials high on the ladder, it was hard to avoid the impression that it was done deliberately. I have no idea why anyone would want to go out of their way to mislead, for example, kids in school about things that are matters of life and death, for the sake … Continue reading

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Taken Into Custody

Another book that should be on your book shelf is Stephen Baskerville’s “Taken Into Custody: The WarAgainst Fathers, Marriage and the Family“. The book covers considerably more than just family law. It is primarily about the systematic deconstruction of our society, but it does show the consequences of using family law to achieve that through the criminalization of fatherhood. I have known Stephen Baskerville for many years. since when he first made contact with fathers rights activists. He differed then already substantially from many other FR activists, in as much that right from the start he was not just angry about what had been done to him and to other … Continue reading

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Toxic Parenting

Toxic Parenting — The following contains excerpts leading to and from an article identified at the website of the The sins of the mothers The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia, Adele Horin, September 12, 2008 Unfortunately the article shown there does not identify a link to the original article, but it shows enough (perhaps all) of the text of the article to make me wonder. When Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears ran amok, the public blamed their mothers. Their fathers – Lohan’s had served time in jail and had addiction problems – escaped rebuke entirely. Now an Australian study provides some evidence that bad mothering has a … Continue reading

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Good Men Project is Supreme Misandry

The Good Men Project is Supreme Misandry. An organization that propagates anti-male propagandist misinformation like that in the indicated article should not call itself “The Good Men Project.” It would be better to call it, “Supreme Misandry.” Are Men Natural-Born Cheaters? — The Good Men Project Magazine Men are more promiscuous than women, but that doesn’t mean we should buy the cultural fallacy that men are programmed to cheat. The vast majority of men are happily, naturally monogamous. The last few years brought several headline stories about the cheating behavior of guys like John Edwards, (former) South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, and Tiger Woods. The public–or at least the pundits’ … Continue reading

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