Travesty of Justice — Murderer Walks

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Travesty of Justice — Murderer Walks

AdelaideNow, April 13, 2011
Penis-burning wife Rajini Narayan walks free

It was predictable and predicted accurately. Again, a murderess or (if you don’t want that sexist term) a murderer walks, proving once more that women are incapable of committing crimes, especially the crime of murder.

She murdered her husband. She did it deliberately. It was premeditated.

However, in the latest hearing in a series that was nothing more than a travesty of justice, the murderer was set free, because — and you better believe it as it surely must be so on account of a judge assuring it on the basis of the true victim’s unsubstantiated assertions — she is the real victim, and not the husband whom she deliberately murdered by throwing gasoline on him and setting it on fire,


In sentencing today, Justice Sulan said Narayan had “deified” her husband and was “shattered” by his betrayal.
He said there was “no doubt” her thinking at the time was “unrealistic, muddled and illogical”.
“For the first time in your life you had confronted your husband, had found the courage to be assertive to the person who had mistreated you for 20 years,” he said.
“His response was to treat you with disdain, dismiss you and turn his back to you (and) you snapped.”
Justice Sulan further ordered Narayan be under Correctional Services supervision for two years, and undertake psychological counselling as ordered.

There you got it, straight from the judge’s mouth: women are not possibly capable of murder.

There is never an excuse when men murder. When women murder, no excuse is necessary. It is a waste of the valuable time of our courts to even have to contemplate excuses when women murder. Women cannot and do not commit murders.

More on the history of this case

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