PC Feminism

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It appears that the concept of PC Feminism evolved out of, or is an umbrella term that describes, a combination of various factions of feminism, such as Affirmative-Action Feminism, Gender-Feminism, Hegemonic Feminism, Pop-Feminism, Post-Modernist Feminism, Radical-Feminism, Survivor-Feminism, Total Rej (total rejection) Feminism, and Victim Feminism, in short, any and all forms of feminism that elevate women to the status of a superior class of citizens and relegate men and boys to the category “sub-human”.

Therefore, PC Feminism not only promotes superior status, rights and privileges for women but makes all-out discrimination against men and boys politically correct and desirable.

Feminisn is Female Supremacism

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Addendum 2018 09 13

A fairly exhaustive discussion of PC Feminism is contained in this:

Sex v. Gender. Understanding Political Correctness

By Wendy McElroy – February 12, 2015

The term “social construction” has entered the popular culture and vocabulary without being clearly defined in people’s minds. It refers to far more than merely deconstructing an idea or an institution, such as the court system, and then reconstructing it differently to serve a new vision. That process is merely the most visible aspect of social construction; it does not capture the theoretical underpinning of the term and its ultimate meaning.
Social construction theory is the beating heart of political correctness. Its many spin-off movements cannot be understood without a solid grasp of the concept. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to make sense of the political world surrounding us. Consider the subcategory of political correctness known as gender feminism.

The Social Construction of Gender

The theory that drives PC feminism reaches back to post-modern French philosophy which emerged in the 1940s and blossomed in the 1960s. (It is sometimes called post-structuralism.) Of the post-modernists, Michel Foucault probably had the deepest impact on gender or PC feminism. His popularity peaked in the late ’60s and early ’70s when PC feminism was radicalizing and absorbing the broader feminist movement, which had been liberal….(Read more)

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