Sins of the mother: the tragedy of neonaticide

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John Elder
December 19, 2010

Sins of the mother: the tragedy of neonaticide — THE day you are born is the day you are most likely to be the victim of homicide. This cheerless statistic holds true whether you live in Stockholm or South Yarra. The perpetrator will almost certainly be your mother.

She will most likely be under 25, unmarried, still living at home or in poor circumstances, either still at school or unemployed, emotionally immature and astonishingly secretive. She has carried you to term without telling a soul of your existence. And somehow the parents with whom she resides never suspect she is with child….

Over the past three years, newborn babies have been discovered under the following circumstances: face down in a toilet at an Adelaide hospitality school; in a pile of rubbish at a Perth recycling plant; in a shopping bag at a Shepparton bus stop; in the grounds of a high school in South Australia’s Riverland region; wrapped in newspaper and left in the driveway of a home in a South Australian country town; on a western Sydney rubbish tip; at a Brisbane water treatment plant; and, in August this year, in a shoebox in the garden of a Sydney apartment block….

With about 10 per cent of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) cases estimated to be potential homicides and the absence of birth certificates for 2.8 per cent of children who die, Dolan, in her research paper, says official figures are often regarded as the “tip of the iceberg”….(Full Story)

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