British woman ‘bites off’ boyfriend’s testicles

Update 2018 09 05: Addendum and links to related articles

British woman ‘bites off’ boyfriend’s testicles.  The indicated articles describes the circumstances of that, but such cases are not all that infrequent.

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From: NewsCore
March 18, 2011 4:49AM

A BRITISH man had surgery to reattach his testicles after his girlfriend allegedly bit them off, the Daily Mirror reported yesterday….(Full Story)

Addendum 2018 09 05

It is not all that rare that men have all or substantial parts of their genitalia removed by their lovers or spouses.

Some years ago, a member of the male choir I sang in decided to party with Native women who he thought were his friends.  Some friends they turned out to be.  They wound up tying him to a tree, tortured him, almost but not quite removed his genitalia, and left him tied up there for a couple of days, for the mosquitoes to feed on him.  He survived, although he spent some time in the hospital.

Still, it seems that a man has to come closer to women to experience full amputation. Consider the cases described in the articles identified by the appended links.

Always think very carefully about whether you will enjoy the future that the road you are about to set out on will lead to.


Some penis (slicing, cutting, burning, biting, etc….) injury cases:

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